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    PID StatusUpdated Summary
2018-09-10Short text answers in QueXML pdf from Print Answers mode are fixed length of 10 characters
feedback (LouisGac)
2018-09-10Captcha prevent panel integration. GET URL parameter not captured.
2018-09-10sauvegarde BBD script défaillant
acknowledged (LouisGac)
2018-09-10Bootswatch inherit everyting to no: deactivate container
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-09-10theme list won't load (times out) after extedning core theme
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-09-10Problem with inserting variables in email template editor
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-07Subquestions GIDs not updated when moving between groups
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-06Breadcrumb shows "Add a new question", also when editing a saved question
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-06Bug after try adding multiple attributes
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-09-06Setting for showing/hiding "Exit and clear all" via survey settings
2018-09-06Internal server error on bounce processing - LTS2.6.7
feedback (olle)
2018-09-05readOnly plugin settings do not actually display as read only
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-05Group relevance equations are lost when exporting a survey in tab-separated text format
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-05Batch-edit participants is missing the language field
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-04Installed Themes overview
assigned (c_schmitz)
2018-09-04fail on csv token import
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-04When using custom theme the "Exit and clear all" link does not disappear at the last (survey completed) step
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-09-04Bad display of statitics when answers are long
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-03Question validation equation along with "Hide tip"
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-09-03Redirect bug when creating dummy participant with mandatory attribute
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-09-03Allow for user friendly survey URLS
2018-09-01Add 'other' option to gender question
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-08-31Get parameters do not work with tokenized survey
2018-08-31Possibility to alias survey ids
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-08-31Allow to hide instruction "Check all that apply"
resolved (c_schmitz)
2018-08-31Error when installing LimeSurvey, converting nvarchar to datetime
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-08-31Survey breadcrumb bar disappears when adding/deleting participant table
2018-08-31Permission to create label sets? Without viewing my own label sets?
2018-08-31Email template length limited to ~65k characters
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-08-30CSV Export of Survey Responses no longer valid CSV (Limesurvey v3.9)
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-08-30Default Theme Fruity - validation
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-30Multiple numerical input resets back to initial value when slider is set zero
resolved (TonisOrmisson)
2018-08-29Cannot Add Conditions - Total Failure
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-28When we change the language setting in a survey at the first screen without checking the privacy box, the survey is empty
assigned (c_schmitz)
2018-08-28Order and/or dependance of plugin
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-28typos and missing information in HTML meta tags and page title
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-28Edit conditions -> the condition gets refreshed before doing the changes
confirmed (markusfluer)
2018-08-28Old favicon when executing or previewing surveys
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-08-28When subquestions are saved as label set, only the first 5 characters of the "Codes" are saved which may lead to duplicate Codes
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-28Token form , home page (and some other) shown javascript issue
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-08-28Answer is ignored the first time after resuming a survey
2018-08-28SQL Error when saving a response or getting a session token via API
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-28Improve Navigation in Participants Mgmt
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-28No Logic File link in left nav element
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-08-27Impossible to navigate between group of question in visualization before active the questionnary
assigned (markusfluer) website sends email notifications about new messages but none exist
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-08-23Cannot access localized (i18n) values for a custom question attribute
2018-08-23Russian characters are getting displayed as question marks
2018-08-22Easy way to update Name and description via GUI
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-08-22Data integrity check broken on LS instance with a lot of surveys