12946: [Installation] Font broken in installer (markusfluer)
12276: [Survey design] Strange display of "There are x questions in this survey" (LouisGac)
12970: [Other] Too much noise in browser console. (markusfluer)
13009: [Other] Import question group - display problem (markusfluer)
12999: [Survey taking] OpenLayer question type doesn't work in AJax Mode (markusfluer)
12897: [Survey design] No more "Save & close" button for saving a question (markusfluer)
12984: [Other] Email templates panel - 2 buttons not working (markusfluer)
12982: [Other] Resource manager - No proper navigation (markusfluer)
12981: [Other] Resources? - How does it work? (markusfluer)
12985: [Other] Inline html editor not displayed in certain situations. (markusfluer)
12979: [Survey design] Survey quick actions are collapsed as default at fresh install (markusfluer)
12978: [Survey design] Admin interface frozen if you switch between overview and general settings multiple times (markusfluer)
12929: [Other] Password-> New password (markusfluer)
12930: [Other] menu entries config (markusfluer)
12944: [Survey design] Cannot create new surveys (markusfluer)
12957: [Other] Panel integration - not displaying the stored URL parameters (markusfluer)
12969: [Survey design] Wrong color for arrow in top settings/structure (markusfluer)
12963: [Survey design] Collapsed menu: "Survey Logic File" link broken (markusfluer)
12961: [Assessments] Assessment page design (markusfluer)
12960: [Other] Redirect to login broken (markusfluer)
12962: [Survey design] Massive actions not working without reloading (markusfluer)
12965: [Survey design] Organize question groups/questions not working without reloading the page (markusfluer)
12964: [Survey design] Collapsed menu: "Central Particpants Database" link broken (markusfluer)
12967: [Survey design] Template options inherit shown one in two (markusfluer)
12966: [Survey design] Bs Switches shown one in two (markusfluer)
12968: [Survey design] Panel integration broken (markusfluer)
12973: [Other] Unable to reset Menu (markusfluer)
12974: [Other] Questions and question groups reordering (markusfluer)
12956: [Survey design] Giant vue.js error message in debug console (markusfluer)
12931: [Other] round shape on the pagination... (markusfluer)
12958: [Other] Panel integration - not displaying the stored URL parameters (markusfluer)
12915: [Theme editor] Upload logo doesn't work (markusfluer)
12509: [Other] Too much white space in admin UI and some other things (markusfluer)
12621: [Survey design] Question - Help box (markusfluer)
12883: [Survey design] Tour slightly fragile (markusfluer)
12909: [Other] Validation icon missing - survey quotas (markusfluer)
12943: [Survey design] the default Start/Date time is shown everyone (markusfluer)
12890: [Response browsing] Delete single survey response (markusfluer)
12892: [Other] Quota system - Autoload URL and Active fields not selectable (markusfluer)
12910: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Settings menu disappears after deleting participant (markusfluer)
12916: [Survey design] Can't edit survey texts in multiple language (markusfluer)
12911: [Response browsing] JavaScript error when deleting response, modal doesn't fade out (markusfluer)
12921: [Response browsing] Survey responses - extended display mode is not working (markusfluer)
12893: [User/User groups] Super admin seems able to connect via LDAP even if not able (DenisChenu)
12908: [Survey taking] Multichoice question does not preserve its answers when going next and previous (olle)
12902: [Survey design] "Inherit everything" has no value after save (markusfluer)
12889: [Survey design] Mandatory switch and other switches do not work in question edit (markusfluer)
12899: [Survey design] When using quick menu to open copy/import survey, form is not loaded (markusfluer)
12870: [User/User groups] Admin User cannot edit itself - no permissions (markusfluer)
12888: [Survey design] Quick add answer options does not work when loaded with pjax (markusfluer)
12832: [Survey design] Bread crumbs broken at survey logic file (markusfluer)
12886: [Survey taking] Responses not recorded in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
12894: [Survey design] subquestions / answer options cannot be added by using action-icons (markusfluer)
12885: [Survey design] Template options broken (markusfluer)
12856: [Survey design] Breadcrumb displays survey number twice (markusfluer)
12861: [_ Unknown] Can't access template options from Survey (markusfluer)
12814: [User/User groups] User management : exception (DenisChenu)
12694: [Import/Export] Import badly set survey show success even if error (DenisChenu)
12850: [Survey design] error when accessing configuration -> Manage survey administrators (markusfluer)
12848: [Survey design] Placeholder fields in editor does not work (markusfluer)
12851: [_ Unknown] Regex for trailing zeroes in numeric input matches only zeroes immediately after decimal sign (markusfluer)
12822: [Translation] too many strings not picked from language file (c_schmitz)
13000: [Survey taking] mutliplechoice question: LEMvarNameAttr is not defined (markusfluer)
12983: [Other] Email templates - no HTML editor (markusfluer)
12853: [Survey taking] Array answer option selection points aren't properly visible (markusfluer)
12823: [Survey design] Your account or My account (LouisGac)
12830: [Theme editor] PHP notice when extending default template (olle)
12833: [Translation] typos in text string (c_schmitz)
12545: [Other] Some thoughts on general settings page (markusfluer)
12036: [Theme editor] Cannot edit template config.xml file in the editor (LouisGac)
12647: [_ Unknown] Share participant - CPDB (markusfluer)
12649: [Central participant database] Settings should be renamed to smth else (markusfluer)
12776: [Theme editor] Crash when using cloned template and debug = 2 (olle)
12789: [Theme editor] Copy template.css to copy_of_minimal crashes (olle)
12790: [Theme editor] Typing in template editor: unexpected results (olle)
12791: [Theme editor] Cannot save template.css in theme editor (olle)
12794: [Theme editor] Crash when using copy_of_minimal (template editor) (olle)
12795: [Theme editor] Crash when using newly created template (template editor) (olle)
12796: [Theme editor] Fallback to default template when copying template.css of other template (olle)
12800: [Theme editor] Crash when copy_of_vanilla (LouisGac)
80 issues View Issues
Released 2017-09-28
12866: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Participants with non ASCII chars that i've imported from .csv seems corrupted (c_schmitz)
12876: [Accessibility] Survey logic file completely unprintable (markusfluer)
12697: [Statistics] SPSS Export - responses truncated for incomplete answers (DenisChenu)
12734: [Import/Export] SPSS : exporting complete or uncomplete make different syntax (DenisChenu)
12785: [Survey design] Some placeholders in e-mail templates do not take 'publicurl' setting into account (c_schmitz)
12805: [Survey taking] Date fields are lost when persistent tokens are re-accessed (c_schmitz)
12806: [RemoteControl] RemoteControl API : wrong datatype can send SQL bad request (c_schmitz)
12807: [Other] Produced 404 due to error in survey broke with template (DenisChenu)
12777: [Installation] Property "CDefaultValueValidator.0" is not defined. (DenisChenu)
12798: [Plugins] Tools menu can be shown but empty (DenisChenu)
12739: [Data Entry (non public)] File upload question format: Title and comment are garbled characters (c_schmitz)
12551: [Translation] missing string in language files (c_schmitz)
12552: [Translation] typos (c_schmitz)
12736: [Survey design] Incomplete warning for anonymous surveys (olle)
12731: [Translation] When sending mails to an user group, the success message are not translated to German. (c_schmitz)
12719: [Survey taking] RTL always loaded (and inverse ;) ) (LouisGac)
12706: [User/User groups] Cannot add Global Permissions for any user (c_schmitz)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2017-09-21
12711: [Survey taking] Date with dropdow throw SQL error with pgsql (DenisChenu)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2017-06-29
12279: [Data Entry (non public)] Folder permissions for uploading images into surveys (DenisChenu)
12492: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Use of "text fields" as filter in "Partecipants" and "Answers" (markusfluer)
12585: [Other] Some answer options written in Russian may be invisible on the quotas page (c_schmitz)
12641: [Survey taking] When register : any lang can be set and accepted. (DenisChenu)
12655: [User/User groups] Unable to update lang in Personnal settings (DenisChenu)
12678: [Survey design] Save ranking question type can broke survey database (again) (DenisChenu)
12504: [Translation] Tidy not available - Blocking quick translate (c_schmitz)
12491: [Authentication] Permission to delete data (c_schmitz)
12487: [Other] Error on notifications table creation when updating to 2.67.0+170622 (c_schmitz)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2017-05-02
12452: [Conditions] Conditional routing doesn't work, all vars are treated as string during comparison (c_schmitz)
12166: [Central participant database] no possibility to share users (c_schmitz)
11868: [Import/Export] Error al descargar datos adjuntos desde el sistema, LimeSurvey Versión 2.55.1+161026 (c_schmitz)
11995: [Other] Removing language from global settings produces fatal error (c_schmitz)
12031: [Response browsing] Minor text issue on button on Browse Responses Screen (c_schmitz)
12417: [Survey design] Error when creating a question group multiple languages (c_schmitz)
12463: [Survey design] "Quick add.." replace function does not work anymore (DenisChenu)
12465: [Accessibility] captcha not working (markusfluer)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-28
12368: [RemoteControl] Remote control: properties that are available are not shown (DenisChenu)
12372: [Survey taking] unsuitable and potentially derogatory CAPTCHA (markusfluer)
12076: [Survey design] Array of texts set to "numbers only" doesn't allow negative values (user78869)
12179: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
12187: [Survey participants (Tokens)] invitation mails are not being sent using json-rpc (DenisChenu)
12189: [Import/Export] Group import summary shows number of imported groups is > 1 (DenisChenu)
12193: [Survey design] Strange issue in quota and massive action (DenisChenu)
12201: [Survey taking] Quotas not triggered for secondary languages (user14106)
12207: [Expression Manager] Valid variable can be seen as invalid (DenisChenu)
12208: [Expression Manager] Bad language used for EM in survey logic file (DenisChenu)
12214: [Survey taking] Bug in checking numeric input fields (c_schmitz)
12254: [Survey design] CRSF issue on admion after testing a survey (c_schmitz)
12263: [Theme editor] "This filename is not allowed to be uploaded" error when uploading in template editor (c_schmitz)
12379: [Import/Export] Property "PluginDynamic.reason" is not defined on Response Table Import (c_schmitz)
12251: [Survey taking] Incorrect date validation when using mm-yyyy dateformat (olle)
12176: [Response browsing] Fatal error in admin response controller (mfavetti)
12136: [Central participant database] The central participant database does not export (olle)
12138: [Expression Manager] Javascript issue in numeric control of EM (c_schmitz)
12173: [Plugins] Error with pluginhelper?sa=sidebody direct link (DenisChenu)
12183: [Survey design] New quota : autoload_url to Yes by default (user14106)
12178: [Survey design] new quota-grid crashes if no quotas (user14106)
12177: [Survey design] Modal language changed to last survey language if massive exporting htmls (user14106)
12159: [_ Unknown] Regex Validation shows incorrect behaviour (c_schmitz)
12132: [Survey design] Survey List Status Filter 'Active and running' does not list expiring surveys (LouisGac)
12146: [Survey design] Edit answer options: New answer option UI error (c_schmitz)
12118: [Other] Expiry date not referenced correctly at survey list overview / Running survey is listed as expired (LouisGac)
12134: [Survey taking] Activation button for active but expired surveys reads "Activate this survey" (though it is activated) / Improve work-flow (user14106)
12147: [Survey design] news_paper template has phantom buttons (LouisGac)
12150: [Import/Export] Download link of "file answer" referenced by user supplied file name (c_schmitz)
12156: [RemoteControl] get_question_properties ordering (mfavetti)
12165: [Central participant database] Unable to add more than drop-down field to an attribute at a time (mfavetti)
12169: [Central participant database] non superadmin users can not import participiants (c_schmitz)
32 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-21
12072: [Data Entry (non public)] Conditions dialog very slow when creating/editing surveys (c_schmitz)
12113: [Survey taking] Unable to fix Invalid Sub questions in multilingua survey (DenisChenu)
12164: [Response browsing] Bad header in download file in Response browsing (DenisChenu)
11975: [Response browsing] On Responses Screen - Array Subquestion is not displayed (LouisGac)
12029: [Expression Manager] EM for {Qcode.shown} not working after Update (DenisChenu)
12107: [Expression Manager] sumifop concatenating values instead of sum them up. (c_schmitz)
12003: [Survey participants (Tokens)] TOKEN field is blank if user performs a GET during survey (DenisChenu)
11696: [Survey design] "Return to survey" link misaligned at "Load unfinished survey" screen (Shipped "Default" template) (c_schmitz)
12084: [Other] Login page not closed (c_schmitz)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-25
12055: [Conditions] Error when setting conditions on questions (c_schmitz)
12096: [Survey design] PHP notice when editing Array number (markusfluer)
11744: [Assessments] When add New answer assessment column doesn't showing (markusfluer)
11887: [Survey taking] Stars of 5 Point Choice question are not set to given value after using "back" button (markusfluer)
12075: [Translation] The value for the column "scale_id" is not supplied when querying the table "lime_answers". (c_schmitz)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-16
11758: [Survey design] Inserting Placeholder fields errors (c_schmitz)
12050: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token edit / [ENTER] > show json file (markusfluer)
12051: [User/User groups] non-admin users can see all usergroups (c_schmitz)
12058: [Survey design] Error after deleting Boxes from home page A-UI (c_schmitz)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-04
10324: [Other] CSS on login page needs fixing (LouisGac)
11964: [Authentication] token in Survey URL ignored when CAPTCHA is enabled; user must manually enter token (LouisGac)
12052: [Ergonomy] Overlapping messages (markusfluer)
12030: [Security] PHPMailer security issue (markusfluer)
12041: [Other] expire date of a survey deactivated manually is one day before the date of the day (LouisGac)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2016-12-20
12000: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Different charset collation? (c_schmitz)
12012: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Partcipant with invalid email are silently deleted (olle)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-18
11982: [Accessibility] Security question not working (markusfluer)
11533: [Survey taking] Sliders with any initial value canot be mandatory (slider_user_no_action_ always 0) (markusfluer)
11979: [Statistics] Graphs not working on Statistics page (markusfluer)
11980: [Expression Manager] equation type question is displayed although it should have been hidden (DenisChenu)
11950: [Import/Export] Data corrupts buy copy survey. unconditional stripping of ']]>' (c_schmitz)
11960: [Other] Cannot use the Placeholder lime icon in the Confirmation tab of the email templates (c_schmitz)
11965: [Data Entry (non public)] Nummeric question: Data entry fails with 2.04 (markusfluer)
11968: [Documentation] Replace "Google Analytics API Key" with "Google Analytics Tracking ID" (c_schmitz)
11976: [Survey taking] Relevance based on array-dual-scale not working properly (DenisChenu)
11620: [Expression Manager] Validation equation bug (markusfluer)
11894: [Survey design] Regex validation not working as expected when leading zeros are present in short text questions (markusfluer)
11990: [Theme editor] Duplicated content in endpage.pstpl (DenisChenu)
11971: [Central participant database] Central Participant Database hangs for many participants (markusfluer)
12001: [Survey taking] Slider question records value when untouched by respondent (markusfluer)
11604: [Translation] notify not translated (olle)
12008: [Theme editor] The Notification-Widget is not available inside the Theme-Editor (olle)
11383: [User/User groups] Can't assign values to custom attributes. (markusfluer)
11636: [Other] url parameters/panelintegration limited to 10 parameters and not all params are visible (markusfluer)
11695: [Response browsing] When using file questions all possible files are shown, even empty ones (LouisGac)
11814: [Statistics] Graphics options are all turned on (LouisGac)
11906: [Survey design] Сan not see the quota name when you select an answer for quota (LouisGac)
21 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
11463: [Theme editor] Unable to vertical align Radio button without javascript (DenisChenu)
11706: [Survey taking] Upload iframe : only one scroll-bar inn 2.06, 2 scroll-bar in 2.50 (DenisChenu)
11448: [Theme editor] Unable to show list radio as button without JS (DenisChenu)
11697: [Survey design] Default template - Columns at answer tables of array questions misaliged (DenisChenu)
11776: [Survey design] 2.54: Default template: differing border radius styles (DenisChenu)
11781: [Survey design] 2.54 default template save.pstpl (DenisChenu)
11790: [Other] Link 'return to survey' show even if we don't see survey in same session (DenisChenu)
11795: [Survey design] Default template: superfluous class .col-xs-12 in timer (DenisChenu)
11800: [Survey taking] Issues with question timer in answers_html branch (DenisChenu)
11840: [Survey design] MC: ugly styling (tammo)
11847: [Theme editor] Don't move all template in asset directory (views not needed) (LouisGac)
11912: [Other] Harnless PHP code lines repeated in Save.php (DenisChenu)
11777: [Survey design] 2.54 MS with comments too wide (DenisChenu)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-14
11821: [Survey design] error uploading images kcfinder (c_schmitz)
11849: [Survey taking] Numeric valid item with , show as error (markusfluer)
11901: [Survey design] Unable to update Decimal mark (markusfluer)
11911: [Plugins] Unable to (de)activate plugins (via GUI) (markusfluer)
11731: [Other] JavaScript error when the field has a validation regexp, and the input starts with a plus sign (olle)
11702: [Survey taking] Dropdown question : 2 'no answer' if value selected is 0 (DenisChenu)
11740: [Survey taking] Decimal throwerreor with negative value (DenisChenu)
11813: [Import/Export] Sorting of responses (c_schmitz)
11606: [Data Entry (non public)] Date/Time filed does not record the answer (olle)
11822: [Other] Wait Graphic animation always shown (c_schmitz)
11823: [Survey design] Screen for activation of survey too narrow (olle)
11831: [Other] Loading spinner does not disappear (olle)
11843: [Central participant database] Error whne filtering by a custom attribute (olle)
11844: [Conditions] Clicking 'Set Conditions' to enter conditions designer returns 500 error (olle)
11851: [Survey design] Unstyled HTML when editing default answer options for yes-no question (olle)
11858: [Survey design] When adding a new group In multi lingual : can not update other language (DenisChenu)
11872: [Central participant database] Opening Central Participant Database returns 500 error (olle)
11886: [Import/Export] lsq file bug import (DenisChenu)
10645: [Plugins] CSS Not Loaded When Using NewDirectRequest Event Plugin (olle)
11794: [Conditions] Adding multiple conditions / scenarios forgets where it is (olle)
11818: [Security] not exploitable XSS (c_schmitz)
11753: [Survey taking] Date validation issues (olle)
11768: [Survey design] 2.54 (olle)
11729: [Conditions] Adding Regex Condition (olle)
24 issues View Issues
Not Yet Released
11489: [Survey taking] Session time out : get back to first step without any information (DenisChenu)
11732: [Survey taking] Slider reset don't reset to default position (DenisChenu)
11738: [Survey design] Uneven space between filtered answers (DenisChenu)
11779: [Survey design] 2.54 Ranking question different styling (DenisChenu)
11819: [Survey design] Multiple Numeric Slider Question Display Issues (DenisChenu)
11829: [Theme editor] Privacy message must use view (DenisChenu)
11838: [Survey design] Date question too wide (DenisChenu)
11839: [Survey design] Text question with prefix/suffix not rendered OK (DenisChenu)
11846: [Theme editor] Differenciate views and pstpl file (DenisChenu)
11852: [Survey design] Slider questions messed up due to wrong statement in survey.css (DenisChenu)
11854: [Survey design] Bad alignment of remaining and total, under slider (Flat and Modern) (DenisChenu)
11855: [Survey design] Bad alignment of icon and text (Flat and Modern) (DenisChenu)
11856: [Survey design] Flatmodern: repeated headers not centered (DenisChenu)
11859: [Survey design] flatmodern: array by column, but hover per row (DenisChenu)
11863: [Survey taking] Dual scale HTML broken (DenisChenu)
11864: [Survey design] Control width when there are suffix (DenisChenu)
11865: [Survey design] Undocumented Dual Scale Answer text separator (DenisChenu)
11874: [Expression Manager] All in one survey : group hidden at start are not shown (DenisChenu)
11879: [Survey design] Mobile view: top of header overlaps title (DenisChenu)
11880: [Survey design] Mobile view: multiple paddings in collapsed arrays (DenisChenu)
11881: [Survey design] Mobile view: array questions, label centered (DenisChenu)
11882: [Survey design] Mobile view: short free text with prefic and suffix (DenisChenu)
11888: [Survey design] date question type on small screen (DenisChenu)
10103: [Accessibility] W3C compatiblity check fails (DenisChenu)
11850: [Survey taking] Some slider settings broken when min value is negative or 0 (DenisChenu)
11883: [Survey design] Mobile view: total/remaining (DenisChenu)
11892: [Survey design] Copying question looses subquestions (DenisChenu)
11900: [Survey taking] Fatal error in demosurvey (DenisChenu)
11902: [Survey design] Array dual scale: 2 x no answer (DenisChenu)
11903: [Survey design] Bad alignment of repeated headers (DenisChenu)
11907: [Survey design] Cell class of "No answer" cell incomplete? (DenisChenu)
11914: [Security] Time to update to last jquery version (DenisChenu)
11926: [Survey design] Date question does not work (DenisChenu)
11933: [Survey taking] No em tip in question (DenisChenu)
11937: [Survey design] Help question start empty, updated after : not shown (DenisChenu)
11952: [Survey design] Template font - language specific characters (DenisChenu)
11993: [Theme editor] Template editor : file not saved (DenisChenu)
11999: [Survey design] Bad order of css can make harder to fix it (DenisChenu)
12021: [Survey taking] Have a real rtl slider (DenisChenu)
10025: [Survey taking] Quotas : Terminate survey with warning sentence is unclear (DenisChenu)
12360: [Survey taking] Big difference in HTML produced with previous develop version (DenisChenu)
12397: [Survey taking] Cannot fill in multiple choice. (DenisChenu)
12471: [Survey taking] Reload page (debug=2) show a notice (DenisChenu)
12482: [Survey design] HTML of MC with or without comments differs (DenisChenu)
12515: [Survey design] Unable to manage question (markusfluer)
12522: [Survey taking] Undefined property: SurveyRuntimeHelper::$preview (DenisChenu)
11837: [Survey design] GIT: difference in structure of heading row (DenisChenu)
11755: [Theme editor] Tool link : no default action (DenisChenu)
09911: [Installation] Reinstall with an existing DB (sammousa)
10662: [Survey taking] Can't preview or execute survey (sammousa)
10668: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Error when clicking on token responses number (sammousa)
10660: [Installation] Additional options is unstyled (sammousa)
09975: [Survey taking] LS3: Home page : white page (sammousa)
09912: [Other] All view broken JS and/or CSS (DenisChenu)
09684: [Survey design] Unable to create a group or see a survey after creation (sammousa)
55 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-10
10767: [Central participant database] Attribute listing in Participant Panel problems (markusfluer)
11727: [Expression Manager] "Undefined index: LEMsid" with a plugin sidebody URL (olle)
11809: [Response browsing] Restrictions for mass actions not correct working in response browsing (olle)
11805: [Other] Timestamp hours does not display correctly in "invitations sent" window (olle)
11749: [Conditions] Edit condition, change scenario leads to db exception (olle)
11802: [Survey design] Useless file tabPluginSettings_view.php (olle)
11806: [Conditions] Blank page in conditions since 2.54 (olle)
11594: [Central participant database] No lines in CP table (markusfluer)
11746: [Survey design] When previewing an hidden question : PHP notice (debug at 2) (c_schmitz)
11760: [Other] Helper class ls\ajax\AjaxHelper uses echo keyword as method name (olle)
11765: [Data Entry (non public)] Admin data entry doesn't work if survey has restricted access (olle)
11767: [Import/Export] Exporting to SPSS in ITALIAN generate broken data file (c_schmitz)
11772: [Expression Manager] Expression manager convert_value does not obey strict setting (olle)
11780: [Survey taking] Typo - The file has been successfuly uploaded (olle)
11785: [Survey design] Question organizer not working (olle)
11730: [Ergonomy] Minimum width for Admin Interface (c_schmitz)
11757: [Installation] tmp/assets directory is missing (c_schmitz)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-04
11682: [Survey design] Possible illegal string offset with some attribute (DenisChenu)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-09-07
11841: [Survey design] Dual Matrix will not display correct, when error (olle)
11621: [Installation] Errors during installation (database population) (c_schmitz)
11681: [Theme editor] Clicking "Undo" on page load erases everything in editor. (c_schmitz)
11684: [Response browsing] Download all files for these responses is missing (olle)
11690: [Survey design] Mandatory indication is missing in question list (c_schmitz)
11691: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Can't upload CSV files with valid tokens (DenisChenu)
11700: [Survey taking] Mandatory array (dropdown) is not mandatory (DenisChenu)
11712: [Plugins] Core plugin settings don't have good class (DenisChenu)
11713: [Survey taking] Misleading error message when setting an expiration date (c_schmitz)
11736: [Expression Manager] Uncaught ReferenceError: Decimal is not defined (c_schmitz)
11739: [Survey participants (Tokens)] No redirect to survey after token use (olle)
11650: [Survey design] Array dropdown : answer_width don't set answer column width (DenisChenu)
11642: [Security] ckeditor 5.4.11 (c_schmitz)
11647: [Survey design] Can not use LANGUAGECHANGER inside a survey (DenisChenu)
11574: [Survey design] Search box in main survey list is case sensitive (c_schmitz)
11643: [Other] Last git versin shw 2.50, not 2.51 or 2.51.4 (c_schmitz)
11652: [Conditions] Array question does not accept reponses when displayed as dropdown. (c_schmitz)
11628: [Plugins] When LDAP enabled login form pools too wide (c_schmitz)
11633: [Survey participants (Tokens)] User can access closed surveys of no tokens were generated (markusfluer)
11634: [Survey design] Quick add answer options, all options have same code (markusfluer)
11615: [Survey taking] Input is not properly supressed when setting "numbers only" restriction (markusfluer)
11624: [Import/Export] Zeros in Excel Export are formatted as text not as numbers (c_schmitz)
11635: [Survey taking] Array by column has no zebra style (c_schmitz)
23 issues View Issues
Released 2016-08-29
11550: [ComfortUpdate] Comfortupdate - DB Updatescript is missing Table notifications (olle)
11664: [Survey design] When using core variable in relevance or in attribute : update language during susrvey break language (DenisChenu)
11623: [Survey taking] Adjustments for {CHECKJAVASCRIPT} placeholder break all custom templates (olle)
11639: [Conditions] Bad design when using the function Copy conditions (olle)
11644: [Survey participants (Tokens)] SQL error in postgresql when filtering by date types in participants list and responses list (olle)
11645: [Survey design] Problem with mandatory array question (olle)
11651: [Import/Export] Multiple question exportation to SPSS (DenisChenu)
11616: [Survey taking] Data of "other" field at "multiple options with comments" question not saved (c_schmitz)
11617: [Import/Export] At question import the question code gets replaced though the code doesn't exist at any other question. (c_schmitz)
11619: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Error 500 tokens (olle)
11581: [Translation] Change label Active -> Status (c_schmitz)
11592: [Accessibility] Fatal error with clean 160829 (olle)
11591: [Translation] typing mistake in text string (c_schmitz)
11603: [Installation] Upgrading from 2.50-160616 to 2.51-160829 fails with database error on MS-SQL (olle)
11601: [Survey taking] Flashing red div at page load (olle)
11565: [Central participant database] when importing particioants, can't un-set attribute match once set (olle)
11607: [Survey taking] Resume later for two responses in one browser messes up session (olle)
10221: [Other issues] High values are wrong on rendering (c_schmitz)
11422: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Limesurvey crashes after clicking the show participants button after importing a csv file into a token table (c_schmitz)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2015-10-30
11439: [Installation] Can't change ownership of survey (markusfluer)
09828: [Survey taking] Ranking question : update allowed can broke Survey DB (DenisChenu)
11285: [Statistics] Export results to MS-Excel not working (c_schmitz)
10006: [Import/Export] SPSS export - variables are reordered when groups are randomized (c_schmitz)
08958: [Installation] Unable to reinstall with another dbPrefix (c_schmitz)
09242: [Expression Manager] PHP and JS difference with numeric value starting by 0 (markusfluer)
10860: [Other] Regular expression fail (2.06+) (DenisChenu)
11476: [Survey taking] CSS and JS files not included at "default" template though {TEMPLATECSS} and {TEMPLATEJS} placeholders exist (LouisGac)
11455: [Survey taking] MapQuest discontinued the free tileserver (markusfluer)
11532: [Survey taking] "Exit and clear survey" in frontend still uses Javascript confirm, should be BS modal (markusfluer)
11415: [Survey participants (Tokens)] SQL error when filling token id in survey participant list (olle)
09118: [Plugins] KCFinder Image Browse Server not working due to incorrect cookieDomain (c_schmitz)
11523: [Survey taking] Sub-question text far too small on mobiles for some array questions (markusfluer)
11572: [Import/Export] Export rexsponces to Excel with non-english symbol sequences in title cause file corruption (c_schmitz)
11527: [Survey design] {QUESTION_VALID_MESSAGE} placeholder gets populated with HTML even if no warning exists (markusfluer)
11567: [Survey participants (Tokens)] blank_button is invisible in participant list (markusfluer)
11272: [Survey taking] Large text field input doubled/repeated upon error throwback; safe/resume; previous page (c_schmitz)
11538: [Survey design] Wrong codes are created when using quick add feature (markusfluer)
11573: [Translation] Translation errors for 'it' and 'it-informal' locales (c_schmitz)
10180: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Maximum token length of 35 characters (c_schmitz)
09979: [Theme editor] Base fields on the Registration page should have an Asterisk (*) beside them (c_schmitz)
10190: [Central participant database] inconsistent field size for attribute names (c_schmitz)
11580: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Error 403 at captcha query (c_schmitz)
10198: [User/User groups] Unable to import tokens due to missing global surveys -> import permission (c_schmitz)
11559: [Survey design] Layout problem with bipolar answers/labels for matrix (markusfluer)
09909: [Import/Export] Empty colums in export file while data visible in GUI (DenisChenu)
11588: [Survey design] Default template below 800px: array with checkboxes goes wrong (c_schmitz)
11590: [Survey design] CAPTCHA Reload Image button label not correctly shown in Italian (c_schmitz)
11469: [Accessibility] Front page not working (markusfluer)
10702: [Response browsing] mix of two types of bubble help (c_schmitz)
10005: [Other] Error message for importing duplicate questions has no style associated (c_schmitz)
09401: [Central participant database] Shouldn't CPDB mapping recognized by a Token Table also be recognized by CPDB Add Participant to Survey? (c_schmitz)
11553: [Statistics] Buttons "Expert mode" and "Close" not clickable (markusfluer)
09825: [Theme editor] Remove hardcoded css styles (c_schmitz)
09957: [Import/Export] R Export UTF-8 Problem (c_schmitz)
11558: [Survey design] No obious way to add a new question after question group is added (c_schmitz)
11568: [Survey taking] Active surveys list for surveytakers is not properly formatted (markusfluer)
09496: [Survey design] upload question type class is generic-question (c_schmitz)
09924: [Other] Quick add AND quick replace function don't add "relevance button" when needed (c_schmitz)
09851: [Plugins] event afterSurveyComplete no dispatched if Automatic loaded url is set to Yes (c_schmitz)
09745: [Statistics] Statistics graphs are incorrect for questions with multiple identical answers. (c_schmitz)
09781: [Survey design] Array text : PHP notive due to relevance on scale 1 (mfaber)
09755: [Plugins] afterPluginLoad event aren't call for survey listing (c_schmitz)
11545: [User/User groups] not possible to access survey admin config page (c_schmitz)
11551: [Security] No contact to other servers (c_schmitz)
11544: [User/User groups] Tick all templates in "Edit template permissions" does not work (c_schmitz)
11547: [Response browsing] In the new build 160812 released yesterday answers cannot be viewed (c_schmitz)
11552: [Installation] Cannot install on PHP 5.3.10 (c_schmitz)
11554: [User/User groups] Undefined variable: deleteUrl (c_schmitz)
11391: [Survey design] clicking Relevance equation opens a new tab (c_schmitz)
11529: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token validity time invalid (markusfluer)
11373: [Label sets] Duplicate labels in Matrix (markusfluer)
11535: [Translation] some strings not translated and wrong term used (markusfluer)
11530: [Survey design] "Change the language" button appears on page load (c_schmitz)
11536: [Survey design] Checkboxes at array numbers (checkbox layout) misaligned at certain resolutions (markusfluer)
11540: [Survey design] Smiley URL is incorrect (c_schmitz)
11539: [Other] Filtering answers is not working (markusfluer)
11541: [User/User groups] Link to manage survey administrators does not work (markusfluer)
11543: [User/User groups] User created by shows user name (markusfluer)
11486: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Captcha screen before a token survey looks bad (markusfluer)
11514: [Survey taking] Z-index problem: Slider tooltip above error message (markusfluer)
11521: [Survey design] Multiple numerical input. Subquestion's labels will be shown twice on error. (markusfluer)
11497: [Survey design] Lack of padding when survey menu shrinks to two rows (markusfluer)
11504: [Other] Missing margin on flash message at global settings (markusfluer)
11524: [Survey design] Unstyled error message (c_schmitz)
11498: [User/User groups] Adding a new admin user is weird (markusfluer)
11525: [Survey taking] Wrong JS at template.js breaks certain survey features (markusfluer)
11516: [Survey taking] Sliders (Multiple numerical input). It's possible continue without answering to mandatory question. (markusfluer)
11475: [Other] message covered with permanent menu selevted (markusfluer)
11508: [Response browsing] Invalid html in Word Doc export (c_schmitz)
11496: [Survey taking] Numbers not adding correctly (markusfluer)
11509: [Survey taking] numerical input option integer only leads to positive integer input only (DenisChenu)
11483: [Survey design] Bad visualization (markusfluer)
11485: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Bad styling at add participant confirm message (markusfluer)
11513: [Import/Export] Error 500 after uploading a CSV file with participants into a survey (markusfluer)
11518: [Survey taking] Date\Time Question Type broken when option "Display Dropdown Boxes" is used (markusfluer)
11484: [Central participant database] PHP error when adding participants to CPDB (markusfluer)
11494: [Survey taking] NANS cpode for single radio break HTML (DenisChenu)
11507: [User/User groups] Edit user still not styled (c_schmitz)
11502: [Data Entry (non public)] Popup editor does not launch. Error in DOM naming (markusfluer)
11505: [Statistics] When browsing survey responses, search fields gives a 404 error. (c_schmitz)
11414: [Survey participants (Tokens)] No delete option in token list (markusfluer)
11510: [Survey design] With Array (text) questions the global sum doesn't work! (markusfluer)
11503: [Data Entry (non public)] Manually adding subquestion does not work in 160728 (c_schmitz)
11501: [User/User groups] Edit your profile is not Bootstrap styled (c_schmitz)
11488: [Survey design] HTML editor in "Edit subquestions" (Array numbers) not working correctly (markusfluer)
11492: [Survey design] Answer Lists (DropDowns) disappeared from all my surveys (markusfluer)
11456: [Survey taking] Disabling "Show group name and/or group description" doesn't fully disable the option at the survey level (markusfluer)
11477: [LimeSurvey Website] Deleting a question group not working (c_schmitz)
11479: [Response browsing] The Responses View change does not work with lighttpd (markusfluer)
11480: [Accessibility] Small Problem with adding Tokens (markusfluer)
10916: [Survey taking] Slider default answer does not work in RTL (markusfluer)
11464: [Other] Attribute settings are not shown in the user interface (markusfluer)
11470: [Survey taking] Setting Question To "Mandatory" after a publish deletes the "Other" answer option (markusfluer)
11416: [Other] Google Analytics Global Configuration is not being used by survey. (markusfluer)
11417: [Expression Manager] Dates not calculating properly (markusfluer)
11412: [Survey design] When Using "Set Conditions" on a question using 2 scenarios and 2 conditions each, the final condition becomes OR OR OR (c_schmitz)
11445: [Translation] New LDAP users get wrong language on first login. (c_schmitz)
11405: [Other] .css and .js not loading on public pages (LouisGac)
11434: [Statistics] The numbers of the statistics are wrong (LouisGac)
11462: [Survey taking] placeholder are not reliable shown after self registration (c_schmitz)
11454: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Audit Log plugin fire a notice when adding a new token (markusfluer)
11460: [Survey design] css issue when expanding general settings (markusfluer)
11461: [Survey design] css issue when expanding general settings (markusfluer)
11404: [Expression Manager] EM tips sent to empty after reloading page (F5) (DenisChenu)
11372: [Plugins] Configuring AuditLog plugin fails / Documentation missing (aesteban)
11428: [Survey design] Update survey settings can remove existing language (DenisChenu)
11431: [Translation] Surveys list page name and title not tranlated (DenisChenu)
11442: [Survey taking] Illegal offset type in isset or empty (olle)
11443: [Survey taking] Ranking Question does not work (olle)
11040: [Survey design] Design: responses table looks bad (c_schmitz)
11175: [Response browsing] File count is not displaying values in survey responses summary view (c_schmitz)
10748: [Response browsing] Mix of language in response browsing (c_schmitz)
10100: [Response browsing] "Huge free text" and "Long free text" are not truncate (LouisGac)
11396: [Survey taking] Expression manager foir max_answers ranking are not comptletly used (DenisChenu)
11398: [Other] tmp folder is not from config-defaults.php (c_schmitz)
10914: [Survey taking] Slider is not reversed in RTL (conflicts with help-text below) (olle)
11382: [Survey design] Dual scale on small screeens using code instead of answer option (default template) (olle)
11139: [Survey design] Subquestion: add error, more than 1 subquestion will be added (LouisGac)
11154: [Survey design] Unable to replace sub question code (LouisGac)
11376: [Installation] Minimum memory available error on install (c_schmitz)
11394: [Security] file upload error reveals absolute path (c_schmitz)
11397: [User/User groups] Survey admin cannot see his own survey (LouisGac)
11384: [Ergonomy] Errormessage after import partly visible and malformed (c_schmitz)
11202: [Installation] After installing build 160516, some CSS files are not found (LouisGac)
10024: [Survey design] Wrong translation for some forms (c_schmitz)
11159: [Translation] still some strings in template preview which is not picked from language files (c_schmitz)
10901: [Survey design] I cant open a survey in RTL Language (olle)
       11308: [Translation] Display problems with RTL languages (arabic, persian) (c_schmitz)
11341: [Survey taking] How do I delete a file once it is uploaded? (olle)
11157: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Property "SurveyLanguageSetting.Array" is not defined (c_schmitz)
10704: [Translation] Missing translation in jqGrid filter and misplaced icon (c_schmitz)
11340: [Survey design] default theme: yes/no question type buttons (c_schmitz)
11336: [Central participant database] Bad text display when adding member of CPDB and language is German (c_schmitz)
11358: [Survey taking] problem with fixed-point number when comma user as separator (olle)
11319: [Theme editor] Theme editor URL / Risk of overwriting existing template details (c_schmitz)
11283: [Survey design] pagination in Questions in this survey causes a SQL error (MSSQL) (LouisGac)
11338: [Installation] List of surveys pagination problem for a limited user (LouisGac)
11353: [Survey design] Unable to movbe to next page on survey list (LouisGac)
11346: [Other] Survey owner's list in General Settings should be presented on alphabetical order. (c_schmitz)
11366: [Response browsing] Freeze when survey is big (c_schmitz)
10181: [Assessments] Assessments form is not styled properly
10940: [Survey taking] Numerical input with "Thousands separator" enabled rejects input that have a thousands separator
11151: [Statistics] Graphs behaving weird (LouisGac)
09494: [Accessibility] Section 508 issue with class="hide label" (LouisGac)
11155: [Survey design] Survey start and end dates are stored correctly but load into the form incorrectly (c_schmitz)
11309: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Email separator (;) confused with missing email address on Token edit and Add participant (c_schmitz)
11144: [Print View] Response View - Title/Colums shifted (olle)
09498: [Import/Export] Error message when try to import a big LSA file can be an error (c_schmitz)
11342: [Accessibility] Owner list is not sorted alphabetically (see report 09700) (c_schmitz)
11322: [Survey taking] problem encoding date/time question (c_schmitz)
11331: [Statistics] Show Statistics: error! (LouisGac)
11218: [Statistics] Statistics general filters does not remember base language of the survey (LouisGac)
11328: [Survey taking] unable to select mandatory date field if the survey is viewed in Arabic Language (olle)
11189: [Survey taking] bootstrap-datetimepicker causes error - need moment.js (olle)
11281: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10299: [Other issues] usertemplate preview not found (c_schmitz)
11300: [Other] replace more yes/no dropdowns with on/off switches (c_schmitz)
11289: [Ergonomy] User can't see their own surveys anymore (admin can't filter) (LouisGac)
10838: [Survey taking] Wrong decimal separator for total in "array text" (c_schmitz)
11210: [Ergonomy] installation failure with LS 2.5 (c_schmitz)
11288: [Central participant database] Cannot Edit/Update Participants' Information Unless Having Superadministrator Permission (c_schmitz)
11278: [Installation] Unable to upload templates (but surveys work) (c_schmitz)
11291: [Plugins] cron event don't happen (DenisChenu)
11177: [Survey participants (Tokens)] If a completed field record contains a trailing colon(:) then the Display Tokens contents no longer displays (LouisGac)
11262: [Survey participants (Tokens)] No save button after editing a token (LouisGac)
11290: [Installation] Internal Server Error - No supperadmin user (c_schmitz)
11025: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
11129: [Survey design] token delete and bounce action window issue (c_schmitz)
11260: [Print View] Response View - Title "Actions" duplicated (LouisGac)
11264: [Survey participants (Tokens)] UX: Add attributes - save field should be a primary button for better visibility (c_schmitz)
11265: [Survey design] When activate a survey with token : bad information on screen (c_schmitz)
11219: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
11252: [Other] Home page and Admin panel (c_schmitz)
11248: [Plugins] Saving plugin settings in survey causes an error - > demo plugin (DenisChenu)
11253: [Other] Relation "correct_relation_defaultlanguage, permissions" is not defined in active record class "Survey". (LouisGac)
11132: [Survey design] When copying a question, the Advanced Settings section is not prefilled or copied (c_schmitz)
11185: [Survey taking] Warning when using "text input width" (LouisGac)
11200: [Other] Last option in dropdown list is saved uncorrectly (olle)
10986: [Plugins] Survey-specific plugin setting of type "checkbox" does not properly save (DenisChenu)
11173: [Other] inconsistent use of on/off yes/no (c_schmitz)
11207: [Other] replace more Yes/No etc with switches (c_schmitz)
11229: [Theme editor] 2.06+ default template does not load in 2.5 (c_schmitz)
11166: [ComfortUpdate] missing build number info last stage ComfortUpdate (LouisGac)
11090: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Import sanitizes Tokens / Manual Entry does not (c_schmitz)
10839: [Label sets] Filter Responses Bug (olle)
10750: [Import/Export] After submitting a survey and printing answers, export to pdf button is missing (c_schmitz)
11165: [Other] Text strings are missing colon (c_schmitz)
11128: [Survey design] Browse button cosmetic isssue (c_schmitz)
11168: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Duplicate scrollbar in tokens (LouisGac)
10323: [Authentication] LDAP Authentication not working after 2.5 upgrade (c_schmitz)
10599: [Survey design] Text box "text" suddenly bigger than the others (LouisGac)
11170: [Print View] Le fichier print_template.css du thème courant n'est pas chargé (olle)
11176: [Other] endless redirect loop (LouisGac)
11195: [Survey taking] Expression Manager : bad comparaison with numeric value (DenisChenu)
10766: [User/User groups] Setting survey permission is not working (LouisGac)
11196: [Survey taking] Sliders don't save negative values (DenisChenu)
11071: [LimeSurvey Website] [forum] Can not edit post (even just after posted) (c_schmitz)
11142: [Theme editor] template editir dies if expected template does not exist (should revert to default) (c_schmitz)
11031: [Survey design] email HTML is set to No by default (change than 2.06 and first 2.50 system) (DenisChenu)
11152: [Survey design] Cols/rows settings for question type "Long free text" (c_schmitz)
11148: [Response browsing] Token page view reponse links lead to all responses instead of to the one selected (with token-based response persistence) (c_schmitz)
11143: [Other] password save notification (c_schmitz)
10219: [Survey design] File upload tip different classes when more than one on one page (LouisGac)
10175: [Survey participants (Tokens)] No confirmation message / redirect after "Generate tokens" function (LouisGac)
11111: [Survey design] Is it possible to hide the title bar in LimeSurvey with GUI-SETTINGS? (olle)
11103: [Central participant database] Design: Blacklist breaks gui consistancy (olle)
10757: [User/User groups] design: too different layout in adding user groups and users (LouisGac)
11102: [Central participant database] An icon is missing (olle)
11122: [Survey design] Add question bug (c_schmitz)
11109: [Accessibility] labels.js error (LouisGac)
11089: [Survey design] When side-menu is closed, the side-body shifts from right to left at page load (olle)
11106: [Survey design] Question type dropdown overlays question menu bar (c_schmitz)
11001: [Theme editor] Regression: Selecting a theme from the drop-down no longer functions properly (c_schmitz)
11081: [Other] Bad layout condition manager (c_schmitz)
11120: [Translation] Minor spelling mistake (c_schmitz)
11088: [Survey design] Do not show all javascript in question overview (DenisChenu)
11094: [ComfortUpdate] Updating from DB 165 and less is broken (c_schmitz)
11095: [Survey taking] Group Names not displayed (olle)
10722: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Email confirmation screen - requires layout and behavour tweaks (LouisGac)
10944: [Survey design] Bad design when designing a survey on 1366x768 resolution (c_schmitz)
       11098: [Survey design] Error on survey creation (c_schmitz)
11035: [Survey design] Group name and group description styling shown despite not chosen to show (olle)
11067: [User/User groups] active surveys are shown to an user without own surveys (c_schmitz)
11072: [Expression Manager] slider numerical input does not update expression manager (olle)
11080: [Other] Minor spelling mistake (c_schmitz)
10604: [Survey design] Save button make no sense (LouisGac)
11085: [Translation] minor mistake in translation files (c_schmitz)
11075: [Installation] Admin survey list not displaying nor paginating properly after update to 160425 (c_schmitz)
11043: [Translation] Popup calendar always shown in English (c_schmitz)
11052: [Survey taking] JS error with Date/Time question (olle)
11056: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
11057: [Survey design] smilies are still missing.... (c_schmitz)
11064: [Accessibility] JavaScript code in source code not visible (c_schmitz)
10463: [Survey design] still not translated: x active surveys (c_schmitz)
11011: [Survey design] Blank screen after adding new group (olle)
11027: [Survey design] better styling of progress bar in 2.5 templates (olle)
10996: [Installation] Upgrade from 2.06 to 2.5 (c_schmitz)
10886: [Import/Export] Export to XML: question type List Radio not exported correctly (olle)
10864: [Response browsing] Clicking on Responses > Data Entry screen (olle)
11005: [Accessibility] Button link error (c_schmitz)
11010: [Survey design] PHP notice when create a new survey (olle)
11013: [Survey design] small editor in description field; adding a new group (c_schmitz)
11012: [Survey design] Delete Group button in group list view (olle)
11018: [Security] [NOT security] user with only statistics access can see survey in list (DenisChenu)
11017: [Survey design] Missing Save and Close button (olle)
11022: [Survey design] better alignment of the percent in the progress bar (olle)
10274: [Statistics] bad layout of mini calendar in statistics (olle)
10994: [Survey design] Time picker slider does not slide (olle)
10976: [Survey taking] Empty help string/info icon on numerical input with "integer only" constraint (olle)
10390: [Other] Commit to set default charset at global settings got lost (olle)
10956: [Theme editor] Double inclusion of language selector in welcome page (olle)
10712: [Survey design] Some screen are not disable if user don't have right to update a survey (c_schmitz)
10982: [Theme editor] Theme/Template Editor adds whitespace to the beginning and end of loaded/saved files (c_schmitz)
10969: [Survey design] Slider call out only shows up after sliding and releasing the slider. (olle)
10990: [Survey design] pasting text not possible in Internet Explorer 11 (c_schmitz)
10988: [Survey taking] Undefined variable: sMandatoryText - Crashing Survey on start (olle)
10941: [Statistics] Two problems in statistics PDF export (olle)
10985: [Theme editor] Theme editor URL contain %uNNNN and server gives "400 Bad Request" (c_schmitz)
10846: [Import/Export] Checked responses are not read when load "surveys file" (DenisChenu)
10981: [Installation] tmp/assets not reloaded well after emptying (olle)
10993: [Survey design] Alignment of radio buttons (olle)
10984: [Survey design] Crash when accessing general settings (c_schmitz)
10929: [Survey design] Home page translations (c_schmitz)
10945: [Survey design] Add button Save and close when creating a new group (olle)
10829: [Other] Survey admins presented with inappropriate control buttons (olle)
10959: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
10960: [Survey taking] Dual-scale dropdown looks weird (olle)
10966: [Other] Donate link in footer opens in parent window (c_schmitz)
10967: [Other] non-formatted date format in data integrity check (c_schmitz)
10908: [Survey design] Disable next button with time limit is not working (olle)
10965: [Security] hardcoded : should not be there (c_schmitz)
10962: [Survey design] adding answer to quota seems odd (olle)
10964: [Statistics] bad layout on narrow screens; statistics (c_schmitz)
10961: [Survey design] bad layout quota design (olle)
10968: [Survey design] Slider reset button wrongly styled (olle)
10840: [Survey taking] DB issue in susrvey : system is broken (olle)
10844: [Survey design] Various issues using the LS 2.50 default template (olle)
10928: [Conditions] Adding Conditions in the Conditions Designer does not work for Conditions based on Token Fields (olle)
10821: [Survey design] bad layout at screen Edit survey text elements and settings (c_schmitz)
10904: [Installation] Installer not styled anymore (LouisGac)
10921: [Other] Questiontype Array (numbers) with checkbox-layout does not save responses (olle)
10923: [Statistics] statistics of questiontype array(numbers) not working (olle)
10888: [Central participant database] attribute import lists past bottom of screen and ends in error (olle)
10936: [Survey taking] FileUpload doesn't work correctly when there's two in same group (olle)
10930: [User/User groups] Create/Edit user groups gives error (olle)
10933: [Conditions] The Maximum characters on array(Texts) Type not working (olle)
10774: [Statistics] Column header at wrong position (olle)
10948: [Survey design] left align -> center align header in double matrix question (olle)
10953: [Survey design] Using mktime() EM function broke survey admin (DenisChenu)
10795: [Statistics] label text without space (c_schmitz)
10842: [Conditions] Navigation buttons lost in one of my survey after the version 160317 of Limesurvey 2.5 (LouisGac)
10755: [Survey design] Return to admin panel button do not work (olle)
10912: [Survey design] Can not edit a survey (LouisGac)
10907: [Response browsing] Display columns error (LouisGac)
10893: [Survey design] KCfinder error when saving survey settings (LouisGac)
10889: [Import/Export] When importing a group in the wrong language, error message is not formated. (olle)
10890: [Other] Donate image in footer not showing (olle)
10776: [Survey design] Quick Add not working for x-scale in Array (Numbers) (olle)
10880: [Other] missing icon in footer? (c_schmitz)
10891: [Theme editor] muliple choice: labels printed twice before and after checkbox (olle)
10899: [Security] kcfinder browse.php is shown not exexute (c_schmitz)
10905: [Survey design] Too many leading zeros in CSS (c_schmitz)
10770: [ComfortUpdate] Comfort update doesn't work from 160311 to 160314 (LouisGac)
10875: [RemoteControl] Remote control list_surveys can list whole survey, and not only needed (DenisChenu)
10850: [Survey design] Questions parameter "Display columns:" Changed from 1 to 6 with update (c_schmitz)
10861: [Survey design] Second label of bipolar marix question does not appear (in html) (olle)
10816: [Ergonomy] Entry box for Subquestion relevance equations is to small on big screen, gets bigger when you reduce the screen size (olle)
10871: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Invitation/Reminder buttons at bottom of token table do not function (olle)
10883: [Other] Error 500 survey permission (olle)
10884: [Survey taking] Ranking question always in error when filled in (olle)
10828: [Survey taking] Fix the load order of CSS (LouisGac)
10784: [Translation] two identical strings, wrong in use (c_schmitz)
10819: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Display tokens showns only 10 tokens per page (c_schmitz)
10851: [Survey taking] Short free text question - Prefix and Suffix text not correctly positioned (olle)
10628: [Security] mixed content error for doante.png (c_schmitz)
10858: [ComfortUpdate] notify from ComfortUpdate ruins menus (c_schmitz)
10572: [Installation] Error during update from 2.06+ to 2.5 (c_schmitz)
10654: [ComfortUpdate] Notice messages shown when disabling ComfortUpdate (c_schmitz)
10854: [Translation] Peinlicher Rechtschreibefehler (c_schmitz)
10866: [Statistics] PHP fatal error at data entry for multiple choice checkbox (olle)
10867: [Statistics] missing statistics buttons (olle)
10847: [Survey design] Unable to add attachement in an invitation Mail (olle)
10823: [Statistics] Can't read the timing data (olle)
10848: [Other] Can't edit quota (olle)
10824: [User/User groups] Broken list in survey privileges (olle)
10869: [Survey taking] "Thank you" after submit is written in white color (olle)
10868: [Import/Export] Export of result to XLS or CSV is not working - button not visible (olle)
10849: [Survey taking] Defualt templata not changing language (LouisGac)
10863: [Conditions] Problem on validating "Multiple numerical Input" answer (c_schmitz)
10744: [Survey taking] Numeric slider : no difference between unanswered + no reset (LouisGac)
10810: [Authentication] Can't grant permissions to user (c_schmitz)
10649: [Plugins] LDAP pluging - Default setting "LDAP authentication" does not apply (aesteban)
10762: [Survey taking] ListWthComment have different style than ListRadio (olle)
10195: [Assessments] CKEditor should use Bootstrap style (LouisGac)
10416: [ComfortUpdate] Wrong Changelog summary during Comfort Upgrade (LouisGac)
10763: [Survey taking] Upload file question type is not styled (olle)
10765: [Survey taking] MultiFlex text needs styling for small screens (iPhone) (olle)
10798: [Plugins] Unable to use another CHARACTER SET and COLLATION than utf8mb4 (DenisChenu)
10269: [Plugins] Plugin setting type html is broken (olle)
10495: [Statistics] Missing padding when browsing responses (olle)
10555: [Ergonomy] Simple selector : Advanced settings of question is not updated when update question type (LouisGac)
10760: [Import/Export] TSV export : Conditions truncated at "<=" (DenisChenu)
10801: [Survey design] PHP notice + bad relevance set in Array text sub question edit (DenisChenu)
10768: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
10785: [Translation] A warning in upper case (c_schmitz)
10793: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10800: [Conditions] setting conditions to a question: html codes are shown in gui (c_schmitz)
10813: [Response browsing] Delete pop-up is transparent (olle)
10809: [Survey taking] I cant open a survey in Arabic Language (DenisChenu)
10730: [Response browsing] default templates errors with (dual) matrix on small screens (LouisGac)
10812: [Survey design] Default answers must check for type (DenisChenu)
10643: [Statistics] Active Surveys included expired (LouisGac)
10817: [Survey taking] Testing 2.50 default template on mobile devices (olle)
10835: [Translation] French - Issue with the entries summary (DenisChenu)
10818: [Expression Manager] Subquestion relevance not working on runtime (olle)
10841: [Other] Prefilling a survey using GET parameters (olle)
10632: [Survey design] Can't access advanced settings of a question when survey is activated (LouisGac)
10438: [Ergonomy] When creating a new question in a group it can only be positioned at the begining or at the end (olle)
10769: [Other] Internal Error when clicking ouput link (olle)
10465: [Survey design] design: add a Save and close button (c_schmitz)
10731: [Ergonomy] Review "Global settings menu" : Plugin management must be in Settings, and some other consideration (c_schmitz)
10743: [Survey design] Remove all count(findAll()) from Survey_Common_Action (olle)
10624: [Central participant database] Better UI when exporting CPDB participant to survey (olle)
10737: [Survey design] Change action for Save button in Create new survey (c_schmitz)
10745: [Print View] Selecting Printable Survey Version : PHP error (olle)
10728: [Survey design] List with Comment question forgets user choice when going back to group using "previous" button (c_schmitz)
10742: [Response browsing] not possible to browse answers in statistics (olle)
10723: [Other] CSS Formatting Issues (olle)
10756: [User/User groups] Messages when adding new users are bad (olle)
10191: [Central participant database] Can't import attributes with Participants (olle)
10569: [Statistics] Question type: Long free text don't show in statistic (c_schmitz)
10635: [Installation] upload/images/smiley/msn folder is missing in installation files (LouisGac)
10735: [Survey design] wider drop down menues in survey options (LouisGac)
09947: [Central participant database] form code being revealed in participant attribute value field (olle)
10330: [Theme editor] print_template.css miust be used only for admin printablesurvey (LouisGac)
10347: [Other] language setting in 2.5 seems to not update interface (LouisGac)
10154: [Accessibility] Stoppin old active survey with 2..5RC (LouisGac)
10596: [Response browsing] Browsing responses opens new tab in browser (LouisGac)
10736: [Statistics] Application error when use button [View Statistics] (LouisGac)
10675: [Theme editor] Edit of other files not working (LouisGac)
10573: [Other issues] Font used in Administration Panel and templates (LouisGac)
10626: [Survey design] View source not working properly (LouisGac)
10631: [Theme editor] Redesign template import (LouisGac)
10557: [Survey taking] HTML error in multiple numeric (LouisGac)
10600: [Statistics] Simple statistics missing a graph (LouisGac)
10371: [Survey participants (Tokens)] design: bad layout after sending token invitations (LouisGac)
10375: [Survey design] Import of Templates not working (LouisGac)
10578: [Theme editor] color of link text is hard to read in help tip (LouisGac)
10440: [Survey design] Missing Close button when importing a template (LouisGac)
10452: [Statistics] Survey with "Array (5 point choice)" question / "Statistics" screen / "Simple mode" button : "PHP notice" screen (LouisGac)
10467: [Survey design] design: add "save and close" button (LouisGac)
10522: [Assessments] Redirect loop between "add" and "edit" assessment (LouisGac)
       10514: [Survey design] Missing a Save button in assessments (LouisGac)
10396: [Import/Export] Unable to export completed surveys after upgrading from 2.06. (LouisGac)
10526: [Statistics] PHP notice when viewing statistics for imported answers (LouisGac)
10461: [Survey design] design: add button Save and close to Add new box (LouisGac)
10472: [Survey design] design: add "save and close" button (LouisGac)
10677: [Survey participants (Tokens)] closing out of token generation first doesn't work and then sends to non-admin section of limesurvey (LouisGac)
10715: [Survey taking] Multiple numerical input (LouisGac)
10607: [Survey taking] Multiple numerical input - sum of sliders broken (LouisGac)
10289: [Response browsing] Sorting responses by completed "Yes/No/All" does not work properly (olle)
10740: [Statistics] database error when running a statistics (c_schmitz)
10738: [Survey design] PHP notice in survey view (c_schmitz)
10721: [Survey taking] Error with SMTP mail method (DenisChenu)
10550: [Survey taking] multi-line group description flows out of box (LouisGac)
10579: [Survey taking] Slider questions will show normal instructions for multiple numerical questions (LouisGac)
10650: [Survey taking] In questions of the type ranking with min/max answers the question background does not change (LouisGac)
10709: [Central participant database] Cannot Add Participant to survey (olle)
10208: [Import/Export] Rendering any PDF, CSV, HTML and introducing numerical (aesteban)
10717: [Installation] view template report 500 admin/templates/sa/view (LouisGac)
10674: [User/User groups] email not working when adding user in demo system (LouisGac)
10592: [Survey taking] Close button does not work (LouisGac)
10690: [Installation] All admin themes show as Sea Green (LouisGac)
10618: [Survey taking] Unable to see whole content if survey title is big (LouisGac)
10619: [Survey taking] Label for multiple text seem misplaced (LouisGac)
10493: [Survey design] design: answer options (LouisGac)
10696: [Survey design] Array filter not working (LouisGac)
10617: [Survey taking] 4" screen : YES/NO question is broken (LouisGac)
10620: [Survey taking] Slider number is show on the header (LouisGac)
10372: [Survey taking] The two options after a survey has finished does not work (LouisGac)
10636: [Survey taking] Survey listing (home page) : bad emplacement of footer (LouisGac)
10646: [Survey taking] No error msg when validating registration form (LouisGac)
10688: [Survey taking] No charts in public statistic (LouisGac)
10460: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10691: [Other] missing portion of editors in IE10 (tpartner)
10471: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10603: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10705: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10528: [Plugins] beforeHasPermission event don't happen for owner of survey (DenisChenu)
10648: [Security] Global permissions not working (c_schmitz)
10613: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
08600: [Survey design] missing translations in Plugins and some wrong sized buttons (mdekker)
08759: [Survey participants (Tokens)] wrong date format in token browsing (c_schmitz)
10679: [Import/Export] Can't export a single response (LouisGac)
10532: [Survey design] Popup HTML editor no longer works (markusfluer)
10621: [Ergonomy] Empty label in "array NUMBER" (LouisGac)
10568: [Survey design] Close button in endless loop (LouisGac)
10612: [Survey design] New remove button in question group list window (LouisGac)
10639: [Accessibility] Hide buttons without functionality (LouisGac)
10327: [Survey taking] Unable to print answers/ register / view statitics / maybe other (LouisGac)
10087: [Theme editor] User stats page have invalid link (LouisGac)
10554: [Survey taking] No answer buttons are always shown (in case no answer is disabled) (LouisGac)
10629: [Theme editor] Export a template: white page (LouisGac)
10543: [Survey design] "Gender buttons" (LouisGac)
10401: [User/User groups] adminpage: user with no right to create new survey is presented with 'Create new survey' (LouisGac)
10447: [Accessibility] The "New update available[…]" message hides two menus. (LouisGac)
10358: [Survey design] Can't search questions with both free text and group (LouisGac)
10388: [Survey taking] Can not disable showing hints in survey (LouisGac)
10386: [Survey design] Unable to edit text of answer option: SQL error "Integrity constraint violation" (LouisGac)
10314: [Survey taking] Using List (Dropdown) with other (LouisGac)
10420: [Conditions] List (dropdown) conditions erros (LouisGac)
10644: [Security] Groups report members incorectly (LouisGac)
10658: [Survey design] In admin interface, survey title should link to survey overview (LouisGac)
10659: [Survey design] Multilingal survey : relevance icon on sub language (LouisGac)
10656: [Survey design] Answers list are not editable when survey is activated (LouisGac)
10581: [Ergonomy] input width subquestions (LouisGac)
10606: [Central participant database] When exporting CPDB to token, drag-n-drop has an error (olle)
10582: [Central participant database] Mapping participant to token gives error when using postgres (olle)
10608: [Central participant database] Users can see each others contacts in the participant database (c_schmitz)
10623: [Central participant database] When exporting CPDB to token, automatic mappings should be pre-mapped (olle)
10633: [Survey design] Reference to $oTemplate is undefined (DenisChenu)
10536: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Higher risk that the emails are rated as Spam because of X_PRIORITY header (DenisChenu)
10353: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Welcome screen turned off but displayed (olle)
10602: [Response browsing] Close button leads to previous response (markusfluer)
10627: [Response browsing] Dowload all files duplicates files in survey with more than one language (c_schmitz)
10230: [Conditions] Limesurvey should not check completed surveys quotas (DenisChenu)
10564: [Survey design] question explorer sorts groups by Group ID instead of Group Order (c_schmitz)
10561: [Import/Export] Export results does not respect Full question text option (olle)
10594: [Response browsing] Missing translation of on/of switches (olle)
10593: [Response browsing] Missing colons (c_schmitz)
10431: [Ergonomy] Columns for question list are not distributed well (olle)
10601: [Plugins] could not show plugin manger (c_schmitz)
10590: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
10591: [Survey design] Resize icons in response browsing (c_schmitz)
10285: [Survey design] Question with lot of text must be "cut" in Question explorer (LouisGac)
10567: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
10553: [Survey design] Bad layout on token columns (olle)
10424: [Translation] missing ranslation (c_schmitz)
10583: [Label sets] Do not support PHP 5.3.14, since the project use square brackets. (c_schmitz)
10443: [Survey taking] My Timer doesn't work (olle)
10580: [Plugins] Using OSM fails: (olle)
10552: [Survey design] Missing colons after text labels (c_schmitz)
10551: [Survey design] Wrong encoding in a language name (c_schmitz)
10189: [Survey design] Enabling "Thousands separator" in "numerical input" questions results in an error and data loss (olle)
10042: [Central participant database] When Default Mappings Set, Copying Custom Attributes Doesn't WOrk (olle)
10478: [User/User groups] debug=2 : PHP notice when try to save global settings (olle)
10394: [Survey taking] Thousand Separator appears to be broken - causes other issues (numerical input) (olle)
10523: [Survey design] Double set of buttons (olle)
10525: [Survey design] Plugin managment screen has no Close button (olle)
10436: [Ergonomy] Question list in the left bar has problems with equations and doesn't show correct order of questions. (LouisGac)
10364: [Ergonomy] Last visited question can take a big part (olle)
10535: [Survey design] New question Mandatory doesn't stay On after save (olle)
10516: [Data Entry (non public)] Error with "view response details" and "edit this response" (olle)
10211: [Survey taking] Thousands separator - numeric input and multiple numeric input in the same group (olle)
10531: [Installation] Blank Login page after successful installation (c_schmitz)
10457: [Authentication] White page after installation (c_schmitz)
10513: [Survey design] Missing colon (c_schmitz)
10512: [Survey design] Missing colons (c_schmitz)
10515: [Survey design] Missing colons (c_schmitz)
10511: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
10462: [Survey design] still 404 error in home page settings (c_schmitz)
10464: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10466: [Survey design] Missing translation when adding a usergroup... (c_schmitz)
10490: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10520: [Survey design] Find (any state) in Survey list show no surveys under certain conditions (c_schmitz)
10517: [Print View] After Survey - member print option shows blank white page and if set to show public stats, graphs don't display. (olle)
10519: [Installation] Error when populating database on fresh install (c_schmitz)
10488: [Translation] Missing translation (c_schmitz)
10491: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10497: [Ergonomy] Question list in the left bar has problems with arabic survey (olle)
10504: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token table, send invitation goes to reminder form (olle)
10492: [Statistics] Double labels in columns when browsing responses (c_schmitz)
10412: [Installation] Installer still partially unstyled (olle)
10381: [Survey taking] exception when the text has emotion icons (c_schmitz)
10453: [Label sets] "Show group name and/or group description = Show both" but group description is hidden (olle)
10468: [Translation] missing translations (c_schmitz)
10423: [Survey participants (Tokens)] design: not all fields are visible (olle)
10441: [Ergonomy] Multiple short text question embeds subsequent question (c_schmitz)
10411: [Survey design] Option 'Other' always visible (olle)
10418: [Ergonomy] Quotation marks are not rendered correctly in dropdowns (Admin Interface (c_schmitz)
10426: [Translation] missing : after string (c_schmitz)
10427: [Translation] missing ranslation: ADD GROUP (c_schmitz)
10432: [Ergonomy] Inconsistent/wrong naming in question list (c_schmitz)
10415: [Survey design] design: better design when validating expression in mail templates (olle)
10446: [Statistics] "Display statistics" screen : usesless informations are displayed (c_schmitz)
10445: [Response browsing] "Display responses" screen : adding pagination could be very useful. (olle)
10417: [Installation] Installer does not create new database when it should (DenisChenu)
10425: [Survey design] error resetting boxes (c_schmitz)
10333: [Survey design] not possible to add questions (LouisGac)
10421: [ComfortUpdate] Error: unkown_destination_build_5 (c_schmitz)
10383: [ComfortUpdate] Commit version info into db after comfortupdate (LouisGac)
10338: [Data Entry (non public)] Data Integrity does not delete records (olle)
10368: [Translation] missing translation: 1 token has been created. (c_schmitz)
10404: [Translation] missing translation on home page (c_schmitz)
10405: [Translation] another missing translation on front page (c_schmitz)
10382: [Translation] & #039 ; is shown for some button (comfort update) (c_schmitz)
10402: [User/User groups] Superadmin not seeing all surveys (c_schmitz)
10400: [Plugins] No plugin settings in survey (olle)
10408: [Survey design] Mix of two ways to select on/off yes/no (c_schmitz)
10409: [Survey design] missing inline html-editor when editing mail templates (olle)
09968: [Other] Language Selector box does not work when creating a Labelset (c_schmitz)
10387: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Commit to extend DB field sizes got lost (c_schmitz)
10397: [Installation] Fallo en la actualización desde la versión 2.06+ 150730 a 2.50+ 160210 | Update fails from version 2.06+ 150730 a 2.50+ 160210 (c_schmitz)
10398: [Statistics] Stats on Global Settings Overview do not tie up with list under configuration drop down (olle)
08543: [Translation] missing translation during installation (c_schmitz)
08544: [Translation] missing translations (c_schmitz)
10379: [Translation] a lot of strings appear untranslated (c_schmitz)
10399: [ComfortUpdate] Error at step 4 of update (c_schmitz)
10370: [Survey participants (Tokens)] design: bad layout of participant table (olle)
10291: [Theme editor] Copied templates are somehow linked to original (olle)
09890: [Survey design] Bad survey + debug at 2 : unable to see something at admin part (DenisChenu)
10337: [Data Entry (non public)] Deleting a survey returns error (DenisChenu)
10376: [Other] Data consistency check not done after submit (DenisChenu)
10308: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
10331: [Installation] WHen installing : DB error don't show whole information (DenisChenu)
10305: [Survey taking] Some textarea always add space at start (DenisChenu)
10321: [Other] Panel Integration - cannot add URL parameter (olle)
10339: [Survey design] stopping/expiring a survey does not deactivate it (olle)
10296: [Survey taking] Group Order not incrementing when creating brand new survey in Postgres (olle)
10286: [Translation] missing translations in plugin manager (c_schmitz)
10328: [Survey taking] White page when "clear all answers" (olle)
10351: [Survey design] missing preview images of templates (DenisChenu)
10354: [Label sets] Can't save changes to label set (olle)
09321: [Survey design] Unable to validate the box for relevance expression filter in mail template file attachement form the mail templates section (olle)
09752: [Survey design] Sometimes it can be impossible to move a question after another one. (DenisChenu)
10362: [Survey design] Readd Position of question when adding it (olle)
10256: [Other] "All emails were sent" when they were not (c_schmitz)
10342: [Survey design] Can't add question (DenisChenu)
10235: [Installation] 2.5RC6 MS SQL installation fails (c_schmitz)
10271: [Statistics] error running report/statistic in preview demo (c_schmitz)
10276: [Survey taking] Survey crash when the referrer URL is greater than 255 characters (c_schmitz)
10268: [Authentication] Misformed
    element in admin login form (c_schmitz)
    10244: [RemoteControl] 500 Internal Server Error on remote control ->add_survey call (c_schmitz)
    10242: [Survey design] Reordernig can be broken with some HTML in question (DenisChenu)
    10281: [Survey participants (Tokens)] No proper error message when adding a token (olle)
    10201: [Central participant database] sorting by "submitted" in survey list under participant doesn't work right (olle)
    10282: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token list view no properly showing (olle)
    10270: [Survey design] Online help link should open in new tab not in parent one (olle)
    10152: [Central participant database] CPDB attribute fields not configurable if dropdown (olle)
    10196: [Central participant database] Can't share more than 500 participants at a time (olle)
    10302: [Ergonomy] Unable to rank by date in survey listing (DenisChenu)
    10303: [Survey design] Unable to set owner to another user (olle)
    09925: [Other issues] Template allocation failure after deleting default template. (olle)
    10300: [Other] Date picker year selection (olle)
    10310: [Survey design] inconsistent use of colon (c_schmitz)
    10311: [Survey design] Question group list is unsorted by default (LouisGac)
    10301: [ComfortUpdate] Fehlercode: build_not_found (c_schmitz)
    09970: [Central participant database] "Participant's attribute information" and "Participant's survey information" only list 10 values (olle)
    10264: [Survey taking] Lime2.5RC8 "Resume Later" button not appearing when Survey Active in Question by Question or GroupbyGroup mode (olle)
    10192: [Central participant database] can't delete an attribute (olle)
    10266: [Survey taking] After update to 2.5 with updated default template : PHP Waring (c_schmitz)
    10252: [Other] old style (1.92 - 2.05) URL mapping no longer working in 2.06 (DenisChenu)
    10171: [Translation] LS 2.5: Are all translations included? (c_schmitz)
    10093: [Theme editor] Multi checkbox question : 1st is not at same place than other (LouisGac)
    10144: [Other] Lime2.5RC5 Error when deleting survey with Postgres as DB (olle)
    10098: [Assessments] Can't add more than one rule (olle)
    10227: [Statistics] [2.5RC6] "Undefined index" error for multiple choice questions (LouisGac)
    10099: [ComfortUpdate] Update for 2.06 appear in GUI for 2.50RC (LouisGac)
    10131: [User/User groups] After adding a user group you end up at the group list (olle)
    10138: [Central participant database] CPDB attributes list columns are centered (LouisGac)
    10127: [Plugins] Editing plugin settings has faulty control display (olle)
    10121: [Theme editor] Template editor previes shows no buttons (olle)
    10143: [Other] When activating survey, "anonymized responses" has both yes/no and on/off button (olle)
    10128: [User/User groups] Dead end when adding an administratin user (olle)
    10142: [Survey design] We ca n add question to an active survey (olle)
    10151: [Survey taking] 'Resume later' does not work (olle)
    10110: [Response browsing] Lime2.5RC5 Unable to load "List Questions" view with Postgres as DB (olle)
    10105: [Survey design] Bad link for question in expression manager file (LouisGac)
    10141: [Installation] Installer is unstyled (olle)
    09939: [Survey design] Admin can submit invalid question (olle)
    09898: [Other] can't see surveys on list any longer (c_schmitz)
    10126: [Plugins] Missing action icons in plugin list (olle)
    10013: [Survey design] Reorder questions feature not available in 2.5RC Build 151008 (LouisGac)
    10054: [Expression Manager] EM show only Survey in English (c_schmitz)
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Released 2015-06-11
09643: [Survey taking] Date/Time question with drop down values fails validation when only one value is selected and MySQL is not the database (DenisChenu)
09862: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Invitations substitute wrong token into barebone URL (DenisChenu)
12078: [Installation] PHP Error[2]: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL operation failed with code 1 in phpmailer (c_schmitz)
11897: [Survey design] Ranking question items opposite side to instructions (DenisChenu)
12068: [Installation] 2.6.3lts zip file from Download page and GitHub are not the same (c_schmitz)
09686: [Authentication] You cannot logon to different limesurvey installation in the same webspace (DenisChenu)
11827: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Email bounce processing fails on PHP 7 (c_schmitz)
09615: [Survey design] KCFinder Image Browse Server not working when using db sessions (c_schmitz)
11613: [Import/Export] A csv token import bug (with workaround) (c_schmitz)
11490: [Survey taking] Language is not correct when session timed out (frederikprijck)
09574: [Conditions] Conditions page not rendering (c_schmitz)
11276: [Expression Manager] Google Analytics code not running - missing space for EM (c_schmitz)
09966: [Import/Export] unable to export result as pdf (c_schmitz)
11145: [Survey taking] memory_limit is set to 128M if host memory_limit is set in G (c_schmitz)
08964: [Plugins] discription for Settings Widget fields (ResearchOnBlogs)
10474: [Other] Characters not accepted for "save & resume later" passwords in links sent by email (c_schmitz)
10950: [Statistics] smilies are missing in the popup html editor (c_schmitz)
10222: [Other] it's possible to send attachments with a registration mail but it doesn't work (works with invitation, confirmation, ...) (c_schmitz)
10934: [Expression Manager] EM regexMatch function don't show pattern error and different behaviour in JS and PHP (DenisChenu)
10586: [Import/Export] Multiple choice exported to R, levels are wrong on factor() syntax file (c_schmitz)
09444: [Statistics] Google analytics is not working on the survey list (c_schmitz)
09998: [Other] Languages not available to be activated on Label set Administration (Important) (DenisChenu)
09876: [Survey taking] Different bogus with thousand seperator (olle)
       10830: [Survey taking] In certain conditions, slider submission record 0.XY instead of X.Y (DenisChenu)
10641: [Statistics] pie chart error will make statistics reports unavailable (olle)
10697: [Other] 4-byte UTF characters (e.g. Emojis) entered into free text causes database error on MySQL (c_schmitz)
10509: [Survey taking] Security issue when saving/loading responses on public survey (c_schmitz)
09461: [Central participant database] share a participant without selecting a user (c_schmitz)
09349: [Data Entry (non public)] Video tag gets corrupted by editor (c_schmitz)
06923: [Survey taking] Error message after starting survey (c_schmitz)
10071: [Survey design] Get an error when trying to activate a copied survey (c_schmitz)
10263: [ComfortUpdate] Security update is shown with Build 160129 (LouisGac)
10355: [ComfortUpdate] ComfortUpdate of 2.06 shown only 2.50 update (LouisGac)
09891: [Other] Can't add a language to a Label, because the function "DoAdd is not defined", code is missing in files (DenisChenu)
10267: [Response browsing] Can't browse responses properly (DenisChenu)
10254: [Other] Console error at latest 2.06+ version (c_schmitz)
10178: [Survey participants (Tokens)] csv token import ignores ~ character (c_schmitz)
10233: [User/User groups] Unable to add user to a group in a fresh install (c_schmitz)
09644: [Survey design] Unable to preview survey when using database sessions - link bug 09592 (DenisChenu)
10241: [Survey taking] [2.06+] Survey welcome is displayed even when "Show welcome screen" is set to "No" (c_schmitz)
09906: [Survey taking] Invalid survey is set finished in response table with index complete (DenisChenu)
10011: [Survey design] Date/Time "Dropdown Boxes" functionality does not respect min/max date values set to a calculated date (such as "now") (DenisChenu)
10102: [Other] reuse the master field map in case of activating a survey with at least one randomization group (DenisChenu)
10174: [Survey taking] Can't resume survey (olle)
10176: [Installation] Error when running console application (mdekker)
10194: [Theme editor] Citronade template has a typo (DenisChenu)
10197: [Survey participants (Tokens)] LimeSurvey with token : savec return to survey don't work (DenisChenu)
10210: [Statistics] Unable to get statistics of language question type (DenisChenu)
09951: [RemoteControl] Remote import of zip file doesn't work (c_schmitz)
10225: [Import/Export] Import TSV can broke DB (DenisChenu)
08441: [Survey taking] Print answers and regsiter page don't have any script or CSS files (mdekker)
10083: [Conditions] Condition on Mapping Service Question seems to apply to all following questions (tpartner)
10220: [Translation] Translated messages not displayed even if present (c_schmitz)
10199: [Plugins] Unable to use cron event (mdekker)
10062: [Security] SuperAdmin can't add users to not-owned UserGroups (gabrieljenik)
10056: [Survey participants (Tokens)] "Generate tokens" and "Create dummy tokens" results are different (mixed vs. lower case) (c_schmitz)
09944: [Theme editor] Find button or Ctrl+F feature not working within code field of Template Editor (c_schmitz)
09943: [Survey design] The survey logic file shows false errors on conditions containing expressions with double-quoted strings (c_schmitz)
09994: [Import/Export] re: Internal Server Error during Import (Line1: SELECT last_value From) (c_schmitz)
09910: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to add 2 email for a token manually (OK when import) (c_schmitz)
09953: [Authentication] Set Settings & Plugins Global permission to true don't give access to plugin settings (c_schmitz)
09856: [Data Entry (non public)] kcfinder not working with symlinked /upload (DenisChenu)
10111: [Documentation] OR condition in `relevance` expression ignored. (DenisChenu)
09299: [Response browsing] (Occasional) Broken link to uploaded file (c_schmitz)
10029: [RemoteControl] When sending AJAX calls from Firefox, RemoteControl doesn't respond (c_schmitz)
10048: [Survey design] Expression manager - bad links (DenisChenu)
10052: [Survey taking] 0 as answer code in radio list causes problems when 'No answer' is enabled (DenisChenu)
10001: [Survey design] Relevance equation evaluation not working with decimal values (DenisChenu)
10036: [Installation] I tried to upgrade vom 2.00+ to 2.06+ (current version) and had an error (crash). (c_schmitz)
10065: [Central participant database] Bad Request error (c_schmitz)
10070: [Central participant database] New user show language "en" but not a valid option (c_schmitz)
10059: [Response browsing] Error with answer table with limited user rights (DenisChenu)
10008: [RemoteControl] Array/struct parameter in remove control function - list_participants
10045: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Responses not visble in non-anonymous survey using tokens (c_schmitz)
10041: [Documentation] Non Super Users can change global settings (DenisChenu)
09883: [Import/Export] Stata (xml) plugin needs small edits to match element IDs in 2.06 (c_schmitz)
09897: [Installation] Bug 09775 overload of namespace variables (c_schmitz)
09938: [ComfortUpdate] build 150911 + debug at 2 : unable to access to admin (LouisGac)
09934: [Installation] Activate Survey - Survey table could not be created - Database error!! (c_schmitz)
09983: [Theme editor] After "Exit and Clear survey", "Close this window" button does not consistently work (c_schmitz)
09992: [Translation] Instructions on question creation page are not translated (c_schmitz)
10004: [Other] Selecting HIDE TIPS (YES) in A MULTIPLE CHOICE question does not hide the tips (DenisChenu)
09971: [Other] After run check integrity database button this error is showed (c_schmitz)
09899: [Theme editor] HTML codes (DenisChenu)
09808: [ComfortUpdate] Undefined index: UpdaterRevision (c_schmitz)
09875: [Survey taking] the control for duplicate emails no longer works (DenisChenu)
09837: [Survey design] Quotes are removed in End URL field (c_schmitz)
09842: [Import/Export] Error in R export plugin - Quotation marks are not escaped (c_schmitz)
09845: [Survey taking] Map question with OSM + combineJs error (DenisChenu)
09849: [Translation] start page with surveylist appears in english instead of default language (DenisChenu)
09852: [Survey design] DB error when trying to activate survey (only PostgresQL) (DenisChenu)
       09847: [Other] Non integer numerical input is saved as rounded integer to the database (c_schmitz)
09854: [Response browsing] Token page view reponse links lead to all responses instead of to the one selected (with token-based response persistence) (DenisChenu)
09859: [Survey taking] Broken JS with thousands_separator (DenisChenu)
09848: [Conditions] date_min is badly interpreted in a date question With survey in one page (DenisChenu)
09872: [Survey taking] POSTGRESQL - Database integity check fails (c_schmitz)
09863: [Theme editor] plain text email setting doesn't properly affect admin notification email (DenisChenu)
09870: [RemoteControl] exporte_responses fails with <script> tag in question and "full" question header export (c_schmitz)
09877: [Survey taking] Management of attributes of a deactivated and then reactivated survey - SQL error (DenisChenu)
09903: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Field Description (and checkboxes) entries seem missing for attribute_10+ (DenisChenu)
09892: [Survey design] Ranking filter + on element not filtered : reset the last possibility (DenisChenu)
09907: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Invitations can not be sent before the start date of the tokens / inappropriate error message (DenisChenu)
09919: [Import/Export] LSRC2 export return partial answer if langage code is invalid (DenisChenu)
09917: [Other] Error when updating a lalel set name containing a simple quote ' (DenisChenu)
09926: [Central participant database] try to store dop down values causes an exception (c_schmitz)
09457: [Other] A number of MSSQL Errors (c_schmitz)
09818: [Translation] Translation of file upload popup fails (c_schmitz)
09814: [Installation] copying array question - only first subquestion and answer option copied (c_schmitz)
09829: [Authentication] Error after changing language in the registration process (c_schmitz)
09819: [Survey design] Global Settings/Languages: Not possible to add other languages to the list of available languages (c_schmitz)
09838: [Response browsing] data in table XXXXX_timings cannot be deleted normally (c_schmitz)
09722: [Assessments] Some core replacement are not updated for hidden group (DenisChenu)
09812: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token attribute fields cannot be added (c_schmitz)
09801: [Other] Admin screen shows placeholder text under "General option" (c_schmitz)
09803: [Import/Export] When importing token data from CSV file the reminder date is ignored (DenisChenu)
09806: [Import/Export] unable to preview a survey after import (c_schmitz)
09810: [Central participant database] Fresh installation of 2.0.6+ 150731 Sql Error Accessing central participant database (c_schmitz)
09811: [Response browsing] Unable to delete responses (c_schmitz)
09820: [Survey design] GUI is broken as it is not in correct language (c_schmitz)
09651: [ComfortUpdate] PHP Warning when clicking on check for updates (c_schmitz)
09802: [ComfortUpdate] Unable to update to last version with Comfort (c_schmitz)
09726: [ComfortUpdate] KCFinder issue with DL not with GIT (c_schmitz)
09798: [Authentication] Logout notice error (debug at 2) (c_schmitz)
09794: [Installation] Update from 2.00+ to 2.06+ is not working (c_schmitz)
09791: [Installation] Upgrade from 2.05+ to 2.06+ breaks on Linux/mssql system (c_schmitz)
09771: [Installation] Unable to upgrade from 1.87 to 2.06 (c_schmitz)
09793: [Installation] Token table upgrade to db version 179 goes wrong (mssql) (c_schmitz)
09796: [Survey taking] Ranking question always in error when filled in (DenisChenu)
09727: [Data Entry (non public)] Internal server error on "Data entry screen" (c_schmitz)
09725: [Installation] Installation not completed successfully (c_schmitz)
09585: [Theme editor] Template permissions don't work for templates with spaces or dashes in name (DenisChenu)
09700: [Accessibility] Owner List not sorted alphabetically (c_schmitz)
09736: [Central participant database] The patch mentioned in 09200 was not applied to 2.06+ (c_schmitz)
09748: [Other] Incorrect link for testing https (DenisChenu)
09747: [Survey design] Impossible : Creation sub question IE9 (DenisChenu)
09753: [Survey design] Lack of sub question for array text and arry number aren't show (DenisChenu)
09757: [Statistics] Inclusion filter for full responses/Incomplete responses can not be reset in browse (DenisChenu)
09770: [Import/Export] Unable to import old responses with PHP 5.4 (DenisChenu)
09777: [Response browsing] Cannot view/edit responses (DenisChenu)
09706: [Installation] Undocumented changed in PHP version required for Limesurvey 2.06 150612 (c_schmitz)
09766: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Blank page when trying to initialise tokens & when trying to use the plugin manager (DenisChenu)
09758: [Response browsing] Selecting to show last 50 responses does not show the last 50 responses anymore (DenisChenu)
09780: [Import/Export] queXML export fails (adamzammit)
09749: [Central participant database] Button for batch sending invitations actually goes to page for sending reminders (DenisChenu)
09769: [Other] Manually changing language in preview url then previewing group breaks logic on questions (DenisChenu)
09785: [Expression Manager] substr and utf8 : mb_substr in JS , substr in PHP (DenisChenu)
09782: [Survey design] Relevance icon are shown for Scale > 1 for new sub question (mfaber)
09787: [Survey design] IE9 - the exit and clear survey button do not work (DenisChenu)
09772: [Survey taking] Using "Previous" Button to Navigate back to Welcome Screen before Exit Makes ReVisiting Fail (DenisChenu)
09773: [Survey taking] Ranking question with filter are not resetted when come back to question (DenisChenu)
09590: [Statistics] Public statitistic goes to a 404 (DenisChenu)
09685: [Survey design] Problem accents (DenisChenu)
09708: [Import/Export] Unable to create a new response with dataentry (c_schmitz)
       09666: [Data Entry (non public)] Data entry screen with token problem (c_schmitz)
09464: [Survey taking] Ranking question cannot go to next question if it's filtered by another question (DenisChenu)
09691: [Installation] Language Dutch informal crashes LS 2.06 (c_schmitz)
09695: [Survey taking] Language are not set correctly on survey taking (DenisChenu)
09687: [Survey design] Crash when try to edit global parameter for a survey (DenisChenu)
09709: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to export token by CSV (DenisChenu)
09707: [Import/Export] Print version show "Il y a 0 question" (DenisChenu)
09719: [Installation] procedure entry point php_checkuid could not be located in php5ts.dll (c_schmitz)
09723: [Assessments] Unable to edit assessment (DenisChenu)
09724: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Upgrade to 2.06+ removes email from tokens (c_schmitz)
09566: [Survey taking] Some string are not from survey language firts time (DenisChenu)
09674: [Survey taking] [debug == 2] Error when trying to reload saved answers (c_schmitz)
09679: [Other] Incorrect listboxes in admin pages en duplicate item shown on security-tab (DenisChenu)
09470: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Problems with case-sensitive tokens (c_schmitz)
09655: [Expression Manager] Less Then operator yields rendering error (DenisChenu)
09608: [Data Entry (non public)] Data entry drops startlanguage (scoops)
09618: [Other] Installed with nginx, there is random bugs (c_schmitz)
09391: [Other] Google Analytics update (c_schmitz)
09544: [Survey taking] List with comment : comment condition don't work in JS (DenisChenu)
09563: [Other] After the answer data don't register in a database (DenisChenu)
09595: [Conditions] PHP error when deleting a condition (DenisChenu)
09622: [Installation] Update DB after installation (c_schmitz)
09555: [Response browsing] Hiding columns in browse response can break Javascript (c_schmitz)
09551: [Statistics] Public statistics show PHP warning (c_schmitz)
09547: [Import/Export] Import LSA: Undefined variable: aTokenCreateResults (DenisChenu)
09455: [Import/Export] Export to CSV omits randomization_group string (c_schmitz)
09483: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Crash when initializating tokens table (c_schmitz)
09468: [Survey design] Unable to activate survey (c_schmitz)
09479: [Other] Javascript error with 'debug=0' in plugin management (c_schmitz)
09421: [Import/Export] Crash when exporting answers to PDF from admin GUI (c_schmitz)
09404: [Survey taking] No alert are shown when error is made (DenisChenu)
09333: [Installation] 2.06 - Installer stops at optional settings (c_schmitz)
       09207: [Response browsing] Port new response search/filter feature to Limesurvey 2.06 (DenisChenu)
             09541: [Response browsing] Unable to delete or download files from browse response (DenisChenu)
             09268: [Response browsing] Allowed memory size on browse response JSON (DenisChenu)
             09260: [Security] XSS in browse response (DenisChenu)
09296: [Translation] missing translation (c_schmitz)
09262: [Other] PHP warning on DB upgrade: reset() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given (c_schmitz)
09263: [Other] Error (CDbCommand failed) on DB update (c_schmitz)
09206: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Paid new feature missing at 2.06 branch (c_schmitz)
09226: [ComfortUpdate] reset() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given (c_schmitz)
09063: [Response browsing] Empty string for subquestion in response browsing (and in export) are same than response (DenisChenu)
08947: [Plugins] Unable to see undersocre in plugin settings (and some other CSS issue) (DenisChenu)
08673: [Expression Manager] Equation attribute 'numeric' do nothing (DenisChenu)
08946: [Conditions] mandatory numerical input shows numerical only validation error (DenisChenu)
08957: [Survey taking] Survey not yet started but with token/allow register show in public list but are inaccessible (DenisChenu)
08930: [Installation] Remove the password in last installation step (DenisChenu)
08948: [Survey design] Copying a survey result in loss of array answer options (c_schmitz)
201 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-01
12938: [Survey Design] No "Close" or "Save and close" buttons when editing (markusfluer)
12986: [Survey Design] Regression - Fullscreen button missing in inline editor (markusfluer)
12842: [Survey Design] Missing "Preview survey" button when editing survey setting (markusfluer)
12843: [Survey Design] Survey URL overflowing container (markusfluer)
12834: [Survey Design] Cannot see LS logo in admin breadcrumbs (markusfluer)
12939: [Survey Design] Items hidden in admin breadcrumbs (markusfluer)
12940: [Survey taking] Cannot add answers or sub-questions (markusfluer)
12934: [Other] Date field does not show calendar (markusfluer)
12869: [Plugins] Auth plugin must have a Permission settings accessible via GUI (DenisChenu)
12383: [Other] No favicon shown for the default template in "develop" branch (markusfluer)
12386: [Survey taking] Navigation buttons too close together in default template of "develop" branch (markusfluer)
12847: [Survey Design] Most actions in Configuration --> Menu entries configuration are broken (markusfluer)
12846: [Survey Design] Cannot edit Menu configuration or entries (markusfluer)
12844: [Survey Design] No left-hand navigation in IE11 (markusfluer)
12512: [Survey taking] Wrong validation of date question (olle)
12633: [Survey taking] Submit button lack style (markusfluer)
12635: [Survey taking] Not possible to submit list question (markusfluer)
12384: [Other] Question help text not rendered in "develop" branch (user14106)
12630: [Survey Design] "Add question" button is hidden when menu is small (markusfluer)
12634: [Survey Design] Menu clicking (markusfluer)
12555: [Survey Design] Settings still buggy (markusfluer)
12624: [Survey Design] Default answer looks a bit weird (markusfluer)
12625: [Survey Design] Menu looks strange when smaller (markusfluer)
11925: [Other] Update CKeditor to 4.6 (DenisChenu)
11918: [Survey design] Removing jquery-ui (PUBLIC part) (DenisChenu)
11783: [Survey design] SUBMITBUTTON SUBMITCOMPLETE SUBMITREVIEW can we remove it ? (DenisChenu)
11885: [Theme editor] Review "print survey" (DenisChenu)
11658: [Expression Manager] Allow template css class for EM (DenisChenu)
11801: [Theme editor] Move views/survey/system/display.php to layout (DenisChenu)
11771: [Survey design] Review HTML produced for save/reload/optout/optin (DenisChenu)
11657: [Templates] About css for mandatory error (by line) and some other (DenisChenu)
11735: [Survey taking] ANSWERS part : if a answers have col-sm-X : it must be inside a row (DenisChenu)
11748: [Ergonomy] Array by column issue (DenisChenu)
11656: [Templates] Multiple numerci with slider : js file + css file (DenisChenu)
10163: [Accessibility] Radio button table - Screen raders do not read table row headers (DenisChenu)
11680: [Templates] label in table : visible-xs-block or sr-only (DenisChenu)
12820: [Other] Blinking tutorial (markusfluer)
12819: [Other] Blank page + json after login (markusfluer)
12004: [Theme editor] renderPartial by template for all public part (LouisGac)
11587: [Survey design] Clean up template.css for default template (DenisChenu)
40 issues View Issues
Released 2016-02-06
11936: [Plugins] Clear plugin directory and remove it from .git (DenisChenu)
11698: [ComfortUpdate] ConfortUpdate cannot download the zip file via proxy (LouisGac)
06784: [Other] A possibility for attribute to be in plugin (DenisChenu)
08582: [Survey design] Better information when can not activate survey (DenisChenu)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2013-12-17
10066: [Survey Design] It would be good to have ADMINNAME and ADMINEMAIL as replacement field for survey texts (c_schmitz)
10287: [Survey design] Expression are hardest to find in 2.5 than in 2.06 (DenisChenu)
10047: [Other] tag/release 151109 is missing on github (c_schmitz)
08457: [Tokens] manually add an email address
07048: [Expression Manager] No need to show error at respondant (DenisChenu)
08672: [Expression Manager] Sub question attribute in mandatory question Filtered can not be answered (DenisChenu)
08757: [Expression Manager] Support sub-question level relevance (mfaber)
06624: [Expression Manager] Show logic file should check email templates as well (DenisChenu)
09125: [Survey taking] Hidden Fields Not recording default data if whole group is hidden (DenisChenu)
09427: [Survey design] A way to validate Quota (DenisChenu)
05983: [Survey Design] Comportment of "Equation question type" (DenisChenu)
09133: [Theme editor] Quota HTML part is difficult to update (DenisChenu)
09587: [Other] Quotas do not work if lime is backed by PostgreSQL DB since build 140717 up to the current 15031 (DenisChenu)
13 issues View Issues
06887: [Import/Export] Unable to import lss files from 1.92 (mdekker)
06904: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Emailtemplates broken in multilanguage surveys. (sammousa)
06995: [Survey taking] Unable to do survey with token (DenisChenu)
07047: [Survey taking] Unable to reload a saved survey if it's nor anonymous without token table (DenisChenu)
07025: [Survey taking] "Resume later" in Token/Enable token-based response persistence don't have to show in forms (DenisChenu)
07669: [Survey design] Unable to access to admin (sammousa)
07040: [Import/Export] Impossibe to copy survey (DenisChenu)
07037: [Survey taking] In some condition, unable to enter in survey (DenisChenu)
07045: [Survey taking] Survey is empty (DenisChenu)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2013-04-15
07714: [Survey taking] multi numeric slider broken (DenisChenu)
05514: [Survey taking] Remove prepareCellAdapters and cellAdapter for jquery (DenisChenu)
07002: [Survey Design] Email template return to survey view, think it's best to return to Email template (DenisChenu)
06699: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Can't delete token attribute (DenisChenu)
07707: [Conditions] Unable to use another tab than "Predefined" in condition editor (DenisChenu)
06477: [Survey taking] "multi choice with comment" can put comment on non-checked sub-question (DenisChenu)
       07753: [Documentation] Need documentation for Q attribute : commented_checkbox (DenisChenu)
06880: [Theme editor] Allow adaptation of 5 point slider (DenisChenu)
07709: [Survey Design] Javascript broken : select for question type (sammousa)
07736: [Survey design] Unable to update question/grou order (DenisChenu)
07750: [Expression Manager] Expression manager don't found default attribute (DenisChenu)
07757: [Survey design] Unable to show Adanced seting when create a new question (DenisChenu)
05740: [Import/Export] Improve VV response import (DenisChenu)
08168: [Survey Design] Update the limesurvey button for gringegreen (DenisChenu)
08253: [Survey taking] Move checkconditions from HTML to external file (DenisChenu)
08403: [Expression Manager] em_javascript.js (mfaber)
08527: [Tokens] Internal Server Error during registration (DenisChenu)
07131: [Response browsing] Response table shows only a fraction of the respective questions in table heading (DenisChenu)
08221: [Import/Export] Update tcpdf to ver. 6.xx
09086: [Documentation] Secure cookies (DenisChenu)
07224: [Expression Manager] EM cannot work with dates (or I cannot work with EM) (mfaber)
06502: [Import/Export] Unable to import exported multi lang survey (mfaber)
07280: [Survey design] date field calculates valid dates from invalid user inputs instead of reporting invalid input (mfaber)
08040: [Import/Export] implement STATA export functionality (mfaber)
08124: [Import/Export] quexf-export: Implent comment field for LIST WITH COMMENT question type (mfaber)
07689: [Security] editing survey permissions gives errors (mdekker)
07861: [Survey Design] bootstrap.css / js are allways reload : don't take from cache (Etag changed) (sammousa)
07887: [Usability] Bad caraters in langage selector (sammousa)
07182: [Authentication] Login form displayed despite auth_webserver delegated authentication being used (sammousa)
06167: [Survey Design] Change surveyls_url field to text or change length (c_schmitz)
06538: [Documentation] Replacements no longer work in file header (c_schmitz)
31 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-06
07020: [Response browsing] "Show question index / allow jumping" with "Allow editing responses after completion" are incomplete (DenisChenu)
07774: [Documentation] Need documentation for css class (DenisChenu)
04638: [Survey Design] Array Dual Scale - Dual Dropdown - id contains # (DenisChenu)
06754: [Templates] Citronade css is too big, and some issue with multi column css or table (DenisChenu)
06849: [Statistics] Review default fonts for statistics graph (DenisChenu)
06888: [Security] Survey models don't use included validation (DenisChenu)
07086: [Import/Export] Export results window (column control) shows SGQA-Codes instead of variable names (DenisChenu)
06516: [LimeSurvey Website] Conditions on the answer "Other" (sammousa)
05807: [Templates] Ability to have some default.css for quick devloppement / Ability to replace survey_runtime.js function in template (DenisChenu)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2012-01-12
05492: [Survey Design] Changing global settings takes you away from survey design (magiclko)
05778: [Templates] when applying hebrew language (rtl.css) the template of multiple choice answer never goes to right alignment (DenisChenu)
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Released 2011-10-26
04984: [Accessibility] Need more class for all question/answer part (DenisChenu)
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Released 2009-10-05
03858: [Other] Bug in new feature (jcleeland)
03488: [Survey Design] Improve conditions designer (lemeur)
03738: [Other] Update FCKEditor to v2.6.5 (lemeur)
03797: [Other] Notice running official LimeSurvey Sample Survey (lemeur)
03791: [Other] preview question is broken in latest development version (Evan)
03792: [Other] Issue with the brand new slider_separator question attribute (user372)
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Released 2009-06-19
03710: [Other] Notice at Question Preview, if I set a time limit (jcleeland)
03463: [Other] Make the multiple short text a multiple long text using existing question attribute "display_rows" (Mazi)
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Released 2009-05-20
00133: [Survey Design] Conditions based on attribute fields (lemeur)
02999: Suppress mandatory & validation popups (c_schmitz)
03175: [Other] 1.85 RC: Notices when editing a label set (Mazi)
03176: [Other] 1.85 RC: LimeReplacementField Properties window doesn't load when opening the editor when editing a label set (Mazi)
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Released 2009-04-18
02995: [Other] Quota Termination should have programmable URL, option for auto-redirect, and editable text (jcleeland)
03069: [Other] Notices at "Add and edit conditions" (lemeur)
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Released 2009-03-15
02924: [Other] Administration login using a link with one time password (Mazi)
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07566: [Statistics] OpenStreetMap integration (c_schmitz)
12690: [User/User groups] Allow super-admin set by other user's than 1 (ShnoulleT)
11741: [Authentication] Login limesurvey using the email address (LouisGac)
11542: [User/User groups] Implement setting to display more than 10 users per page (LouisGac)
11769: [ComfortUpdate] Feature to remove ComfortUpdate key is missing (LouisGac)
11871: [Documentation] Documentation for the system for 'new admin page' (olle)
11015: [Survey design] Listsurveys Order by DESC (LouisGac)
11756: [ComfortUpdate] Comfortupdate: cannot update, but files to resolve window is blank (LouisGac)
12102: [Survey taking] Allow loading desired template from URL params (c_schmitz)
12120: [Plugins] Command action with target (DenisChenu)
12011: [Security] Need an updatable runtime path (DenisChenu)
12468: [Expression Manager] EM placeholder {SID} does not get replaced at email templates (DenisChenu)
11981: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Reset all user activity in token table (c_schmitz)
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09567: [Security] no salt used for password hashing. (DenisChenu)
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11945: [Survey taking] no-js update by external file (DenisChenu)
09146: [Survey taking] Group Randomisation - completed groups shown to user after save / resume - (olle)
12005: [Survey design] Separate settings (DenisChenu)
11784: [Survey taking] Replace alert + confirm in core system (?) (DenisChenu)
11970: [Theme editor] create a template-default package (DenisChenu)
11977: [Theme editor] Don't replace alert() javascript function (DenisChenu)
11908: [Survey taking] Remove the "has-error" when it's not needed anymore (DenisChenu)
11862: [Survey taking] 2 real step clearall (DenisChenu)
11930: [Survey design] Show visually the { } for expression managed forced attribute (DenisChenu)
11449: [Survey design] Readding real label (DenisChenu)
11910: [Accessibility] Remove uneeded label and put the lable on the question text (DenisChenu)
11725: [Survey design] Multiple numeric with slider : columns width (DenisChenu)
11433: [Expression Manager] Use EM in new class attribute (DenisChenu)
11705: [Survey design] Question attribute : better separation between : EM managed and EM forced (DenisChenu)
11692: [Survey design] Remove the display:none for EM filter (and condition) : use hidden, ls-hidden (DenisChenu)
11726: [Survey design] Default column width and table header width (DenisChenu)
11734: [Ergonomy] Reimplement input size (DenisChenu)
11707: [Accessibility] Force 2 columns in survey listing : must be a template issue ? (DenisChenu)
11754: [Survey design] Review HTML for index (the button part) (DenisChenu)
11743: [Theme editor] column width : no empty (DenisChenu)
11500: [Accessibility] output of function {QUESTION_MANDATORY} is not readable for screenreaders (DenisChenu)
11797: [Theme editor] Need 2 pstpl file more : form.pstpl + message.pstpl (DenisChenu)
11798: [Theme editor] Add some wrapper to end url (DenisChenu)
11764: [Survey taking] Allow multiple Move next / move previous / language changer (DenisChenu)
11759: [Survey design] Rename question class to ls-answer class (DenisChenu)
11751: [Survey design] Replace array1/array2 by boostrap class (DenisChenu)
11724: [Survey taking] Usage of input-group input-group-addon (DenisChenu)
12024: [Survey design] Pop up editor : allow close without save (DenisChenu)
12066: [Other] Command action : set whole config too (DenisChenu)
12095: [Installation] Allow to set assetUrl (and assetPath) to another website (DenisChenu)
11898: [Survey design] Add 0/hidden for label/answer width : to hide it (DenisChenu)
10957: [Theme editor] Leave clearall cleaner : hide it by template not by Boostrap (DenisChenu)
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Released 2011-12-20
04424: [Admin Tools] New URL field {GATE} to switch exit-URL and parameters by logical expressions (TMSWhite)
05288: [Assessments] Optionally replace Assessments with ExpressionManager features (TMSWhite)
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05105: [Import/Export] Import Survey definitions from Excel (TMSWhite)
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07811: [Survey at runtime] Expression manager: implement PHP-function strtotime (mfaber)
04497: [Statistics] The "More Graphics" feature (c_schmitz)
06601: [Import/Export] Version 2.0RC9 unable to export completed surveys (mdekker)
04751: [Other] Adding attribute fields in the register form of a survey (c_schmitz)
05015: [Other] SGQA identifier is reduntant (c_schmitz)
05441: [Other issues] getuserlist() "List users from same group as me + all my childs" scalability blocker [mysql] (c_schmitz)
04765: [Survey design] New "datetime" question type (c_schmitz)
05103: [Other] Support conditional piping/tailoring and complex calculations via embedded equation parser (TMSWhite)
05104: [Other] Create new question type for stored calculation results, called Equation (TMSWhite)
05269: [Conditions] Use ExpressionManager for Branching logic as optional alternative to Conditions (TMSWhite)
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Released 2011-05-04
05409: [Survey design] Show attributes for question (c_schmitz)
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Released 2011-02-17
05085: [Other] Fixes missing closing tags in group preview (jcleeland)
05086: [Other] Prevents un-viewable questions in group preview (jcleeland)
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04895: [Survey at runtime] Allow multi Quota for List (radio) question type and other single select (c_schmitz)
04897: [Admin Tools] Fix table row heights for the display responses table (DenisChenu)
03649: [Statistics] LSRC: retrieve results from a survey (elameno)
04927: [Survey at runtime] added SurveyGroupQuestion identifier as a variable for use in questions (mdekker)
04586: [Other] Allow to restrict numbers to integers. (c_schmitz)
04419: [Admin Tools] Variable {PASSTHRU:arg} (c_schmitz)
04426: [Survey design] Separation of survey settings (c_schmitz)
04521: [Other] PHP 5.3.x deprecated function warnings (c_schmitz)
01735: [Translation] Remote translating feature (user9189)
04594: [Other] Allow to hide the progress bar. (c_schmitz)
04587: [Other] Allow to restrict numbers to specific boundaries. (c_schmitz)
04588: [Other] Allow to reverse iteration order in Array (Numbers). (c_schmitz)
04589: [Other] Allow to reverse year order in dropdown dates. (c_schmitz)
04593: [Survey Taking] Disable 'saves' when token-based answer persistence is enabled. (c_schmitz)
04652: [Survey design] Keyboard-less operation through JS keypad (c_schmitz)
04660: [Survey design] possibility to edit survey answers after completion of survey (c_schmitz)
04794: [Survey design] Support maximum_chars in array/numbers (text input layout) (c_schmitz)
       04795: [Survey taking] Support JS keypad input in array/numbers (text inputs layout). (user9586)
04599: [Survey Taking] In "question by question" mode, you cannot go "back" from the starting element of a group. (c_schmitz)
04650: [Survey Taking] Page color alternation and navigation delay. (c_schmitz)
04643: [Survey Taking] Implement questionnaire navigation/jumping. (c_schmitz)
04570: [Survey taking] skip welcome page (Mazi)
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Released 2010-03-31
04736: [Theme editor] Major mistake in html code (DenisChenu)
04482: [Other] SendMail does'n work without authentication (just telling how to fix) (c_schmitz)
02120: [Statistics] Allow multiple matches when filtering results (c_schmitz)
02457: [Statistics] Feature to add number of surveys against a user (user617)
04204: [Print View] add user sessions to be stored in the database (c_schmitz)
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