Released 2023-10-20
19202: [Usability/user experience] File Upload failure
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Released 2023-08-07
18976: [Survey editing] Saving a question with subquestions deletes default answers (adamzammit)
18268: [Other] Unable to get any page debug set an set_time_limit disable (DenisChenu)
19028: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Send email only to participants with partial responses - should not be available for anonymous surveys (kfoster)
19009: [Survey editing] Cannot unset expiry or start date of survey (kfoster)
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Released 2023-01-22
18439: [Authentication] Link set when create user are unusuable in text view (gabrieljenik)
18363: [Installation] install process generates "buggy" config file (c_schmitz)
15608: [Central participant database] No "success" message when deleting single custom attributes from CPDB (gabrieljenik)
17333: [Survey taking] Soft mandatory show as mandatory : produces an incomprehensible form (gabrieljenik)
18423: [Other] SQL error when quota enabled on postgresql (DenisChenu)
18696: [_ Unknown] Survey titles too short when I want to copy a survey (DenisChenu)
18101: [Ergonomy] Spinning hexagon continues to spin although file is correctly downloaded (gabrieljenik)
18658: [Other] Upload file question type (gabrieljenik)
18662: [Other] Update DB from 491 break on home page (DenisChenu)
18559: [Other] Potential 500 error with LimeMailer and PHP8 (DenisChenu)
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Released 2022-04-10
18634: [Import/Export] Export single selected response can export a empty line (adamzammit)
17458: [Database design] Check integrety broke with SQL error (adamzammit)
18186: [Survey taking] Language changer does not work in registration page (adamzammit)
18140: [_ Unknown] cannot import vv file (with debug set) (adamzammit)
18485: [Theme editor] Unable to save css or js theme file (c_schmitz)
17902: [Question theme] Question theme error: Missing metadata (Type: M) (gabrieljenik)
18028: [Response browsing] error downloading uploaded files from admin backend (galads)
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