Scheduled For Release 2016-10-12
12518: [Survey taking] Map question type / google broken
12459: [Import/Export] Undefined index: quota_id while copying survey
12355: [Statistics] Feature Request: Ability to Save Expert Model Response filters
12774: [Survey design] Cannot import .lss file (markusfluer)
12395: [Survey taking] Exit and clear undefined (LouisGac)
12351: [Survey taking] Non-translated string (LouisGac)
12457: [Survey design] Different font for plain text and HTML in editor (LouisGac)
12539: [Statistics] Bad display of statitics when answers are long (markusfluer)
12414: [Import/Export] exporting printable - template assets not visible in some extractors (eg windows default) (LouisGac)
12413: [Survey taking] debug=2 Undefined index: $this->aSurveyInfo['active'] when submit (LouisGac)
11833: [Other] Question index complete : auto submit (DenisChenu)
12276: [Survey design] Strange display of "There are x questions in this survey" (LouisGac)
12916: [Survey design] Can't edit survey texts in multiple language (markusfluer)
12484: [Survey design] questions in this survey.There are 30 (LouisGac)
12893: [User/User groups] Super admin seems able to connect via LDAP even if not able (DenisChenu)
12430: [Survey design] Cannot preview group (LouisGac)
12431: [Survey design] Preview of question is empty (LouisGac)
12919: [Expression Manager] Question-by-question does not work with EM (olle)
12859: [Theme editor] Crash when using material or minimal template (LouisGac)
12523: [Survey design] Unable to preview question (LouisGac)
12352: [Survey taking] Multiple choice - only first answer can be selected, and cannot be submitted (LouisGac)
12853: [Survey taking] Array answer option selection points aren't properly visible (markusfluer)
12481: [Survey design] Questions in first group are not shown in "All in one" mode (LouisGac)
12776: [Theme editor] Crash when using cloned template and debug = 2 (olle)
12789: [Theme editor] Copy template.css to copy_of_minimal crashes (olle)
12790: [Theme editor] Typing in template editor: unexpected results (olle)
12791: [Theme editor] Cannot save template.css in theme editor (olle)
12794: [Theme editor] Crash when using copy_of_minimal (template editor) (olle)
12795: [Theme editor] Crash when using newly created template (template editor) (olle)
12796: [Theme editor] Fallback to default template when copying template.css of other template (olle)
12800: [Theme editor] Crash when copy_of_vanilla (LouisGac)
12810: [Other] MYSQL info appears at strange place in Template editor
12554: [Survey design] Multiple body (LouisGac)
12758: [Installation] Cannot change template to anything other than default (markusfluer)
12762: [Other] Consistent position of labels above fields (markusfluer)
12773: [Installation] Error referring to MaraiDB displayed after installing on MySQL (olle)
12797: [LimeSurvey Website] You are banned! after reporting spam (c_schmitz)
12483: [Survey design] Superfluous text "DEFAULT" on welcome page (LouisGac)
12760: [Theme editor] Double titles in template options (LouisGac)
12540: [Installation] Crask when install on XAMPP (LouisGac)
12354: [Survey taking] PHP notice - Undefined variable: coreClass (LouisGac)
12350: [Installation] Installer is unstyled (LouisGac)
12364: [Survey design] Crash when ask for printable version (LouisGac)
12342: [Survey taking] Some JS and CSS files not loaded when debug == 1 or 2 (LouisGac)
12347: [Survey taking] $select_show_hide is never defined (LouisGac)
12353: [Survey taking] Sample survey - some EM not executed (LouisGac)
12442: [Survey design] Massive-delete questions fails to delete some questions (user14106)
12516: [Survey design] Unable to add question (markusfluer)
12524: [Survey design] Survey settings : Save and Savec and close doesn't nothing / Close is broken (markusfluer)
12525: [Survey design] Sub questions are shown in structure (markusfluer)
11738: [Survey design] Uneven space between filtered answers (DenisChenu)
11829: [Theme editor] Privacy message must use view (DenisChenu)
11852: [Survey design] Slider questions messed up due to wrong statement in survey.css (DenisChenu)
11863: [Survey taking] Dual scale HTML broken (DenisChenu)
11874: [Expression Manager] All in one survey : group hidden at start are not shown (DenisChenu)
11888: [Survey design] date question type on small screen (DenisChenu)
11892: [Survey design] Copying question looses subquestions (DenisChenu)
11900: [Survey taking] Fatal error in demosurvey (DenisChenu)
11907: [Survey design] Cell class of "No answer" cell incomplete? (DenisChenu)
11926: [Survey design] Date question does not work (DenisChenu)
11933: [Survey taking] No em tip in question (DenisChenu)
11993: [Theme editor] Template editor : file not saved (DenisChenu)
12360: [Survey taking] Big difference in HTML produced with previous develop version (DenisChenu)
12482: [Survey design] HTML of MC with or without comments differs (DenisChenu)
12515: [Survey design] Unable to manage question (markusfluer)
12522: [Survey taking] Undefined property: SurveyRuntimeHelper::$preview (DenisChenu)
11800: [Survey taking] Issues with question timer in answers_html branch (DenisChenu)
11847: [Theme editor] Don't move all template in asset directory (views not needed) (LouisGac)
11755: [Theme editor] Tool link : no default action (DenisChenu)
12368: [RemoteControl] Remote control: properties that are available are not shown (DenisChenu)
12363: [Survey taking] There are more login languages than that there are languages defined in survey (LouisGac)
11928: [Survey design] Error when ending survey that is not active (LouisGac)
11959: [Installation] Installation fails because "tmp" is reported to not be writable (DenisChenu)
       11958: [Installation] Installer at new LS3 version is missing CSS (DenisChenu)
10645: [Plugins] CSS Not Loaded When Using NewDirectRequest Event Plugin (olle)
08976: [Plugins] Plugin Settings 'type' => 'list' are not stored (sammousa)
09933: [Survey participants (Tokens)] LS3 - Incomplete token menu (sammousa)
09954: [Survey design] Port new "cssclass" question attribute feature to new LS3 version (Mazi)
09965: [Import/Export] LS3 - Question answers not part of the import (sammousa)
10651: [Installation] If I try to install with PostgreSQL and enter wrong user/password, I don't get an error message (sammousa)
10661: [Theme editor] Template editor is broken (sammousa)
10664: [Other] Online manual should open in new tab
10665: [Survey design] Can't filter in survey list (sammousa)
10666: [Survey design] Missing space between menus
10667: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Can't view token (sammousa)
10669: [Central participant database] No way to add CPDB participants or attributes
10670: [Survey taking] Submitting survey (preview or real) does not lead to next step (sammousa)
10714: [Survey design] Can't import survey (olle)
09825: [Theme editor] Remove hardcoded css styles (c_schmitz)
09745: [Statistics] Statistics graphs are incorrect for questions with multiple identical answers. (c_schmitz)
10662: [Survey taking] Can't preview or execute survey (sammousa)
10668: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Error when clicking on token responses number (sammousa)
10660: [Installation] Additional options is unstyled (sammousa)
09962: [Other] LS3 - Can not delete a survey (sammousa)
09960: [Data Entry (non public)] LS3 - Response update error (sammousa)
09961: [Data Entry (non public)] LS3 - Add response to series: loops back to response table (sammousa)
08390: [Documentation] afterAdminMenuLoad is call only in Plugin (sammousa)
09760: [Survey taking] Group descrition anbd title are not JS updated (sammousa)
09964: [Import/Export] LS3 - .lss import error due to template formatting (sammousa)
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Scheduled For Release 2016-10-14
12998: [Survey design] Text noise <###begin###> visible after db upgrade
12977: [Survey taking] The image poweredby.png creates asset folder, making fruity package not being published
12923: [Survey design] I find five stray closing </div> tags in admin overview
12905: [Survey design] Saving question is "save and close", but saving group is just "save"
12190: [Plugins] Fatal error when plugin is missing (LouisGac)
13005: [Survey taking] Min/max 1 question does not work for checkbox array (olle)
12989: [ComfortUpdate] Updating to LS3 RC via CU (LouisGac)
12907: [Survey taking] Resume later and load unfinished survey does not work in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
12502: [Plugins] event beforeQuestionRender removed ? (LouisGac)
12557: [Survey design] Some thoughts on left hand column in A-UI (markusfluer)
12398: [Survey design] input-sm and input in same question: non-consistant look (ShnoulleT)
11787: [Survey design] filtered question column alignment 2nd (DenisChenu)
12946: [Installation] Font broken in installer (markusfluer)
12970: [Other] Too much noise in browser console. (markusfluer)
12996: [Survey taking] Font problem in survey list (plus pjax error) (LouisGac)
12979: [Survey design] Survey quick actions are collapsed as default at fresh install (markusfluer)
12978: [Survey design] Admin interface frozen if you switch between overview and general settings multiple times (markusfluer)
12963: [Survey design] Collapsed menu: "Survey Logic File" link broken (markusfluer)
12961: [Assessments] Assessment page design (markusfluer)
12960: [Other] Redirect to login broken (markusfluer)
12962: [Survey design] Massive actions not working without reloading (markusfluer)
12956: [Survey design] Giant vue.js error message in debug console (markusfluer)
12915: [Theme editor] Upload logo doesn't work (markusfluer)
12509: [Other] Too much white space in admin UI and some other things (markusfluer)
12883: [Survey design] Tour slightly fragile (markusfluer)
12910: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Settings menu disappears after deleting participant (markusfluer)
12911: [Response browsing] JavaScript error when deleting response, modal doesn't fade out (markusfluer)
12913: [Survey design] Going to template options when screen has 1300px width shrinks the settings menu (markusfluer)
12887: [Survey design] Missing confirmation modal when deleting survey group (LouisGac)
12904: [Theme editor] "Active templates" should be "Installed templates"? (LouisGac)
12828: [Theme editor] No confirm question when clicking "Uninstall" template (LouisGac)
12914: [Survey design] Save button is in wrong place in template options (olle)
12912: [Survey design] Radio button groups are green in template options, but grey everywhere else (olle)
12908: [Survey taking] Multichoice question does not preserve its answers when going next and previous (olle)
12903: [Survey design] When using Ajax mode, template.js is not reloaded (LouisGac)
12902: [Survey design] "Inherit everything" has no value after save (markusfluer)
12889: [Survey design] Mandatory switch and other switches do not work in question edit (markusfluer)
12901: [Theme editor] Template.js is not loaded for extended template (LouisGac)
12899: [Survey design] When using quick menu to open copy/import survey, form is not loaded (markusfluer)
12702: [Expression Manager] Expression manager "if-statement" not recognized (tammo)
12888: [Survey design] Quick add answer options does not work when loaded with pjax (markusfluer)
12832: [Survey design] Bread crumbs broken at survey logic file (markusfluer)
12886: [Survey taking] Responses not recorded in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
12542: [Survey design] Some thought on the breadcrumb (tammo)
12856: [Survey design] Breadcrumb displays survey number twice (markusfluer)
12861: [_ Unknown] Can't access template options from Survey (markusfluer)
12629: [Import/Export] KC Finder does not find files (LouisGac)
12698: [Theme editor] Cannot change to custom template (LouisGac)
12766: [Survey taking] This survey crashes the browser (LouisGac)
12884: [Survey design] Copy survey view broken (olle)
12830: [Theme editor] PHP notice when extending default template (olle)
12831: [Survey taking] All-in-one is broken for this survey (LouisGac)
12545: [Other] Some thoughts on general settings page (markusfluer)
12543: [Other] Spelling error (markusfluer)
12556: [Survey design] Template options page: left hand columns behaves strange (markusfluer)
12567: [Installation] Loop during installation (markusfluer)
12576: [Other] setThisTemplate crash (markusfluer)
12578: [Other] Crash when select temp[late name on Survey Summary (markusfluer)
12579: [Theme editor] Template change in survey does not work (markusfluer)
12580: [Theme editor] Template options disappeared (markusfluer)
12581: [Survey taking] Question index and Language Chooser do not work (markusfluer)
12582: [Survey design] Double breadcrumb (markusfluer)
12700: [Theme editor] Javascript error: Use '===' to compare with ''. (markusfluer)
12767: [Survey design] Saving presentation survey settings resets survey languages (olle)
12771: [Survey design] Additional language selector is not loaded when using Pjax loader
12775: [Installation] The installation command needs to be updated to use PHP instead of create-xxx.sql (olle)
12788: [_ Unknown] Quickmenu misspelled as quickmenue in some places (c_schmitz)
12770: [Survey design] Console error in survey settings: [Vue warn]: Error compiling template (LouisGac)
12590: [Survey design] Changing template to "minimal" results in crash (LouisGac)
12558: [Survey design] Testing templates impossible (LouisGac)
12544: [Installation] "Save" button does not work (LouisGac)
12507: [Survey design] A-UI: icons and fonts seem to miss (LouisGac)
12409: [Installation] Installer looks partly unstyled (LouisGac)
12343: [Survey taking] javascript error mus be different for nojs and no external js (LouisGac)
12116: [Survey design] Change input class from input-lg to input (LouisGac)
12609: [Survey design] Code output to screen after template change (LouisGac)
12286: [Survey design] Subquestion answers are repeated in Twig version (LouisGac)
12345: [Survey design] Error when previewing a question (LouisGac)
12362: [Survey design] Edit field for Question and Help disappeared in question edit screen (LouisGac)
12418: [Survey design] Develop branche still broken (LouisGac)
12437: [Survey design] Crash on survey with 2 MC questions (tammo)
12274: [Installation] PHP Warning: crash (LouisGac)
12275: [Survey design] Javascript warning, even when Javascript is turned on. (LouisGac)
12281: [Survey design] Question index covered by menubar (LouisGac)
11732: [Survey taking] Slider reset don't reset to default position (DenisChenu)
11839: [Survey design] Text question with prefix/suffix not rendered OK (DenisChenu)
11854: [Survey design] Bad alignment of remaining and total, under slider (Flat and Modern) (DenisChenu)
11855: [Survey design] Bad alignment of icon and text (Flat and Modern) (DenisChenu)
11856: [Survey design] Flatmodern: repeated headers not centered (DenisChenu)
11859: [Survey design] flatmodern: array by column, but hover per row (DenisChenu)
11879: [Survey design] Mobile view: top of header overlaps title (DenisChenu)
11880: [Survey design] Mobile view: multiple paddings in collapsed arrays (DenisChenu)
11881: [Survey design] Mobile view: array questions, label centered (DenisChenu)
11882: [Survey design] Mobile view: short free text with prefic and suffix (DenisChenu)
11850: [Survey taking] Some slider settings broken when min value is negative or 0 (DenisChenu)
11883: [Survey design] Mobile view: total/remaining (DenisChenu)
11902: [Survey design] Array dual scale: 2 x no answer (DenisChenu)
11903: [Survey design] Bad alignment of repeated headers (DenisChenu)
11999: [Survey design] Bad order of css can make harder to fix it (DenisChenu)
12397: [Survey taking] Cannot fill in multiple choice. (DenisChenu)
11463: [Theme editor] Unable to vertical align Radio button without javascript (DenisChenu)
11706: [Survey taking] Upload iframe : only one scroll-bar inn 2.06, 2 scroll-bar in 2.50 (DenisChenu)
11448: [Theme editor] Unable to show list radio as button without JS (DenisChenu)
11790: [Other] Link 'return to survey' show even if we don't see survey in same session (DenisChenu)
11840: [Survey design] MC: ugly styling (tammo)
12361: [Survey design] Multiple choice question strange behaviour (DenisChenu)
12388: [LimeSurvey Website] Old favicon on Mantis (c_schmitz)
12203: [LimeSurvey Website] Body: font-size: 22px is too big (markusfluer)
12205: [LimeSurvey Website] #tm-headerbar in forum css has too big padding-bottom (markusfluer)
12280: [LimeSurvey Website] Link to "login to the bug tracker" takes you to the wrong page. (markusfluer)
12369: [LimeSurvey Website] Cannot upload .lsa files in forum post (markusfluer)
12396: [Survey design] questions in this survey.There are 75 (tammo)
12390: [Survey design] Notice: undefined variable (LouisGac)
11836: [Survey design] GIT: text-center in some arrays, not in others (tammo)
11904: [Survey design] Too much space and uneccessary lines in collapsed table (tammo)
12052: [Ergonomy] Overlapping messages (markusfluer)
12058: [Survey design] Error after deleting Boxes from home page A-UI (c_schmitz)
11927: [Survey design] Date question has double paddings -> nested col-xx-12 statements (DenisChenu)
11860: [Survey design] flatmodern: dynamic total/remain aligned right... (tammo)
11857: [Survey design] Date question type : empty em-tip (olle)
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Scheduled For Release 2013-05-15
06783: [Survey taking] GCI: Deprecated <center> tag used to align button on print answers page
05475: [Import/Export] Rewrite Word export (c_schmitz)
08156: [Other] Survey_links table. (c_schmitz)
05886: [Print View] Overwork PDF export(s) so they make use of XHTML + CSS and look nicer
07067: [Theme editor] better theming of {QUESTIONHELP} (sammousa)
06716: [Survey design] question view screen does not syntax-highlight any advanced question options (user16774)
05738: [Usability] No Password can be added - Create new user with Admin rights
07756: [Survey taking] Numeric input (sammousa)
07015: [Import/Export] Need to make SPSS/R data exports work like all other exports (seanrife)
06763: [Other] Question attributes are not part of the question objects yet (user16774)
05741: [Survey taking] Tip are not all included in {QUESTION_HELP} or elsewhere (DenisChenu)
06967: [Usability] Switch to ACE for syntax highlighting in template editor. (sammousa)
08672: [Expression Manager] Sub question attribute in mandatory question Filtered can not be answered (DenisChenu)
07692: [Survey design] Removing uneeded sid and gid from admin link (DenisChenu)
04638: [Survey Design] Array Dual Scale - Dual Dropdown - id contains # (DenisChenu)
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Scheduled For Release 2015-09-03
12370: [Survey taking] Different ways of hiding a question: confusing
12356: [Survey design] show "No answer" option for (multiple) numerical input questions
12007: [Translation] Override a translation value or modify the Save email sent to user
11921: [Survey design] Separate input field for Javascript in question editing
10892: [Expression Manager] Support EM placeholders for file names when attaching files to emails
12586: [Ergonomy] Add a mass edit in participant list (LouisGac)
12587: [Ergonomy] Response row locking (LouisGac)
09146: [Survey taking] Group Randomisation - completed groups shown to user after save / resume - (olle)
11784: [Survey taking] Replace alert + confirm in core system (?) (DenisChenu)
11449: [Survey design] Readding real label (DenisChenu)
11433: [Expression Manager] Use EM in new class attribute (DenisChenu)
11692: [Survey design] Remove the display:none for EM filter (and condition) : use hidden, ls-hidden (DenisChenu)
11754: [Survey design] Review HTML for index (the button part) (DenisChenu)
11788: [Survey design] Emoji Slider seem kinda old and should be updated (markusfluer)
11743: [Theme editor] column width : no empty (DenisChenu)
11797: [Theme editor] Need 2 pstpl file more : form.pstpl + message.pstpl (DenisChenu)
11798: [Theme editor] Add some wrapper to end url (DenisChenu)
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Scheduled For Release 2016-11-17
10957: [Theme editor] Leave clearall cleaner : hide it by template not by Boostrap (DenisChenu)
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Scheduled For Release 2010-06-16
04698: [Templates] Optionnal part in template (sammousa)
04895: [Survey at runtime] Allow multi Quota for List (radio) question type and other single select (c_schmitz)
04424: [Admin Tools] New URL field {GATE} to switch exit-URL and parameters by logical expressions (TMSWhite)
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