Scheduled For Release 2018-04-11
12162: [Expression Manager] relevanceStatus not available for every question e.g. arrays.
12993: [Other] PHP-function create_function() has been deprecated
13608: [Central participant database] Permission to create participants in the central participants database
13485: [Translation] your and mine and other personal terms used
11890: [Ergonomy] Question preview button label & location variations
12603: [Security] Setting emailsmtppassword is saved as clear text (olle)
13670: [Survey design] Question type selection screen looks funny (markusfluer)
13631: [Installation] alterColumn does not work with type "pk" in postgres (c_schmitz)
13714: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token email does not fill in adminemail and adminname (dominikvitt)
13715: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Email sender is not automatically filled in (dominikvitt)
13712: [Expression Manager] Exclusive option does not exclude others (markusfluer)
13713: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Validate does not validate
13629: [Statistics] No statistics output (LouisGac)
13628: [Import/Export] Unable to import responses from archive (TonisOrmisson)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-06-13
13871: [Other] Database based sessions don't work correctly
13773: [Survey design] Cannot style slider handle when not touched anymore (markusfluer)
13780: [Survey taking] Ranked items are re-set when using "previous" button (dominikvitt)
13781: [Survey design] Cannot edit survey in IE11 (c_schmitz)
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Scheduled For Release 2013-05-15
06783: [Survey taking] GCI: Deprecated <center> tag used to align button on print answers page
05475: [Import/Export] Rewrite Word export (c_schmitz)
08156: [Other] Survey_links table. (c_schmitz)
05886: [Print View] Overwork PDF export(s) so they make use of XHTML + CSS and look nicer
07067: [Theme editor] better theming of {QUESTIONHELP} (sammousa)
06716: [Survey design] question view screen does not syntax-highlight any advanced question options (user16774)
05738: [Usability] No Password can be added - Create new user with Admin rights
07756: [Survey taking] Numeric input (sammousa)
07015: [Import/Export] Need to make SPSS/R data exports work like all other exports (seanrife)
06763: [Other] Question attributes are not part of the question objects yet (user16774)
05741: [Survey taking] Tip are not all included in {QUESTION_HELP} or elsewhere (DenisChenu)
06967: [Usability] Switch to ACE for syntax highlighting in template editor. (sammousa)
08672: [Expression Manager] Sub question attribute in mandatory question Filtered can not be answered (DenisChenu)
07692: [Survey design] Removing uneeded sid and gid from admin link (DenisChenu)
04638: [Survey Design] Array Dual Scale - Dual Dropdown - id contains # (DenisChenu)
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Scheduled For Release 2015-09-03
12370: [Survey taking] Different ways of hiding a question: confusing
12356: [Survey design] show "No answer" option for (multiple) numerical input questions
12007: [Translation] Override a translation value or modify the Save email sent to user
11921: [Survey design] Separate input field for Javascript in question editing
10892: [Expression Manager] Support EM placeholders for file names when attaching files to emails
12586: [Ergonomy] Add a mass edit in participant list (LouisGac)
12587: [Ergonomy] Response row locking (LouisGac)
12240: [Survey design] Validation settings for "array by column" question type (DenisChenu)
11797: [Theme editor] Need 2 pstpl file more : form.pstpl + message.pstpl (LouisGac)
11433: [Expression Manager] Use EM in new class attribute (DenisChenu)
11449: [Survey design] Readding real label (DenisChenu)
11692: [Survey design] Remove the display:none for EM filter (and condition) : use hidden, ls-hidden (DenisChenu)
11743: [Theme editor] column width : no empty (DenisChenu)
11754: [Survey design] Review HTML for index (the button part) (DenisChenu)
11784: [Survey taking] Replace alert + confirm in core system (?) (DenisChenu)
11788: [Survey design] Emoji Slider seem kinda old and should be updated (markusfluer)
11798: [Theme editor] Add some wrapper to end url (DenisChenu)
09146: [Survey taking] Group Randomisation - completed groups shown to user after save / resume - (olle)
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Scheduled For Release 2016-11-17
11688: [Survey design] List building - static lists - dynamic lists (dominikvitt)
10957: [Theme editor] Leave clearall cleaner : hide it by template not by Boostrap (DenisChenu)
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Scheduled For Release 2010-06-16
04698: [Templates] Optionnal part in template (sammousa)
04895: [Survey at runtime] Allow multi Quota for List (radio) question type and other single select (c_schmitz)
04424: [Admin Tools] New URL field {GATE} to switch exit-URL and parameters by logical expressions (TMSWhite)
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