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    PID StatusUpdated Summary
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14Custom Twig extensions do not work
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14Multiple numeric questions: Subquestion are showing the labels of the slider
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14New menu-item in top is not working
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14Data entry confirmation dialog
feedback (cdorin)
2019-11-14Confirm modals had lost it's action type.
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14queXML PDF shows JS script
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14Labels contain "template" instead of "theme"
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14texts in question overview are not formatted
2019-11-14CPDB - cannot use the search boxes below associated to the additional attributes
2019-11-14You cannot display only X columns in the response table.
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14preview of inherited template is always Fruity
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14LS 3 vs. LS 4: different order of menu items
resolved (JHoeck)
2019-11-14button to access responses not implemented
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-11-14Potential PHP Notice with some theme
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14no option "Show survey title in export PDFs"
2019-11-14Access response table - change from exted to compact mode 1 or 2 times - the page does not load anymore
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-11-14Upload file : debug 2 : potential issue
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-11-14Warnings shown for valid comparaison
resolved (JHoeck)
2019-11-14Breadcrumb bar missing after adding participant
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-14Plugin develop debug=2 throw 500 error without any information
resolved (JHoeck)
2019-11-14Export question button missing
resolved (JHoeck)
2019-11-14Missing import and copy buttons
resolved (cdorin)
2019-11-14option to import question is only available in "list question groups" not when using "add question"
resolved (JHoeck)
2019-11-14Cannot copy any question at the moment
resolved (eddylackmann)
2019-11-14Sharing Panel (QR Code & Share on Facebook) - not working on all browsers
resolved (eddylackmann)
2019-11-14Select all doesn't work on user List
feedback (markusfluer)
2019-11-14Layout issues when adding answers
resolved (LouisGac)
2019-11-14Receive Undefined property: TemplateConfiguration::$options just after Survey create
2019-11-14Quick add function doesn't work properly with multiple languages
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-13Add question : always at 1st in selected group
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-13Solve all issues - what is its purpose?
resolved (ollehar)
2019-11-13Unable to use Condition gui editor
2019-11-13Delete user in confirmation dialog
   15224212019-11-13newQuestionAttributes deprecated : need a replacer
review (eddylackmann)
2019-11-13Error modal in user management looks different than other
2019-11-13Cannot upload file (Note: LS 3.19.3 )
feedback (JHoeck)
2019-11-13Unusual default answer option codes.
2019-11-13Create class or Interface for PluginEvent with names as constants
2019-11-13Travis is broken, need to find alternative
2019-11-13Cannot create new surveys
2019-11-12Unable to view the statistics of the survey at the end of the survey
resolved (ollehar)
2019-11-12relevance equations not imported in LS4-RC5
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-11-12simple statistics looks odd
resolved (eddylackmann)
2019-11-12Missing tooltips for user management action buttons
resolved (LouisGac)
2019-11-12Delete button next to save when adding participants
2019-11-12reuse survey creation form for editing
2019-11-11Theme editor page with error 500 since 4.0.0-RC7 update (from 4.0.0-RC6)
testing (p_teichmann)
2019-11-11no "clear all" button
resolved (cdorin)
2019-11-11no pdf export of result statistics - infinite loop waiting
assigned (cdorin)
2019-11-11core plugins should be pre-installed