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    PIDStatusUpdated Summary
2023-08-28Can't load more than 10000 tokens at participant overview
2023-08-25Default = Enable
2023-08-25When viewing survey plugin setting, plugin panels should be sorted alphabetically
assigned (ollehar)
2023-08-25unable to create tables in MS SQL Server during install
2023-08-24Automatically load end URL when survey complete causes no way to see possible enabled statistics
2023-08-23Administrative user logout when rapidly refreshing question or group preview
  15105122023-08-23"no answer" is preselected
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2023-08-22Question theme error: Missing metadata (Type: X)
2023-08-21User with global settings update get white page wen try reset cahce
2023-08-18Register Email Settings
2023-08-18Expression manager doesn't resolve jsName
2023-08-16A global beforeMenuRender
2023-08-16Make all menus changeable via plugin events (or a global registry)
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-08-16activate_survey does not correctly set inherited properties for Notification and data management
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-08-16Review all core plugins for LS6 compatibility
2023-08-16Assessments rules are not editable
2023-08-15de-easy translation does not use standard -simple variant tag
2023-08-14missing db migration upgrade from 6.1.x to 6.2.x
ready for code review (ollehar)
2023-08-14Participants can't re-enter a submitted survey if setting is using "inherit" at participant settings
resolved (TonisOrmisson)
2023-08-09buildXMLFromQuery fails to implement LIMIT
in code review (ollehar)
2023-08-09LSActiveRecord::getMaxId() doesn't get refreshed when using from SurveyDynamic with multiple surveys on the same HTTP request
2023-08-09Version Number wrong
2023-08-08cannot activate survey 'too many questions'
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-08-08User count in group is not OK after deleting a user.
resolved (kfoster)
2023-08-08Unable to save genereal settings
acknowledged (ollehar)
2023-08-08Admins allowed to create new admin users are not allowed to assign user roles
2023-08-08No information on current survey when edit
feedback (ollehar)
2023-08-08After update to 5.6.29 from 3.28.56 : all plugin broken
2023-08-07Users with enough permissions like on version 3, can't list or add users to surveyPermissions
2023-08-07Problem printing statistics in html:
assigned (DenisChenu)
2023-08-07Unable to view or modify survey permissions
2023-08-07CPDB only allows to show 100 entries at a time, not 10.000
feedback (ollehar)
2023-08-07User with rights to view other users can not see them at the survey permission screen
2023-08-07Free text answer or comments get filtered on the response browsing screen or response detailed view
assigned (DenisChenu)
2023-08-07Remote control API : Inviting members with invalid language sends them an email but they're not marked as invited
confirmed (p_teichmann)
2023-08-07Question Type Date, min field with early question code fails
resolved (ollehar)
2023-08-07No way to create or import user
resolved (ollehar)
2023-08-07Limestore: Many broken links
resolved (ollehar)
2023-08-07LimeStore URL is dead
2023-08-06Improve workability of CPDB for large sets of participants
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-08-03participant table crash after sending mail
resolved (DenisChenu)
2023-08-02participant list won't show since update 230731 - version 5.6.32
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2023-07-31Unable to fix or edit survey with UpperCase template name
resolved (p_teichmann)
2023-07-31Cannot access surveys from survey list after moving to different page of list
resolved (ollehar)
2023-07-28Internal Server Error on submit when "Participants may print answers:" is set to ON
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-07-28Participants List: Action dropdown menu not usable if less than 8 entries are listed
2023-07-28AuthLDAP plugin: allow reusing the bind-checked connection for ldap entry reading
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-07-28When survey is active, Add Group and Add Question should have disabled state
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-07-28When survey is not active, Sharing panel should have disabled state
resolved (ollehar)
2023-07-28Actions blocked in User Management