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    PIDStatusUpdated Summary
confirmed (galads)
2021-10-14Deleting a user that is owner of a survey group
assigned (ollehar)
2021-10-11Bug "Reset" not possible
acknowledged (galads)
2021-10-11Tip text in Ranking type questions assumes a particular spatial layout (two columns, left and right)
2021-10-08Add sub-question headings on simple statistics graphs
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-10-08queXML PDF report not showing the good data obtained from the survey
acknowledged (ollehar)
2021-10-07tutorial fubar'd. No admin. No Beginner Tour.
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06Lost of Total and Remaining in multi numeric
assigned (galads)
2021-10-06Missing file: incorrectly specified CSS file
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06No "success" message when deleting single custom attributes from CPDB
2021-10-05new pjax causes js output
feedback (galads)
2021-10-04Update Showing for LTS users - Comfort Update
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-282 real step clearall
2021-09-28Creating survey, default admin email (and name)
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2021-09-27Soft mandatory show as mandatory : produces an incomprehensible form
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-27Very hard to clear all with JS and keyboard navigation
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-27Other-label not showing when using condition-designer/LEM
2021-09-24Automatic role attribution to new users accounts based on multiple LDAP configurations
assigned (pstelling)
2021-09-23Prefix missing for total value at multi numeric question
2021-09-23Add audio/video input question type
acknowledged (c_schmitz)
2021-09-21Survey seems without any question when testing (admin user)
feedback (ollehar)
2021-09-21"Text display" type questions won't show up in queXML PDF export
2021-09-21remove/replace pop-ups after saving changes
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-09-20Use LDAP authentication" setting disappears
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-17when using survey navigation, the survey jumps back
feedback (galads)
2021-09-17KCFinder: Deleting Files Results in Crash
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-17No confirm action in regenerate question code
assigned (galads)
2021-09-16Print answers as PDF make to wide part
assigned (galads)
2021-09-13Mass change of survey group fails
2021-09-11Question summary: keep "subquestions" icon next to type in all cases
2021-09-10Issue when using the same token twice
assigned (galads)
2021-09-10Copyright, year changed
assigned (galads)
2021-09-09Back button from themes page not working
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-09-09Double offer "Update available"
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-09Caching id algorithm does not take into account chart label options on stats
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-09readme and release note are publicly accessible and can reveal version details to attackers
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-09-08Weird warning graphics after sending invitation
feedback (c_schmitz)
2021-09-08Answers to Question type "Array (Texts)" are not show in HTML and PDF export viwe when printing answers
2021-09-08Extended management of permissions assigned to a user group to the survey.
2021-09-08Compress JS and CSS for a survey
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-07Improve Navigation in Participants Mgmt
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-07No Logic File link in left nav element
feedback (c_schmitz)
2021-09-07Omit ambiguous characters from token
2021-09-07Access to referring url in Expression manager variable
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-07Allow update Question type in activated survey (partially)
2021-09-06AuthPlugin : Form are not updated according to Auth type
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-06Unable to update QuestionTheme after activation
assigned (galads)
2021-09-03Default answer can not be set in single-option question
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-01Layout issue when setting user rights
acknowledged (galads)
2021-08-31sent and remindersent of token is being recorded in the date form of admin user perference.
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-30Illogical order of options in Multiple numerical input