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acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-17Cross Survey Reporting
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-15the complaint of filter stats sets
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-15random assignment of survey participants to conditions
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-12Add export LimeSurvey results to SAS.
assigned (ollehar)
2021-11-12unable to export to Excel survey with dual scale array
confirmed (galads)
2021-11-11Improve feature description at Global Settings for "Disable question script for XSS restricted user:"
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-11Multiple question types in array
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-11MaxDiff / Best Worst Scaling question type / functionality
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-11Template / css friendly statistics page
confirmed (ollehar)
2021-11-10API getQuestions Funktion stürzt ab
2021-11-10Notes attached to questions
2021-11-10sending invitations at a predetermined date/time
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-09total question response time recorded
2021-11-09Show primary language settings in question overview (with EM)
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-09After editing a token, the submitdate field gets filled automatically.
2021-11-08fixing more answer order within random order answers
confirmed (galads)
2021-11-08In the detailed admin notification don't show a value of equation that is in the text display field but in the survey it shows
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-11-05When adding an new survey admin, the password mail is sent with an invalid sender.
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-04Allow to use current browse filter for export"
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-04New feature: label set update after label set has changed
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-04API: function getResponse only return answerID's no answer text
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-04Would like a constant randomized answer order for each survey taker
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-03Add Less css system for templating
assigned (galads)
2021-11-03Question condition
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-03JS is displayed in conditions
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-02Array of option for remote control function
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-02Schedule Email Invitations for Survey
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-02Move repeat heading to question attribute
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-02Caching all part made before survey started for public survey
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-02Remove inline CSS in statistics
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-02javascript should work on hidden questions
new (ollehar)
2021-11-02Relevance equation not copied when loading answer options from a label set
confirmed (galads)
2021-11-02Cannot see "text answers" in "HTML" view of statistics
confirmed (galads)
2021-11-01When subquestions are saved as label set, only the first 5 characters of the "Codes" are saved which may lead to duplicate Codes
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-01Assessment value of Multiple Choice question equals 'Y' instead of the value given
confirmed (ollehar)
2021-11-01Remove hardcoded MIME type svg+xml
acknowledged (galads)
2021-10-27[List] link does'nt work
confirmed (galads)
2021-10-27When I refresh survey (press F5) I get NAN error on equation field
feedback (c_schmitz)
2021-10-26Unable to update token value of response with remote control
ready for testing (galads)
2021-10-22Browse button in statistics not working properly
2021-10-22Survey data policiy : no server control
confirmed (galads)
2021-10-22When exporting survey statistics containing a map (Google Maps or OpenStreetMap), the map is not in the exported file
2021-10-21No “Download all files” button when browse Response
2021-10-21Check question code entered in logic array filter
acknowledged (galads)
2021-10-20Better view for buttons with long text in surveys
acknowledged (galads)
2021-10-19Unable to use checkintegrity on big instance
confirmed (galads)
2021-10-19Wording / Translation of UserRole vs. PermissionRole German
confirmed (galads)
2021-10-19No difference shown for auto set Permsiion in survey
ready for testing (galads)
2021-10-18Location components save settings works with inverted logic
acknowledged (galads)
2021-10-18Session expiration message is not presented to users on file-upload