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    PID StatusUpdated Summary
2019-06-20A way to update "parent template"
2019-06-20Update button instead of Uninstalling/Reinstalling the theme to reflect config.xml changes
assigned (ollehar)
2019-06-20Allow to update template via zip file
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-06-19command : include(DbStorage.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory
2019-06-19MSSQL issue when try to move to 2nd page of theme list : The multi-part identifier "t.template_name" could not be bound.
2019-06-19Preview url work for Condition not for tailoring
resolved (LouisGac)
2019-06-19Mobile phone - Display Arrays - Issues
2019-06-18spss export fails on unrecognized or invalid variable format. (error 2265)
resolved (c_schmitz)
2019-06-18R syntax file export appends 'unknown type' line to the end of the syntax file
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-17All DB column to text
2019-06-17Multiple variation loaded
2019-06-15Hard to navigate in big survey
assigned (ollehar)
2019-06-14LimeStore extension report shows blank page
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-14Issue with update / delete members of the participants table
assigned (ollehar)
2019-06-14Condition NAOK >= " " (no answer) evaluated differently in JS/PHP
2019-06-13"No answer" and "Not Completed or Not Displayed" not showing in legend of pie or doughnut charts
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-13Double encoding for question attribute labels
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-13Unable to move questions
2019-06-13Question relevance is not reassessed after group is shown
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-06-12Security : Pulgin settings password is shown in HTML source
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-06-12Plugin settings of type "password" are stored in plain text
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-12Undefined variable: aTabContents (debug>1)
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-12Setting emailsmtppassword is saved as clear text
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-12Cannot export results
resolved (ollehar)
2019-06-12Export responses does not work for survey without token table
2019-06-11default file types which are allowed for upload
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-06-11Regression: Feature for selecting which data columsn to show was removed after Limesurvey 2.6 LTS
2019-06-06Groupe de questionnaire innaccessible pour les gestionnaires autres que super admin
assigned (cdorin)
2019-06-05EM : relevance not being recalculated after conditions updated if question are shown before
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-04delete_participant fails to delete and gives no error back
2019-06-04Rework totally upload question type
2019-06-04500 error with uploading file with error : no error shown
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-06-04Expression manager must not treat user entered value
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-06-04Javascript loop with equation
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-06-03Participants import from cpdb / access rights
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-06-03Variations choosed in Global are not set in preview
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-06-03This DB send a 504 when upgrade …
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-05-31Check data integrity : die with renaming a non existing table
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-05-31Check data integrity with a lot of broken question : SQL error (MSSQL)
new (c_schmitz)
2019-05-29Problem about importing same users from ldap
2019-05-29Another directory for plugins
assigned (ollehar)
2019-05-28Cache result from createFieldmap etc
2019-05-27Change the default number of rows
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-05-27Default values for comments
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-05-27Default value by Expression on all question type
2019-05-27Don't broke when upgrade even if YII_DEBUG is set
2019-05-27new keywords for current question group and number of question groups
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-05-27Samsung Internet Browser + Video : Forward or Submit triggers "Please use the Survey navigation buttons or index"
assigned (DenisChenu)
2019-05-27remove newUserLogin event
feedback (c_schmitz)
2019-05-24left and right alignment depending on the type of questions