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    PIDStatusUpdated Summary
acknowledged (galads)
2021-08-26Add an Attribute with a specific Number
acknowledged (galads)
2021-08-26Delete multiple Attributes at the same time.
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-08-25Custom.css is empty in assets folder.
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-24"Anonymized responses" setting is off by default and does not inherit global survey options
acknowledged (galads)
2021-08-23missing error message in surveys bounce settings
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-21Can not delete survey group
acknowledged (galads)
2021-08-20500 error with uploading file with error : no error shown
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2021-08-20Allow tags/styling inside translation text
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-16batch deletion windows not working
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-16Topbar menchanism and Fullpagebar mechanism should be armonized
2021-08-16as admin, export survey as editable pdf
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-13On version updates allow updating to end of current version or upgrade to new version
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-13Panel Integration - cannot save URL Parameters: Save Button missing
confirmed (galads)
2021-08-12List controls don't work on Menu list screen
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-07-30Current Page Values not saved if saving pressing Enter
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2021-07-30Group randomization shuffles only questions from first group
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2021-07-29403 on HTML popup editor
acknowledged (galads)
2021-07-29How to change template and survey format temporary from outside
confirmed (galads)
2021-07-26PHP 7.3 complains of deprecated code
confirmed (galads)
2021-07-26Allow admin to make a theme read only for users (like it is for core themes)
confirmed (galads)
2021-07-26Can't make a user to be able to only access his individal templates
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-07-23Can't add menu entries
feedback (galads)
2021-07-21PHP Notice with array dual scale, and width of answers part updated
feedback (galads)
2021-07-21Text responses are deleted in SPSS export if started with "<"+something w/o space
feedback (galads)
2021-07-21Settings like input box width dont apply to multiple numerical input question type
2021-07-21Plugin-Settings - Json Editor is not working
ready for code review (ollehar)
2021-07-20Easy way to launch CDBException
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-07-19Don't serve assets from application folder
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-07-13Deprecated : lost ressources upload system between 2.6 and 3.25
acknowledged (gabrieljenik)
2021-07-05Personal setting default question type is ignored when creating questions
confirmed (galads)
2021-06-28Submission date on view response details (survey responses) showing odd dates
feedback (ollehar)
2021-06-26Trying to update existing extension receive an error when sumbnit
2021-06-22file upload button only working with a mouse
2021-06-22Setting survey group owner, add account name with real name
assigned (ollehar)
2021-06-21aSurveyInfo.datasecurity_notice_label do not return only the label
confirmed (galads)
2021-06-17problem with emoticon in slider with emoticon 5 point question
assigned (ollehar)
2021-06-15Invalid XML document in XML-RPC API
2021-06-15"Restart this survey" link should include original URL parameters as well
feedback (ollehar)
2021-06-09set_question_properties fails with error "table ls_questions does not have a column named 'language'"
2021-06-08Slider question with no answer zone
2021-06-08Change default view for Label Sets
feedback (ollehar)
2021-06-07Ampersand will be translated into "&amp"
assigned (ollehar)
2021-05-31Missing translation
assigned (p_teichmann)
2021-05-27File manager doesn't work when uploaddir is set in config.php
2021-05-25Inconsistency in renaming "other"/"comments"
2021-05-25Possibility to change URL of survey (SEO-friendly survey URLs)
2021-05-25Please consider making logging a required feature of LimeSurvey
assigned (cdorin)
2021-05-25Really complex to choose the good Version number
2021-05-22Better separation in feature in template-default package
ready for testing (gabrieljenik)
2021-05-21Easier switch between customized condition and condition designer