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Summary13642: Help people filling in the forum when requesting for help

Many times people requesting for help forget to specify variables needed for the supporters. Would it be possible to have a checkbox with the label:
Seeking help on an issue [ ]
and if that box is checked, some extra questions are asked either in the body text of as separate fields:

LimeSurvey Version/Build
Own hosted/SAAS
Extra fields as necessary

This may help both the user that has a problem to specify her/his problem and the supporter that does not have to ask for these basics.

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2018-05-08 15:46

partner   ~47574

Maybe the checkbox should be ticket by default and user can choose to uncheck if he want to just tell something.



2022-02-08 15:38

partner   ~68239

This can be closed. Since it was implemented on the forum.

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