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assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Some adaptations on the results table
2020-01-18Welcome and Description texts are mixed up
testing (cdorin)
2020-01-17Allow simple user to update script with XSS enable
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Survey administrator can receive invalid mail about error
assigned (p_teichmann)
2020-01-17Localized custom question attributes not displayed correctly in the admin GUI
2020-01-17Survey group Permission : inherit system
2020-01-17Alow to create automatically a new group on Question creation
assigned (DenisChenu)
2020-01-17XSS for super-admin too
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Cannot use a custom question theme.
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Quota CSV export feature not available to users with "View quota" rights
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17User list: Setting to "not filled out" via mass-editing results in "filled out: 1980-01-01"
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Consecutive group-edit actions in survey lists
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Usage of obsolete HTML
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17progressbar includes hidden questions
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Data protection statement texts not save if text for checkbox is too long
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17When export on XLS or PDF : see the loading wheel for eternity
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Answers not sorted correctly in list-radio question
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17text edition move when click inside
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Unable to edit question title if survey is activated
resolved (p_teichmann)
2020-01-17Question text translations not displayed in the front end
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17Ressource manager show ressources for ALL surveys …
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17JS test uses milliseconds, breaks randomly
2020-01-17Questions can't be saved
2020-01-17Setting "printanswershonorsconditions" leads to wrong details at "Print answers" screen when changing the setting
assigned (adamzammit)
2020-01-17delete_participant fails to delete and gives no error back
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-17AutitLog : RemoteControl delete_participant tries to execute invalid SQL
2020-01-16API add_participants not working no error
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16The "Script" input element does not change with language
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Additional languages not displayed when using Sourcecode editor
2020-01-16SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<' in spectrum.js
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Add question : nothing appear
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16'Button group' option in Yes/No question doesn't work
resolved (p_teichmann)
2020-01-16Text change recommendation - Delete survey
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Question coipy update current question
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Question theming : not translated + no live update
resolved (p_teichmann)
2020-01-16"File metadata" tab should be removed in gender
resolved (p_teichmann)
2020-01-16Custom question attributes not available
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Symbol is Undefined on IE11
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Unable to set table prefix in limesurvey4.0.0+200116
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Empty Sub Questions Tab
resolved (cdorin)
2020-01-16Error when adding list-radio answer with code "0"
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16No Expression CSS in question view
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-16Cannot delete answer options in list-radio
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-15Saving question gives error - "Question could not be stored. Reloading page"
resolved (cdorin)
2020-01-15Quick add: weird copy paste behaviour
resolved (cdorin)
2020-01-15Quick add is broken
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-15When doing error in token create : unable to submit, need to reload page
feedback (cdorin)
2020-01-15Unable to create survey
assigned (cdorin)
2020-01-15Survey admin details are not populated correctly when creating a new survey
resolved (cdorin)
2020-01-15Cannot import csv files with additional attributes into CPD