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16874Bug reportsPrint Viewpublic2020-12-03 17:40
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Product Version4.3.29 
Summary16874: Printable surveys in zip, no reference to css
DescriptionExporting to printable survey (.html) says "This will download a .zip file containing the survey in all languages. It will also contain the necessary stylesheets to put it up on any HTML-ready devices or browsers."

That's true, but the html files inside the zip does not refer to css files in any way.
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related to 16742 feedbackgabrieljenik Export with printable HTML export default template in zip file 




2020-12-03 13:13

developer   ~60822

Maybe related to default theme ?

Here : i have the file from Fruity
With a Survey with Vanilla Theme


2020-12-03 17:40

reporter   ~60828

> Maybe related to default theme ?
> Here : i have the file from Fruity

No, in my test it seems that right css files are in the zip-file. It's just that they are not referred from the html file at all.

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