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09649Feature requestsPluginspublic2021-03-04 17:17
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Summary09649: Plugin event : update "default core string"

Looking at forum, we have a lot of user asking to update this string, or this another string. String come from "lang" ( .

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I'm afraid of memory issue if we call a plugin event each time we call gt/et etc .... but find some way to update default string can be a good idea.

Actually : using jquery to update HTML directly can be a solution.

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2016-07-17 20:44

administrator   ~39934

Can't the user supply his/hers own mo/po file?



2016-07-18 08:42

developer   ~39936

Yes, but removed each time updater come in.

And more : for example, for privacy : in France we have to give a number (CNIL) : this number is different for each website.
Here it's linked with Questions #2 at



2016-09-21 14:51

reporter   ~40881

We are supplying or own mo/po file at the moment, but as DenisChenu said, it is deleted from surveytranslator_helper.php every time we update - this is the only reason why we can't use comfortUpdate.

Also, with every update, we need to re-download an updated .po file from here: and change our text strings. Quite a hassle, actually.



2016-09-21 14:55

developer   ~40882

@ifolk : depend on the language string you want to update, but with actual version : we already have some solution : or



2016-09-21 15:02

reporter   ~40883

@DenisChenu: Interesting, thanks for the information. :)

Unfortunately, we are updating the text string "Survey" and change it to "Registration", so thats a lot of strings we are changing. A simple search&replace of the .po file is what we are doing right now, which seems to work.



2016-09-21 15:08

developer   ~40884

Sorry :) but this feature can be made for you :) (but there can be some update to do when you update LS too)



2016-09-21 15:48

reporter   ~40889

oh, really? You mean someone can program a plugin for us which replaces the text string for specific surveys? Can you forward me to a limesurvey developer who is willing to create this kind of plugin? Of course, paid feature! ;)



2016-09-21 15:50

developer   ~40890

No, i say : this feature is made for you. When you have this feature : a dev (me or another) can construct a plugin for this.

You need 2 DEV:

  • One to add this feature in core LS
  • One to do a plugin for you


2016-09-21 16:34

reporter   ~40896

ah, you are talking about THIS feature (ID 09649), got it now! Ok, thank you, I will watch this feature request and hope for it to get implemented sometime.



2021-03-04 17:17

developer   ~62725

best solution seems

No need plugin just DB access

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