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2016-12-07 21:12 CET
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    PID # StatusUpdatedSummary
  117693assigned (LouisGac)2016-12-07Feature to remove ComfortUpdate key is missing
   118773assigned (LouisGac)2016-12-07multiple choice with comment and arrayfilter
   119821new (markusfluer)2016-12-07Security question not working
   1192111new2016-11-17Separate input field for Javascript in question editing
   118952assigned (LouisGac)2016-11-16Courriels de rappel en double
   119883new2016-12-07Allow order of answers and sub question in 'the way admin user want'
  1003814new2016-12-07maintenance mode and announcing
  0736715assigned (LouisGac)2016-12-07"Other answer" at a certain position in the list
   1189810resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-07Add 0/hidden for label/answer width : to hide it
   119853new2016-12-07Data redundancy check: Cannot delete leftover answer tables and token tables
   119836new2016-12-07SPSS syntax export, reducing unnecessary code
   118895new2016-12-07Error pages customization by adding more end url options.
   10957 assigned (LouisGac)2016-12-07Leave clearall cleaner : hide it by template not by Boostrap
   119726resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-07Data redundancy check: Cannot delete leftover tables
   1184713resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-07Don't move all template in asset directory (views not needed)
  103245resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-07CSS on login page needs fixing
   119755resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-07On Responses Screen - Array Subquestion is not displayed
   119088resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-07Remove the "has-error" when it's not needed anymore
   119696new2016-12-06Array not displaying answer options
   119716assigned (markusfluer)2016-12-06Central Participant Database hangs for many participants
   119781new2016-12-06Clear all must really clear all (or ne named differently)
   119665assigned (c_schmitz)2016-12-06Warning "Please check the format of your answer" appears even when regex answer validation is correct
   11973 assigned (olle)2016-12-06Admin Login Fails on new installation Postgresql Databse Backend
   117413resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-06Login limesurvey using the email address
   119291resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-06Reload a "all in one survey" : PHP notice
   119286resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-06Error when ending survey that is not active
   119644resolved (LouisGac)2016-12-06token in Survey URL ignored when CAPTCHA is enabled; user must manually enter token
   11981 new2016-12-06Reset all user activity in token table
   119798resolved (markusfluer)2016-12-06Graphs not working on Statistics page
   119807resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-06equation type question is displayed although it should have been hidden
  113833feedback (markusfluer)2016-12-06Can't assign values to custom attributes.
   119774resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-06Don't replace alert() javascript function
   1192531resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-06Update CKeditor to 4.6
   116205resolved (markusfluer)2016-12-05Validation equation bug
   118304resolved (markusfluer)2016-12-05I see the danger text red color but not turns to green color. But I can step
   118942resolved (markusfluer)2016-12-05Regex validation not working as expected when leading zeros are present in short text questions
   119653resolved (markusfluer)2016-12-05Nummeric question: Data entry fails with 2.04
   119351resolved (markusfluer)2016-12-05Numeric item is not filtered anymore
   119413assigned (c_schmitz)2016-12-05404 in "Comfort update" + no direct access
   1195210resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-05Template font - language specific characters
   119703resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-03create a template-default package
   119762resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-02Relevance based on array-dual-scale not working properly
   118919assigned (olle)2016-12-02Lost a really needed feature in the lasts version : filter + move whole filter to a survey
   119632resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-02404 better managed by view
   118627resolved (DenisChenu)2016-12-022 real step clearall
  106732new2016-12-02Feature request RPC: Copy Survey
   119683resolved (c_schmitz)2016-11-30Replace "Google Analytics API Key" with "Google Analytics Tracking ID"
   11956 assigned (olle)2016-11-30inconsistent use of icons on buttons
   119507resolved (c_schmitz)2016-11-30Data corrupts buy copy survey. unconditional stripping of ']]>'
   119627new2016-11-30Add another step to installation for plugin activation