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2016-09-28 10:30 CEST
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    PID # StatusUpdatedSummary
  116842resolved (olle)2016-09-20Download all files for these responses is missing
   11717 new2016-09-28statistics - multiple numerical input
   117164new2016-09-28Number of Questiongroups
   117104new (mfavetti)2016-09-28Add "search box" on Home page survey list
   114322new2016-09-28Allow plugin to add (or update) REPLACEMENT
   1170416assigned (olle)2016-09-28No implementation of beforeSurveyBarRender event
   116791new2016-09-28a link is missing in the admin notify mail
   117151new2016-09-28Permissions of the questionnaires do not function
  103243confirmed (LouisGac)2016-09-28CSS on login page needs fixing
   116951new2016-09-28When using file questions all possible files are shown, even empty ones
   117141new2016-09-27Error 400 when trying to change response page
  11654 assigned (olle)2016-09-27User permissions not working correctly
   115481new2016-09-27Allow custom links in home page boxes
   117122resolved (DenisChenu)2016-09-27Core plugin settings don't have good class
   117137resolved (c_schmitz)2016-09-27Misleading error message when setting an expiration date
   116983new (LouisGac)2016-09-27ConfortUpdate cannot download the zip file via proxy
   115423new (LouisGac)2016-09-27Implement setting to display more than 10 users per page
   117084resolved (DenisChenu)2016-09-27Unvisible QUESTION_CODE
  0736711acknowledged2016-09-25"Other answer" at a certain position in the list
   117062new (DenisChenu)2016-09-25Upload iframe : only one scroll-bar inn 2.06, 2 scroll-bar in 2.50
   115979assigned (c_schmitz)2016-09-25Quotas with more that one question don't work with hidden questions
   115891new2016-09-25Quota should be accessible in relevance equation
   11707 new2016-09-25Force 2 columns in survey listing : must be a template issue ?
  091793assigned (olle)2016-09-25Tweak to aggregated calculations
   115953assigned (LouisGac)2016-09-24copy paste of comfort update key
  096776new2016-09-24Bridging surveys : Progress Bar Settings and no submitbutton
   11705 new2016-09-23Question attribute : better separation between : EM managed and EM forced
   116215assigned (c_schmitz)2016-09-23Errors during installation (database population)
   116683new2016-09-23default file types which are allowed for upload
  1003812new2016-09-23maintenance mode and announcing
   112491new2016-09-22Default sort order in survey list
   110152resolved (LouisGac)2016-09-22Listsurveys Order by DESC
   11703 new2016-09-22Better styling of last page after survey is complete
   116788resolved (aesteban)2016-09-22some misplaced text string etc in "Print answers" after survey completition
   11696 assigned (c_schmitz)2016-09-22"Return to survey" link misaligned at "Load unfinished survey" screen (Shipped "Default" template)
   117021new2016-09-22Dropdown question : 2 'no answer' if value selected is 0
   117002resolved (DenisChenu)2016-09-22Mandatory array (dropdown) is not mandatory
   115865resolved (c_schmitz)2016-09-21window size problem for admin screens
  096499new2016-09-21Plugin event : update "default core string"
  100256new2016-09-21Quotas : Terminate survey with warning sentence is unclear
  1001724acknowledged (olle)2016-09-21Data from array is not saved correctly into the database (multiple rand() calls in EM/relevance equation)
  0830815assigned (LouisGac)2016-09-21questions that nothing depends upon trigger the reevaluation of every conditionnal expression in the survey
   116971new2016-09-21Default template - Columns at answer tables of array questions misaliged
   115125feedback (c_schmitz)2016-09-21Data redundancy check not removing tables leftover
  096506new2016-09-21Extend lang (add po/mo system for plugin)
  102601new2016-09-21customizable privacy message
   116272new2016-09-21Import .csv to update participant data
   11694 new2016-09-21Slider Questions mit numerical input textbox
   116858resolved (LouisGac)2016-09-21Survey header in mobile view breaking into next line