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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  100661resolved (c_schmitz)2015-12-012015-12-01It would be good to have ADMINNAME and ADMINEMAIL as replacement field for survey texts
  10065 new2015-11-302015-11-30Bad Request error
  10064 new2015-11-302015-11-30Problem with 'direct' drag and drop use for ranking question
  10063 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-302015-11-30Can't edit user signature
  100571new2015-11-232015-11-30Show column of groups and questions to allow easy navigation
  100591assigned (DenisChenu)2015-11-242015-11-30Error with answer table with limited user rights
  100601assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-272015-11-30Comfort update does not complete - Limesurvey non-functional even after manual upgrade afterwards
  100179new2015-11-042015-11-29Data from array is not saved correctly into the database
  100362new2015-11-152015-11-28I tried to upgrade vom 2.00+ to 2.06+ (current version) and had an error (crash).
  100332assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-122015-11-28Remote Control: Add user_id filter to list_users
  100621assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-272015-11-27SuperAdmin can't add users to not-owned UserGroups
  0989812assigned (c_schmitz)2015-09-182015-11-27can't see surveys on list any longer
  100611assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-272015-11-27Add Token email as replacement field on confirmation email template
  0995911feedback2015-10-132015-11-24Set Conditions Do not function in this version
  100026assigned (c_schmitz)2015-10-282015-11-23MSSQL Server Issues when Updating
  100553new2015-11-232015-11-23Hide question if all sub-questions are hidden.
  10056 new2015-11-232015-11-23"Generate tokens" and "Create dummy tokens" results are different (mixed vs. lower case)
  100203new2015-11-062015-11-21New question type: unlimited answers
  095051assigned (c_schmitz)2015-02-092015-11-21Allow for underscore in question codes (again)
  10054 new2015-11-202015-11-21EM show only Survey in English
  099781new2015-10-192015-11-20Postgres install syntax error with LimeSurvey v2.5RC2
  100484resolved (DenisChenu)2015-11-182015-11-20Expression manager - bad links
  100511new2015-11-192015-11-20enable / disable quotas
  098167acknowledged (c_schmitz)2015-08-052015-11-20Using quotas to prevent new entries
  10050 new2015-11-192015-11-20Import token : filterduplicatetoken with OR system
  096439feedback (DenisChenu)2015-05-202015-11-20Date/Time question with drop down values fails validation when only one value is selected and MySQL is not the database
  10053 new2015-11-202015-11-20[2.5RC] "Option 'Other'" does not appear for applicable question types in LS 2.5RC
  100522resolved (DenisChenu)2015-11-192015-11-190 as answer code in radio list causes problems when 'No answer' is enabled
  100394new2015-11-162015-11-19Please use [input type = ...] where possible
  100453new2015-11-172015-11-19Responses not visble in non-anonymous survey using tokens
  100403new2015-11-162015-11-19All languages visible, even though only English is activated
  100372assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-162015-11-19Alternative payment methods
  08008 new2013-07-132015-11-19Go to HTML5, add a polyfills and remove a lot of JS
  075982new2012-10-292015-11-19Ability to set quotas based on numerical input
  100443new2015-11-172015-11-19Subquestions are not imported when importing array question lsq file
  100136new2015-11-022015-11-18Reorder questions feature not available in 2.5RC Build 151008
  10047 new2015-11-172015-11-17tag/release 151109 is missing on github
  100082new (kochi)2015-10-312015-11-17Array/struct parameter in remove control function - list_participants
  10046 new2015-11-172015-11-17list_participant() return all fields available
  10043 new2015-11-172015-11-17Lss file without group description and debug : PHP notice
  09953 new2015-10-072015-11-17Set Settings & Plugins Global permission to true don't give access to plugin settings
  10042 new2015-11-172015-11-17When Default Mappings Set, Copying Custom Attributes Doesn't WOrk
  099849assigned (LouisGac)2015-10-202015-11-16opendir(/var/www/limesurvey/tmp/assets/69cb2cf3): failed to open dir: No such file or directory
  10038 new2015-11-162015-11-16maintenance mode and announcing
  098464assigned (LouisGac)2015-08-272015-11-16A way to deactivate ConfortUpdate
  10035 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-11-132015-11-13ComfortUpdate crashes with CException in Step 4
  10034 new2015-11-132015-11-13User see questions already answered for randomized group when using token
  100105assigned (LouisGac)2015-11-022015-11-13Comfortupdate announcement visible to non-super admins
  098791assigned (LouisGac)2015-09-112015-11-13Update message is displayed even if you don't have the permission to update
  100292resolved (c_schmitz)2015-11-102015-11-13When sending AJAX calls from Firefox, RemoteControl doesn't respond
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