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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  086786new2014-02-062016-08-25Using Expressions as default value for text fields questions when index is activated
  113522new2016-06-082016-06-10Using same view/system for Data entry and edit response
  11584 new2016-08-252016-08-25Video Tutorials are outdated - need to be updated
   11583 new2016-08-252016-08-25Create a new survey button doesn't appear in welcome screen for users with survey global permission
  101985resolved (c_schmitz)2016-01-062016-08-25Unable to import tokens due to missing global surveys -> import permission
   11582 new2016-08-252016-08-25matrices of multiple question types
  1016214acknowledged (olle)2015-12-172016-08-25new visit on a survey with token deletes last entry
  089156assigned (olle)2014-03-282016-08-25Textfield for Plugin Settings has not default value
  114672resolved (LouisGac)2016-07-182016-08-25Status bar in Response View will not stay.
   115803resolved (c_schmitz)2016-08-252016-08-25Error 403 at captcha query
  101901resolved (c_schmitz)2015-12-302016-08-25inconsistent field size for attribute names
  0990913assigned (DenisChenu)2015-09-232016-08-25Empty colums in export file while data visible in GUI
  100253new2015-11-062016-08-25Quotas : Terminate survey with warning sentence is unclear
  100235new2015-11-062016-08-25Plugin settings - list view from example
  0830815acknowledged (c_schmitz)2013-10-222016-08-25questions that nothing depends upon trigger the reevaluation of every conditionnal expression in the survey
   11581 assigned (c_schmitz)2016-08-252016-08-25Change label Active -> Status
  099792resolved (c_schmitz)2015-10-192016-08-25Base fields on the Registration page should have an Asterisk (*) beside them
   115706new2016-08-222016-08-25Its possible to exceed the quota
   115775feedback (c_schmitz)2016-08-232016-08-25$bCheckIntegrity logic in getSurveyList() - common_helper.php
   1149912assigned (olle)2016-07-262016-08-24alert-info is green, should be blue
  101802resolved (c_schmitz)2015-12-232016-08-24Maximum token length of 35 characters
  1148210assigned (LouisGac)2016-07-202016-08-24Comfort Update offers LS 2.5 only. No LTS update.
   115374resolved (LouisGac)2016-08-112016-08-24Large array questions moving out of question container
  115263resolved (LouisGac)2016-08-082016-08-24Template exception when using question index with debug enabled
  10203 new2016-01-072016-08-24Central participants pagination not working
  10202 new2016-01-072016-08-24Central participants sort not working
  1076717assigned (markusfluer)2016-03-142016-08-24Attribute listing in Participant Panel problems
  113832assigned (markusfluer)2016-06-152016-08-24Can't assign values to custom attributes.
   115344resolved (LouisGac)2016-08-102016-08-24right align statistic columns
   115282resolved (LouisGac)2016-08-082016-08-24Add new question in question group list leads to copy question
  110745new2016-04-282016-08-24Export and Result view is corrupt
   112727resolved (c_schmitz)2016-05-262016-08-24Large text field input doubled/repeated upon error throwback; safe/resume; previous page
   11579 new2016-08-242016-08-24Exception is created but not thrown
  115641feedback (LouisGac)2016-08-202016-08-24Reporting gives PHP error
   115734resolved (c_schmitz)2016-08-232016-08-24Translation errors for 'it' and 'it-informal' locales
   115766assigned (DenisChenu)2016-08-232016-08-24Some participants throw jquery error
  115382resolved (markusfluer)2016-08-112016-08-24Wrong codes are created when using quick add feature
   115698resolved (LouisGac)2016-08-222016-08-24How do I access ComfortUpdate if I remove the icon from teh home page?
   115672resolved (markusfluer)2016-08-222016-08-24blank_button is invisible in participant list
   115274resolved (markusfluer)2016-08-082016-08-24{QUESTION_VALID_MESSAGE} placeholder gets populated with HTML even if no warning exists
   115743assigned (aesteban)2016-08-232016-08-24Search box in main survey list is case sensitive
   115722resolved (c_schmitz)2016-08-232016-08-24Export rexsponces to Excel with non-english symbol sequences in title cause file corruption
  115234resolved (markusfluer)2016-08-052016-08-24Sub-question text far too small on mobiles for some array questions
   115594resolved (markusfluer)2016-08-182016-08-24Layout problem with bipolar answers/labels for matrix
   115654assigned (olle)2016-08-202016-08-24when importing particioants, can't un-set attribute match once set
   11578 new2016-08-242016-08-24Hello, Can you add via IP or MAC to restrict participation only once a day?
   115663new2016-08-202016-08-23search box for participant panel
   115461new2016-08-122016-08-22Add Subtotals based on displayed questions in export_statistics remote control
  110269new2016-04-242016-08-22html editor is not present if I edit mail templates
   115562assigned (mfaber)2016-08-182016-08-19Array (Numbers and Text). X-axis subquestions cannot be hidden by relevance equation
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