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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  09951 new2015-10-062015-10-06Remote import of zip file doesn't work
  099452feedback (DenisChenu)2015-10-052015-10-06unable to send emails, blocked as malware
  09950 new2015-10-062015-10-06More easy "image" link in survey
  0993211assigned (LouisGac)2015-09-302015-10-06review response browsing to be usuable
  099441new2015-10-052015-10-06Find button or Ctrl+F feature not working within code field of Template Editor
  09949 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-10-062015-10-06unable to upgrade due to error in migration script upgradeTokenTables179
  09948 new2015-10-052015-10-05Error when trying to rename attribute
  09947 new2015-10-052015-10-05form code being revealed in participant attribute value field
  09946 new2015-10-052015-10-05can only see 10 participant attributes and a few surveys
  099433assigned (c_schmitz)2015-10-042015-10-05The survey logic file shows false errors on conditions containing expressions with double-quoted strings
  098001resolved (sammousa)2015-07-302015-10-05Undefined index: surveyls_endtext
  097291resolved (sammousa)2015-06-302015-10-05Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '0-af'
  097321confirmed (sammousa)2015-06-302015-10-05Survey start and listing don't use template
  09731 resolved (sammousa)2015-06-302015-10-05Unable to delete token
  097331resolved (sammousa)2015-06-302015-10-05Property "Response_797631.token" is not defined.
  098051resolved (sammousa)2015-07-312015-10-05Unable to manage token before activate survey
  099115feedback (sammousa)2015-09-232015-10-05Reinstall with an existing DB
  099333confirmed (sammousa)2015-10-012015-10-05LS3 - Incomplete token menu
  099342assigned (c_schmitz)2015-10-012015-10-05Activate Survey - Survey table could not be created - Database error!!
  098997assigned (DenisChenu)2015-09-182015-10-03HTML codes
  09941 new2015-10-022015-10-02Need a subquestion/answer relevance equation option for ranking questions and different question types on dual scale array.
  09940 new2015-10-022015-10-02email fail error is unclear
  099391new2015-10-022015-10-02Admin can submit invalid question
  099352assigned (LouisGac)2015-10-012015-10-02Save/Save and return : must be after the form
  098652resolved (sammousa)2015-09-042015-10-02Unable to use password authentication to DB with postgresql
  099385resolved (LouisGac)2015-10-022015-10-02build 150911 + debug at 2 : unable to access to admin
  099301resolved (sammousa)2015-09-302015-10-02Unable to create a survey
  09937 new2015-10-022015-10-02DATE/TIME not included in statistics
  099208assigned (c_schmitz)2015-09-242015-10-01Question Index Jumping bypassing "empty" mandatory fields deletes data on Apache 2.4 / PHP 5.6.7-1
  0991614new2015-09-242015-10-01Sessions are getting confused on PHP 5.6.7-1 / MySQL 5.5.43 / Apache 2.4
  099043assigned (c_schmitz)2015-09-202015-09-30Variable EXPIRY of the survey is not found when used in an e-mail template that is sent through the Remote Control API
  098973resolved (c_schmitz)2015-09-172015-09-30Bug 09775 overload of namespace variables
  098988feedback (c_schmitz)2015-09-182015-09-30can't see surveys on list any longer
  09931 new2015-09-302015-09-30relevancestatus does not appear to work for multiple choice questions in v2.06+
  09910 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-09-232015-09-30Unable to add 2 email for a token manually (OK when import)
  098834resolved (c_schmitz)2015-09-142015-09-30Stata (xml) plugin needs small edits to match element IDs in 2.06
  099293resolved (LouisGac)2015-09-302015-09-30nable to install last 250 version
  099231feedback (c_schmitz)2015-09-282015-09-30Java Remote Client Encoding Problem
  099153acknowledged2015-09-232015-09-30Possiblle white oage after renaming a template
  09925 new2015-09-282015-09-29Template allocation failure after deleting default template.
  098944feedback (DenisChenu)2015-09-162015-09-28{TEMPLATECSS} not resolved properly-->surveys unformatted
  09924 confirmed2015-09-282015-09-28Quick add AND quick replace function don't add "relevance button" when needed
  096401new2015-05-192015-09-28answer options spread on several columns are shown i rows in print
  0969711new2015-06-192015-09-28Big "checkbox" list OR multiple select
  099181assigned (adamzammit)2015-09-242015-09-25queXML export of question set has no choice of language
  099098confirmed2015-09-232015-09-24Empty colums in export file while data visible in GUI
  098305assigned (c_schmitz)2015-08-132015-09-24HTML-Editor in Template Editor doesn't work
  09668 new2015-06-092015-09-20attachment in beforeTokenEmail
  098613new2015-09-022015-09-20No atttachment information when sending invitation and reminder emails
  093214assigned (sammousa)2014-10-212015-09-20Unable to validate the box for relevance expression filter in mail template file attachement form the mail templates section
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