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    PID # StatusDate SubmittedUpdatedSummary
  096155assigned (c_schmitz)2015-04-232015-07-27KCFinder Image Browse Server not working when using db sessions
  09794 new2015-07-252015-07-25Update from 2.00+ to 2.06+ is not working
  097605new2015-07-072015-07-24Group descrition anbd title are not JS updated
  096433assigned (c_schmitz)2015-05-202015-07-24Date/Time question with drop down values fails validation when only one value is selected and MySQL is not the database
  097784resolved (sammousa)2015-07-162015-07-24Unable to use cron event
  097935resolved (c_schmitz)2015-07-242015-07-24Token table upgrade to db version 179 goes wrong (mssql)
  097461feedback (c_schmitz)2015-07-032015-07-24internal server error on fresh install
  097712resolved (c_schmitz)2015-07-102015-07-24Unable to upgrade from 1.87 to 2.06
  097915resolved (c_schmitz)2015-07-232015-07-24Upgrade from 2.05+ to 2.06+ breaks on Linux/mssql system
  0965811assigned (c_schmitz)2015-06-022015-07-24Responses cannot be saved
  097891new2015-07-222015-07-24Manage survey administrators
  09792 new2015-07-242015-07-24Add a replacement for survey uploaded files
  097265feedback (c_schmitz)2015-06-292015-07-23KCFinder issue with DL not with GIT
  097304acknowledged (DenisChenu)2015-06-302015-07-23Add some text to menu
  097902new2015-07-222015-07-22Use conditions to get a subset of list_participants
  096979new2015-06-192015-07-22Big "checkbox" list OR multiple select
  09788 new2015-07-222015-07-22Add event for plugins to create new feature in Remote Control API
  097831new (c_schmitz)2015-07-172015-07-22Use "adminname <adminemail>" as from-header in emailTokens
  083314assigned (c_schmitz)2013-11-042015-07-22Set appearance options for queXML export
  097861acknowledged (sammousa)2015-07-202015-07-21Unable to lss file
  097402assigned (c_schmitz)2015-07-012015-07-20sending multiple reminder- or invitation-mails fails
  097811assigned (mfaber)2015-07-172015-07-17Array text : PHP notive due to relevance on scale 1
  097342confirmed (sammousa)2015-06-302015-07-16More quick to see error with 2.0 than 3.0
  080304confirmed (DenisChenu)2013-07-222015-07-13Prefilled values for obviously not relevant questions lost
  087253new2014-02-152015-07-12Replace Expression manager Hard coded javascript by event
  09774 new2015-07-122015-07-12No PHP control on answer filtered for radio and ranking
  097675assigned (DenisChenu)2015-07-082015-07-09Remove cancelBubbleThis function
  097637new2015-07-072015-07-09Assessment summary radar plot graph
  09768 assigned (c_schmitz)2015-07-092015-07-09"Column already exists" error when upgrading DB, but no duplicate column found.
  085942new2014-01-242015-07-08Ability to change doctype in a theme
  092998assigned (c_schmitz)2014-10-132015-07-07(Occasional) Broken link to uploaded file
  09756 new2015-07-072015-07-07Unable to delete multiple checked responses on response viewer
  09755 new2015-07-062015-07-06afterPluginLoad event aren't call for survey listing
  097521new2015-07-042015-07-04Sometimes it can be impossible to move a question after another one.
  076934assigned2013-03-212015-07-04Send survey results as PDF document
  097511new2015-07-032015-07-03Create charts in questionaire using EM & pchart library
  09750 new2015-07-032015-07-03Need help on some Settings
  0949413feedback (DenisChenu)2015-02-042015-07-03Section 508 issue with class="hide label"
  097374resolved (aesteban)2015-07-012015-07-03No header on print version
  09745 new2015-07-022015-07-03Statistics graphs are incorrect for questions with multiple identical answers.
  09744 new2015-07-022015-07-02multi question type is not labelled for 'Not displayed' in statistics graph
  097381new2015-07-012015-07-02Allow to use logo from survey and not from template
  097435new2015-07-022015-07-02Limesurvey API getSurvey
  097421new2015-07-012015-07-01Add an option to NOT LOAD unnecessary subquestions when array_filter is used on different pages
  097043new2015-06-212015-07-01Using same "widget" for plugin and core.
  097391new2015-07-012015-07-01Unable to add content AFTER default content in last page
  09735 new2015-06-302015-06-30templatereplace reworking
  09733 new2015-06-302015-06-30Property "Response_797631.token" is not defined.
  09732 new2015-06-302015-06-30Survey start and listing don't use template
  09731 new2015-06-302015-06-30Unable to delete token
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