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    PID StatusUpdated Summary
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-02-26Multiple issues with template name and (uppet|lower)case
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-02-13Minimal template : remove awesome + table system (and maybe some another)
2018-05-30Passthrough field displays as undefined variable
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-23Courriels de rappel en double
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Some adaptations on the results table
2019-04-26Incorrect behavior with Question of type R (Classement)
resolved (ollehar)
2019-04-26Error on RPC: add_response method with "Anonymized responses" Survey
assigned (c_schmitz)
2019-04-26No error proper error message when LDAP<>LimeSurvey login fails due to case-sensitivity
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-04-26Unable to send email to valid address
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-04-26No save button on default value
2019-04-26Default suffix to NAOK not code
2019-04-26count and comparaison broken with .question in JS
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-26Comparaison String and Numeric is different in same page and other page
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-26max function broken : diff in JS and PHP, diff with previous behaviour
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-04-25Unable to browse response
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-04-25exporting tab-separated removes mandatory property of questions
assigned (p_teichmann)
2019-04-25resume later + ajax mode : JS issue
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-04-25Exception when adding user group
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Left menu disappears after sorting question list
resolved (markusfluer)
2019-04-24"Question overview" button does nothing
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Exception when adding answer to quota
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Side-menu is off screen at participant list view
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-04-24Batch-edit emails not working properly
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Caret is over the text in group list
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Side-menu is not always correct
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Data policy description is "null", should be empty string?
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24No save button in question organizer
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Save buttons are to the left, should be to the right
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24JS exception when clicking "Save" in question editor
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Question group description field is too small
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-04-24Group Name and Description do not display on Export to Printable Survey
resolved (c_schmitz)
2019-04-24Sorting of participant (query) groups wrong
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Quota system is buggy if you allow users to edit
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Possible to save question group without title
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Setting default answer in a single-option question doesn't work (receiving error message when taking the survey)
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Survey fails when default answer is set
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-04-24CDbException when a "default answer" option is not compatible with a question type
2019-04-24Date question : format : i18n
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24In IE, for an Array question the radio buttons disappear when resizing the page to the point the answers start to stack.
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Extend Token Response etc … to automatically encryt/decrypt
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Someone register in a Survey with token (+encrypt) : no way to check DB
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-04-24Token are not set to "sended" after email sent
assigned (p_teichmann)
2019-04-24Token field not displayed when checking for duplicates (import csv survey participants)
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Question can't be saved using new question editor
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-24Unable to edit text and question
2019-04-24Adding List-Unsubscribe header for token
assigned (cdorin)
2019-04-23Token control - should it be renamed?
assigned (ollehar)
2019-04-23Wrong website link
assigned (cdorin)
2019-04-23Text to be updated - add participant(s) to survey button - cpdb
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-04-23Cannot import csv files with additional attributes into CPD