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2017-01-24 16:22 CET
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    PID # StatusUpdatedSummary
   1192111new2016-11-17Separate input field for Javascript in question editing
   118952assigned (LouisGac)2016-11-16Courriels de rappel en double
   1207517assigned (c_schmitz)2017-01-24The value for the column "scale_id" is not supplied when querying the table "lime_answers".
  1003818new2017-01-23maintenance mode and announcing
   12076 new2017-01-23Array of texts set to "numbers only" doesn't allow negative values
   117586resolved (c_schmitz)2017-01-23Inserting Placeholder fields errors
   120734feedback (c_schmitz)2017-01-23Invalid argument supplied for foreach() warning SurveyRuntimeHelper.php line 1057
   120741new2017-01-23code readability/manageability improvement
   120116resolved (DenisChenu)2017-01-21Need an updatable runtime path
   120721feedback (c_schmitz)2017-01-20Conditions dialog very slow when creating/editing surveys
   120658new2017-01-19Update step by step
   120502resolved (markusfluer)2017-01-19Token edit / [ENTER] > show json file
   120611feedback (c_schmitz)2017-01-19Notifications : comma in field
   120515resolved (c_schmitz)2017-01-19non-admin users can see all usergroups
   12069 new2017-01-19custom attributes having a default value
   120663feedback (c_schmitz)2017-01-19Command action : set whole config too
   12067 new2017-01-19multicolumn report
   120574new2017-01-18Full Search not possible on version 2.58
   1189121assigned (olle)2017-01-18Lost a really needed feature in the lasts version : filter + move whole filter to a survey
   117413resolved (LouisGac)2017-01-18Login limesurvey using the email address
   119893new2017-01-18when delete participants from token table still related to participants
  103771new2017-01-18Give Usergroups access to templates besides individual access
   120103new2017-01-18Replace file production by Yii Cache or new controller ?
  073347assigned (LouisGac)2017-01-18redesign - template engine: {TAGS}
   120072new2017-01-18Override a translation value or modify the Save email sent to user
   120601new2017-01-18Allow function hook instead of auth_webserver_autocreate_permissions array
   120582resolved (c_schmitz)2017-01-16Error after deleting Boxes from home page A-UI
   120592resolved (olle)2017-01-16Internal Server Error Property "UniqueNotification.hash" is not defined
   120467new2017-01-15Reset boostrap extension to default
   1205214resolved (markusfluer)2017-01-14Overlapping messages
   120551new2017-01-13Error when setting conditions on questions
   12056 new2017-01-13aria-setsize and aria-posinset
   120365assigned (LouisGac)2017-01-12Cannot edit template config.xml file in the editor
   120451new2017-01-12Theming for template
   12049 new2017-01-12Email with invalid img src show not sent even if send
  087192new2017-01-12Managing user groups only functional if Superadministrator
   12023 assigned (olle)2017-01-12no access to resources other then 'files/'
   12032 assigned (LouisGac)2017-01-12Homepage boxes - external links opened twice when clicking icon
   12026 assigned (markusfluer)2017-01-12Can't save german sepcial chars in mssql
   12038 assigned (LouisGac)2017-01-12Group questions
   120349resolved (DenisChenu)2017-01-09exportresponse view : not 1 for the minimum limit when the first id is greater than 1
   12037 new2017-01-09Better separation in feature in template-default package
   119512assigned (c_schmitz)2017-01-09When move "Dev" issue to "Bug report" : loose category
   120292assigned (olle)2017-01-06EM for {Qcode.shown} not working after Update
   1202710resolved (LouisGac)2017-01-06Updated from 2.50.x to 2.57.1+161205 -> Statistics is empty now
   12035 new2017-01-05Define default duplicate fields for participants
  12025 assigned (LouisGac)2017-01-05Survey listing page broken
   12031 new2017-01-04Minor text issue on button on Browse Responses Screen
   120212resolved (DenisChenu)2017-01-04Have a real rtl slider
   120221feedback2017-01-03KCFinder Editor doesn't browse the server