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    PIDStatusUpdated Summary
2022-05-27When entering the survey setting screen, the survey theme being loaded needs reviewal.
2022-05-27Show comments in simple stats on question type bootstrap buttons?
2022-05-27Changing the colors in the diagrams
acknowledged (cdorin)
2022-05-26Allow the creation of "pages" and a "page per page" display
ready for testing (galads)
2022-05-25Single response overview is listing first name, last name, ... from token details but is missing attribute data
ready for code review
2022-05-25Server Error 500 when editing global settings: alias "application.controllers.admin.GlobalSettings" invalid
ready for code review
2022-05-24"Other answer" at a certain position in the list
assigned (ollehar)
2022-05-23Add new plugin updater class for git repositories
acknowledged (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-23Relevance Equation giving incorrect functions
2022-05-23Allow survey theme to add (and use) question attribute
2022-05-23Default hide tip (in advanced settings of a question)
2022-05-23config.xml must also contain php compatibility
2022-05-22Limesurvey forum: HTML editor sometimes deletes all HTML codes
2022-05-21Add (sub-)question code as a class to html of (sub-)question
2022-05-20Code tab implemented in way that obstructs
2022-05-20Output of statistics to Powerpoint
2022-05-19Survey in 'all in one' mode creates response entry as soon as the survey is visited
2022-05-19Start bounce tracking via API and get email status within list_participants
assigned (ollehar)
2022-05-16Include LimeStore plugins in plugin lists view
2022-05-16Survey group subgroups
acknowledged (galads)
2022-05-13Show currently used session timelout value at Global Settings
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-13Some survey attributes use the empty value for N and confuses inheritance rules
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-122FA Identifier in Google Authenticator Incorrect
ready for testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-10Add information on title HTML in admin GUI
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-06Short Free Text question does not validate anymore
ready for code review
2022-05-06Importing Question through Remote Control may fail if the imported question already exists
2022-05-05multiple choice option "other" cannot be selected without entering a text
2022-05-05Inconsistent use of formality in Spanish [es] translation
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-03Missing pagination in user group member view
2022-04-29Archive question
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-29Plugin get deactivated after error
ready for testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-28Allow for user friendly survey URLS
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-04-28Add column ignore_load_error to make plugins load even if there was an error
assigned (p_teichmann)
2022-04-28Default attribute are saved in DB
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-27Array dual scale "no answer" column is misleading
assigned (adamzammit)
2022-04-26SPSS export participant data variables blank
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-22Label set preview only shows last item, other items are missing
ready for testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-21API function get_uploaded_files() can only be used for closed surveys using tokens
ready for code review
2022-04-21better show selected option difference
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-21LSJsonExceptions handling and rendering
ready for code review (galads)
2022-04-20Date from token with invalid language show error and date not saved
ready for code review (galads)
2022-04-14Email received by participant is empty (LDAP)
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-04-11DbStorage not found
feedback (galads)
2022-04-11Submission Error
acknowledged (galads)
2022-04-07LDAP and 2FA plugin conflict
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-06User with very limited rights is allowed to set expiry date at survey list screen
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-04-06Admin change update public statistics
ready for code review (p_teichmann)
2022-04-06LSActiveRecord::encryptSave() doesn't run validations by default, while the standard 'save' method does
2022-04-04Bug tracker sends people to Telegram in stead of Discord
2022-04-04Add m5sum to expression manager