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16062Bug reportsOtherpublic2021-04-20 11:41
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Product Version4.1.13 
Summary16062: expand of question groups missing
DescriptionThe collapse all function in the structure view is really helpful. But it lacks an expand all function, which would be very handy for larger surveys. So it would be great if the button toggled from expand to collapse.
Additional InformationYes, I know that this report is little bit a feature request. But on the other hand, an implementation of a collapse without an expand, is a bit buggy.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.1.13
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2020-03-29 12:13


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grafik.png (15,639 bytes)   


2020-12-23 16:58

manager   ~61091

Does expand really make sense though?
As a user, I would expect to easily close all the groups I opened. If I have 100 groups and 800 questions, I find it much easier to navigate when all the groups are "closed" and just open the desired one.


2020-12-23 17:28

developer   ~61107

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A filter (by question title) can be really cool here (just an idea)


2021-03-19 10:24

administrator   ~63461

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Also think is a bug as the behaviour is unexpected


2021-04-20 11:39

developer   ~64037

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Yesterday I worked on this issue. For me there are some problems, which should be fixed before fixing this issue, because the current state of the source code for vue js components is too messy. It would take much more time than in a "normal" vue js setup. The issue itself is just a small fix:

1. Add isCollapsed: false to data part
2. Change button to @click="toggleCollapse"
3. Add toggleCollapse computed property with: toggleCollapse { this.isCollapsed = !this.isCollapsed }

But let me explain why it would take so much time at the moment and what kind of solutions for refactoring we would have right now:

If you press the collapse button right now, the state for the button is served from the backend, its triggering an event via jquery and the value wont be changed after pressing it again. Thats the issue itself.

Refactoring steps:
1. Remove unecessary variables (Props) from the entry point
2. Introduce a "real" entry point
3. Trigger events over vuejs via EventBus, not over jQuery
4. Use vuex rarely
5. "whole" sidebar is too dynamic. it should be dynamic, but just necessary parts should be dynamic, not the whole component and its sub components

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