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19259Feature requestsRemoteControlpublic2023-11-21 10:11
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Summary19259: Let user define custom codetextseparator in data export via API

The issue has been discussed in the forum:

Using a PHP script to export responses via the API , it is possible to get the question code AND question text in the column header by setting the $sHeadingType parameter to 'codetext', which is not documented in the API documentation.

[code] $response = $lsJSONRPCClient->export_responses($sessionKey, $surveyID, 'csv', 'en', 'complete', 'codetext', 'long'); [/code]

However, question code and question text get concatenated without a separator (unlike in the export via the web interface). This makes the heading difficult to read, for example "S1Q5What is your name?".

Specifying a codetextseparator in $aAdditionalOptions does not have any effect.
[code]('codetextseparator' => '. ')[/code]

Please allow users to define a custom codetextseparator in $aAdditionalOptions.

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