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19260Feature requestsRemoteControlpublic2023-11-21 11:49
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Summary19260: export_responses limited to 255 columns

we have surveys with around 1000 columns. Exporting to excel format, via web interface, does not create any problems but via remote control API it is not possible to
get more than 255 columns. So it does not seem to be a limitation of ExportSurveyResultsService().
In the export_responses function I find this code snippet:
if ($sDocumentType == 'xls') {
// Cut down to the first 255 fields
$aFields = array_slice($aFields, 0, 255);

Wouldn't it be possible to remove this limitation? Or alternatively expose a new type of sDocumentType, 'xsls' for example, which simply matches 'xls' but without the 255 column constraint?
Thank you.

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