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19225Bug reportsUser / Groups / Rolespublic2023-11-08 11:05
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Product Version5.6.x 
Summary19225: User Creation -> no Auth Type Option available

We switched from LimeSurvey 3 to 5.

When I created new users in LimeSurvey 3, there was the option that said that the user will use LDAP Auth and I just had to fill in the username and click on create. That worked fine.

Now in LimeSurvey 5 when I create new users there is no option for authentication type and I have to fill in all the fields like mail address, username, firstname lastname, then create the user. Go to the users permissions and switch authentication type to LDAP. That is not very userfriendly/convenient.

Is there a way to get the old behaviour back, is there some switch or config that I can set?

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Click in user administration on new user / add user

Expected result

There should be the option to chose the auth type
and if you chose ldap auth, you only need to enter the username, nothing else.
That was the behaviour in LimeSurvey v3

Actual result

ini the new dialog there is no option for selecting the authtype like database auth oder ldap auth

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.6.42+231024
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BrowserFirefox, Edge
Database type & versionmysql
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PHP Version8.0.30

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2023-11-08 10:59

developer   ~78331

With 3.X : there are a dropdown to allow to choose the Auth plugin used
LDAP disable the input

My opinion :

  1. LimeSurvey issue : loose the plugin event ?
  2. AuthLDAP issue : must use the event ?


2023-11-08 11:05

developer   ~78332

OK :

Need to create a new event to allow Plugin to update this form (and maybe User rules (no need email here).

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