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Summary07517: "lottery" for LimeSurvey

use case

The creator of a survey should be able to include a lottery into the survey. The participant will leave his/her e-mail address for participation in the lottery. In the admin tool it should be possible to see how many people have participated in the lottery and randomly select a number of e-mail addresses for the winners.


  • If the participant takes part in the survey no conclusions about the participant should be possible. For example if the e-mail address is stored in the same survey database table or the sessionID and timestamp of the participation of the survey and lottery are stored in both of the two separate tables.
  • The lottery should be part of a survey. It should not be a link to a new/additional survey (with navigation and "submit" button).
  • The selection of winners should be done automatically by the LimeSurvey admin tool.
Additional Information

A possible solution: new question type "lottery-email"
A new question type "lottery email" is to be created. This type will be used as a free text field for entering the e-mail address. Writing to the database is done in a separate table like "lime_win_SID" without the SessionID or timestamp being stored in this table to ensure that no conclusions about the participants of the survey can be drawn.
In the area "responses & statistics"/"statistics" there should be a new textbox and a button to specify a number of winners. The winners are determined via random-number generator from the answers of the question with the type "lottery email". The winners are then shown on the page.

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2016-05-14 11:32

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Created a similar feature request two days ago: 11164 (didn't search for 'lottery').
There I proposed a survey setting which would automatically create a new question at the end of the survey, but probably this approach of a question type would be easier for survey creators as they can config better where to place/how to present it.

I would also, compared to this proposal from the OP, make it possible to:

  • select criteria which decide whether people can participate in the price draw (e.g. answered x% of the pages, answered particular question X or Y)
  • a) enable and b) require: first name, last name, email address, phone number and/or address
  • exclude the question from the progress bar (because it's not really part of the survey, reduces time perceived by participants thereby leading to less dropouts)

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