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19190Bug reportsUsability/user experiencepublic2023-11-03 08:20
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Product Version6.3.x 
Summary19190: We need to provide feedback in case of error in the application

Particular case can be reproduced like this
In this case, after the request fails, we don't provide the user with notification about the failure and why it happened.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Just go over this scenario

Expected result

User gets notification about the error and what caused it.

Actual result

Silent error visible only by using chrome dev console or similar.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.3.1
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2023-10-24 16:27

developer   ~77919

We have some other,
Some for show it in all condition : need hacking code, but can happen after session close for example



2023-10-24 16:35

developer   ~77921

Sample test here too
Have same alert with 403 (but for 403 need hack PHP code)

Peek 24-10-2023 16-30.gif (1,206,207 bytes)


2023-10-31 20:20

manager   ~78196

OK, so this is when an ajax call fails, right?



2023-11-02 08:41

developer   ~78205

OK, so this is when an ajax call fails, right?

Yes, i think. I don't know when this error was added, but we have it on some ajax call.

/master$ grep -ri "please reload the page" *
assets/scripts/admin/failedEmail.js: alert('An error occured while trying to save, please reload the page Code:1658139259132\n' +
assets/scripts/admin/statistics.js: alert("An error occured! Please reload the page!");
assets/scripts/statistics_user.js: alert ("An error occured! Please reload the page!");
assets/packages/permissionroles/js/permissionroles.js: window.LS.ajaxAlerts('An error occured while trying to save, please reload the page Code:1571314170100', 'danger', {showCloseButton: true});
assets/packages/usermanagement/js/usermanagement.js: alert('An error occured while trying to save, please reload the page Code:1571926261195');



2023-11-02 22:35

manager   ~78217

On some systems I work with, the ajaxSetup for handling errors is being done automatic and general-wise, so if the ajax fails with 403 or 500 std error messages can be show.



2023-11-03 08:20

developer   ~78224

I think we have 2 ajax error systezm return …
We must not create one again or it must be the last one … then we need to remove all other …

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