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2022-05-18Display Error in Offlinesurvey App while using a multilanguage Survey including RTL-Languages
2022-05-18[feature request] OAuth implementation
   1810112022-05-18Spinning hexagon continues to spin although file is correctly downloaded
feedback (DenisChenu)
2022-05-18Server Error 500 when editing global settings: alias "application.controllers.admin.GlobalSettings" invalid
2022-05-18Ability to disable animation layer regarding saving in header section
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-18Exit and clear survey doesn't work
confirmed (DenisChenu)
2022-05-18Unable to disable broken questionTheme
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-18Not all files imported with custom question theme
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-18Response date is incorrect when there is a mis-match in date format
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-18Setting to correct server time not taken into account when sending email invitations
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-18User details last login is not shown completed
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-18Input on demand question type not working when setting multiple rows
2022-05-18Changing the colors in the diagrams
2022-05-18Show comments in simple stats on question type bootstrap buttons?
2022-05-18Question type bootstrap buttons "no answer" omitted from graphical representation (x-axis) in statistics.
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Export fails when called from a Cron process or console application
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Custom question attributes not available in some twig files
2022-05-17Batch Edit: Dates are saved as Y/N
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Can't change reminder / invitation date
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Error in captcha challenge image generation
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Custom" other" label text not applied to Bootstrap button layout
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Removed html tags in emails
2022-05-17Information about "soft mandatory" setting is missing at manual
2022-05-17Missing data set ID info at "Error saving results" email
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-17Export Duplicate entries in the Excel Form
assigned (ollehar)
2022-05-16Include LimeStore plugins in plugin lists view
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-16File upload show title/comment=off not yet fully respected
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-16Grammar Correct: User management -> Selected user(s)
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-16Renamed custom theme not updated in global survey settings
2022-05-16Include non-free plugins in limestore
2022-05-16Output of statistics to Powerpoint
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-05-16Uanble to get empty help in question attributes
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-05-16Deprecated feature : no HTML in attribute help
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-05-16Deprecated feature : no need click to have help + help before input for question attribute
2022-05-16Unable to save existing question with button
2022-05-16Survey group subgroups
2022-05-16Add new plugin updater class for git repositories
2022-05-16Missing survey ID replacements at registration screen
acknowledged (galads)
2022-05-13Show currently used session timelout value at Global Settings
review (DenisChenu)
2022-05-13Session timeout ignoring settings
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-13Some survey attributes use the empty value for N and confuses inheritance rules
assigned (ollehar)
2022-05-13Add edit-in-place in survey preview
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-122FA Identifier in Google Authenticator Incorrect
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-11Unable to save survey with top link (and nothing happen)
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-11jumping to place in question index not working
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-11Session expire message when submit button is clicked twice
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-11Undefined property: stdClass::$emailnotificationto
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-10Survey Permissions
testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-05-10Deleting first question group jumps to system frontpage
testing (galads)
2022-05-10Single response overview is listing first name, last name, ... from token details but is missing attribute data