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2019-01-24"Resume later" clears current answer
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-08-10Minimal template : remove awesome + table system (and maybe some another)
2018-05-30Passthrough field displays as undefined variable
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-23Courriels de rappel en double
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Multiple issues with template name and (uppet|lower)case
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Some adaptations on the results table
feedback (LouisGac)
2019-01-24comfort update fails on udatedb
2019-01-23missing git tag 3.15.6
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-23{ASSESSMENT_CURRENT_TOTAL}] usage broken
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-01-22Statistics - Clear button not working
resolved (c_schmitz)
2019-01-22Popover showed multiple times when save survey
resolved (markusfluer)
2019-01-22Sort LDAP participant names alphabetically in the survey creation form
assigned (c_schmitz)
2019-01-22Unale to use SAVEDID or some other reponse related var in submit.twig
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-22never same order in Theme list
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-22Error 500 when deleting a question
2019-01-22Statistics filter with Participant details
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-01-21Japanese characters get replaced with '?'
2019-01-21Add placeholder for seed
2019-01-21Upgrade to 3.15 SLQ Error
2019-01-19Changing survey type while running can cause in PHP error message (undefied index: gid)
2019-01-19Panel Integrations and lastpage set to -1
2019-01-19disappearing answers upon continue later, js execution disabled. Images not loading in edge browser
2019-01-18"Go to survey" menu icon not working in collapsed menu mode
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-01-18Undefined property on some survey
2019-01-18Reset or update options of a theme : come back to 1st page
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-01-18With the format "All in one", the "Survey data policy checkbox label" and "Survey data policy message" don't appear
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-18Survey general settings on the summary page shows Survey owner, not values of survey administrator
2019-01-18Bad placement of :before/:after button checkbox in admin
2019-01-18More button and action than available according Permission in theme
2019-01-18randomly subset of the questions failed with urlparam
2019-01-18KCFinder breaks under PHP 7.2 via graphic library to create thumbs
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-01-17PHP warning on response statistics page when "Show graphs" option is turned on
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-01-17Error exporting PDF with graphs
2019-01-17Survey logic view -> Open printable view is showing not the correct language version
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-01-17Incorrect translation in Logic File
2019-01-17KCFinder doesn't work
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-01-17dump show link of Extension/Debug.php not line of twig file
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-01-16PHP-function each() has been deprecated
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-01-16Slider "Slider starts at the middle position" and "Slider initial value" settings not working
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-01-16Placeholder fields do not show up in mail-template-editor
assigned (dominikvitt)
2019-01-16HTML Emails Not Using Expressions
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-01-16Map question with default position/answer very confusing
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-16Unable to disable samechoiceheight and samelistheight
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-16Ranking issue with image
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-16In theme option : current template is the default one
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-16Template can throw error with invalid image
resolved (dominikvitt)
2019-01-16Import participant CSV is not possible with surveys update right
resolved (DenisChenu)
2019-01-16Path to preview image broken when creating a custom question theme
resolved (LouisGac)
2019-01-16Not possible to delete deprecated themes
2019-01-16Adding boostrap helper class in ckeditor