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2022-09-25[feature request] OAuth implementation
in code review (DenisChenu)
2022-09-24SurveySetting type date doesnt show datepicker
2022-09-24jsonrpcphp client constructor not honoring debug
2022-09-24export_statistics from API Yields error
2022-09-24Password suggestions sometimes doens't match rules
2022-09-24Possible to import a participants CSV file with languages in uppercase
2022-09-24add_participants duplicates already existing participants
2022-09-24install process generates "buggy" config file
2022-09-24Update from 3.X broke with question theme
2022-09-24lost feature position set when create a new question
2022-09-24activate_survey does not correctly set inherited properties for Notification and data management
assigned (ollehar)
2022-09-23Add edit-in-place in survey preview
2022-09-23Need Way to Modify Question Props in question_l10ns
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-09-23Strange error return when there are issue about permission
ready for testing (DenisChenu)
2022-09-23Problem with interpreting double slash in an URL (IIS)
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-09-23A comment string starting with a "<" is not saved using Multiple choice with comments
feedback (ollehar)
2022-09-23Xdebug has detected a possible infinite loop
ready for testing (ollehar)
2022-09-22cpd_importParticipants not encrypting users attributes
ready for testing
2022-09-22Display dropdown boxes - Date/Time question type not working correctly if minimum date < 1900
assigned (galads)
2022-09-22Double update notification
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-09-21Statistics filter feature is not working properly
ready for code review (c_schmitz)
2022-09-21Inconsistent filter behaviour when create token
assigned (c_schmitz)
2022-09-21Anchor answer options so they don't randomise
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-09-19Strings “LimeSurvey internal database” not available for translation in GlotPress
ready for code review
2022-09-19Unable to upload an xml file
ready for code review
2022-09-19Unable to check extension of this file type image/svg.
  0843652022-09-16Enable / disable users and fields to manage users
resolved (ollehar)
2022-09-16editing survey permissions do need superadministrator rights
ready for code review (ollehar)
2022-09-15Panel Integration is failing to load
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-09-15Add a way to extend Survey list in administration (for Permission)
ready for testing (cdorin)
2022-09-15Survey group Permission : minimal system
2022-09-15PHP Notice when try to edit question and Found no L10n object
ready for testing (pstelling)
2022-09-15Anonymize IP address
assigned (c_schmitz)
2022-09-15setting up 2FA with YubiKey
assigned (ollehar)
2022-09-14ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE :: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]'INSTR' is not a recognized built-in function name
2022-09-14Test and Comment Modus
ready for testing
2022-09-13Copy a multiple choice question send a DB error (MSSQL)
ready for code review (DenisChenu)
2022-09-12Question List: Filtering doesn't work on type description
ready for testing (ollehar)
2022-09-12QCode.gid is not working anymore
2022-09-12Placeholder fields VALIDFROM and VALIDUNTIL not listed at email templates
2022-09-12Default ranking help text is missing helpm icon
ready for merge (ollehar)
2022-09-10Potential redirect loop with Authwebserver
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2022-09-10Placeholders VALIDFROM and VALIDUNTIL at email templates do not use localized dates
ready for merge (ollehar)
2022-09-09User was not added to group created automatically
feedback (c_schmitz)
2022-09-09Users in group are not deleted
ready for code review (c_schmitz)
2022-09-09Possible log out when preview survey
2022-09-08Expiration date can be set before start date
2022-09-08Modify ambigous text for Allow multiple responses or update responses with one token
confirmed (vharris)
2022-09-08When creating an array, you cannot set 'Repeat answer options' to 0 as HTML validation states larger than 0
assigned (DenisChenu)
2022-09-08Default suffix to NAOK not code