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    PID StatusUpdated Summary
2018-09-27"Resume later" clears current answer
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-08-10Minimal template : remove awesome + table system (and maybe some another)
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-07-30Not possible to delete deprecated themes
2018-05-30Passthrough field displays as undefined variable
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-23Courriels de rappel en double
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Multiple issues with template name and (uppet|lower)case
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Some adaptations on the results table
confirmed (dominikvitt)
2018-10-17Changing invitation/reminder dates for a certain tokens changes the date format at the database
2018-10-17question index/allow jumping is not working
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-17Allow to expose PHP functions to Expression Manager via config or GUI.
resolved (TonisOrmisson)
2018-10-17Quotas page missing pagination - only 10 quotas visible
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-17AuditLog plugin reset langage to default when register
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-17Participants recieve wrong tokens after testing
2018-10-17Arabic text is corrupted in several sections in admin view and user view
2018-10-16Quota out aren shown as completed in token list
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-16Expression Manager evaluates answers to free text questions enclosed by "{" and "}"
assigned (DenisChenu)
2018-10-16Uploading survey resources (via kcfinder) does not work with CRedisCache
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-16Update save way to add custom made EM functions
feedback (c_schmitz)
2018-10-16Browser Crash when attempting to ad images CKImage
assigned (olle)
2018-10-16Cannot get random questions within a group when using the "Question by question" format
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-10-16Button "Add new question to group" does not work
resolved (c_schmitz)
2018-10-16Missing translation in question types labels
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-10-16Graphs in pdf not correctly displayed
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-16Integer values in pdf report in multiple numerical input
2018-10-16new visit on a survey with token deletes last entry
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-15script (and tag) are not filtered or encoded if question is in same group
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-15Duplication check when adding participant to survey not working
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-15lss with long group name broke when import
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-14moving backwards clears answer (Date/Time question)
acknowledged (c_schmitz)
2018-10-13Mantis autolink to commit broken
2018-10-12Save and Close in Quick-add Conditions issue
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-12Internet Explorer not able to open login screen
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-12Inconsistent behaviour on 'Set Conditions'
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-12Admin Question and Condition Pages not loading correctly (3.14.1)
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-12Set Condition issue
resolved (LouisGac)
2018-10-12SPAM problems mailing
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-10-12question type (dropdown) is not marked with mandatory border style
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-10-10missing glyphicons-halflings-regular.* fonts when viewing survey responses
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-10Incorporate privacy policy box in the (public) registration
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-10-09Random group order not working
2018-10-09Yii framework bug when using remote control then inserting Session into MS SQL database
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-09CKEditor using document.write throwing errors in latest Chrome update
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-10-09Make setting mandatory/not mandatory possible in bulk function
2018-10-09Question display no longer uses Default language if translation missing - Version 3.14.9+180917
assigned (markusfluer)
2018-10-08Auswertung der Umfrage generiert einen Abfragefehler
resolved (DenisChenu)
2018-10-06Unable to use beforeTokenSave afterSurveySave event
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-10-05Token modal not opening while having filters in responses view
assigned (dominikvitt)
2018-10-05wrong translation table in German version
resolved (dominikvitt)
2018-10-05Property "AdminController.uid" is not defined.