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2017-08-11Randomization, relevance and more than one column in multi response questions
2017-08-10Custom Privacy Notice Per Survey
assigned (LouisGac)
2017-08-09Users not allowed to edit data sets can edit data
2017-08-09Text encoding
2017-08-08when delete participants from token table still related to participants
2017-08-07Question index not showing errors
2017-08-05Include Survey Title once again in the Administrative Surveys dropdown
2017-08-05Condition where invitations are sent without token record recognizing it.
2017-08-03Participants all sent the same token
2017-08-01No .withprefix/.withsuffix CSS classes for multiple numeric question type
assigned (markusfluer)
2017-08-01Some thoughts on left hand column in A-UI
2017-07-29repeated prefilling question in survey doesn't work
2017-07-28Error when selecting display 2500 rows per page
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-07-28Tidy not available - Blocking quick translate
assigned (LouisGac)
2017-07-27DataEntry not opening with array filter questions
assigned (dionet)
2017-07-26Equation question type not evaluated
2017-07-26Ajax public implementation
2017-07-26Validation errors before user has a chance to respond
2017-07-26Equation using .question suffix are not updated in javascript
assigned (markusfluer)
2017-07-26Where is the plugin Survey setting
2017-07-25can't upload files with beforeSurveyPage plugin event
assigned (markusfluer)
2017-07-25Bad display of statitics when answers are long
assigned (olle)
2017-07-25Lost a really needed feature in the lasts version : filter + move whole filter to a survey
closed (markusfluer)
2017-07-21Quicktranslation tabs not working
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-07-21Permission to delete data
closed (tammo)
2017-07-21Crash on survey with 2 MC questions
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Develop branche still broken
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Edit field for Question and Help disappeared in question edit screen
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Error when previewing a question
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Subquestion answers are repeated in Twig version
closed (markusfluer)
2017-07-21Sub questions are shown in structure
closed (markusfluer)
2017-07-21Survey settings : Save and Savec and close doesn't nothing / Close is broken
closed (markusfluer)
2017-07-21Unable to add question
closed (user14106)
2017-07-21Massive-delete questions fails to delete some questions
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Sample survey - some EM not executed
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21$select_show_hide is never defined
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Some JS and CSS files not loaded when debug == 1 or 2
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Question index covered by menubar
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Javascript warning, even when Javascript is turned on.
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21PHP Warning: crash
closed (LouisGac)
2017-07-21Survey listing page broken
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21date question type on small screen
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Mobile view: short free text with prefic and suffix
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Mobile view: array questions, label centered
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Mobile view: multiple paddings in collapsed arrays
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Mobile view: top of header overlaps title
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21All in one survey : group hidden at start are not shown
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Undocumented Dual Scale Answer text separator
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Control width when there are suffix
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-07-21Dual scale HTML broken