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assigned (DenisChenu)
2023-06-09"no answer" still shown after turning it off in settings on nonmandatory/softmandatory array questions
ready for testing
2023-06-09User with rights to view other users can not see them at the survey permission screen
2023-06-09Theme config : unable to use <remove> to remove css file
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-06-09Can't add email attachment in email templates
assigned (tibor.pacalat)
2023-06-09User with global settings update get white page wen try reset cahce
ready for testing (DenisChenu)
2023-06-09LSActiveRecord::getMaxId() doesn't get refreshed when using from SurveyDynamic with multiple surveys on the same HTTP request
ready for merge (tibor.pacalat)
2023-06-09Using checkbox question for yes/no loses data when data entry view (response edit)
new (DenisChenu)
2023-06-09Mandatory soft only works once per survey if over multiple pages/groups
in code review (ollehar)
2023-06-09configuration tab is not visible to a user with only create label set permission
ready for code review (p_teichmann)
2023-06-09List (Radio) questions columns not in one (ul) tag.
2023-06-09Allow to «give» managing right to Label set to any user
2023-06-08default participant setting "anonymized responses" is not set to "inherited"
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-06-08alias results in a 404 page after saving changes.
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-06-08Unable to use checkdate function if debug set
ready for testing
2023-06-08Invalid HTML for list radio questions due to missing closing </ul> element
resolved (c_schmitz)
2023-06-08Data integrity SQL syntax error on Postgres
ready for testing
2023-06-08Float attributes are not supported anymore
resolved (c_schmitz)
2023-06-08Updated database PostgreSQL 13 - LimeSurvey version 6.02 to 6.04
ready for testing
2023-06-08Cannot use expression in End url description
in testing (tibor.pacalat)
2023-06-08When filtering the survey list by a parent survey group, surveys assigned to a child survey group are not listed
2023-06-08Wrong success message for "Save and resume" email which actually does not get sent
2023-06-07Questionindex allows backward navigation when backward navigation is turned off
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-06-07export_statistics from API Yields error
ready for merge (gabrieljenik)
2023-06-07unable to reimport tokens from old table
assigned (c_schmitz)
2023-06-07ComfortUpdate fails with Server Error but can be continued without problems afterwards
assigned (ollehar)
2023-06-07Comfort update stalling on File System Page
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-06-07Out-of-memory problem in statistics export
2023-06-06Expression manager doesn't resolve jsName
2023-06-06Update notification does not disappear after successful update
feedback (ollehar)
2023-06-06I have version 2.6 installed. was running well on a server with MariaDB 10.3 and now does not run on MYSQL8
feedback (tibor.pacalat)
2023-06-05Display dropdown boxes - Date/Time question type not working correctly if minimum date < 1900
2023-06-05Removed html tags in emails
2023-06-05In a file upload question, file selection via drag & drop operation.
2023-06-03Import TSV Logic Error after additional language added.
assigned (tibor.pacalat)
2023-06-02Version Number wrong
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-06-02Issue on not installed plugin : no way to reset error
2023-06-02Show currently used session timelout value at Global Settings
assigned (TonisOrmisson)
2023-06-01buildXMLFromQuery fails to implement LIMIT
resolved (DenisChenu)
2023-06-01STATA Export fails with certain question types
2023-06-01Archive hashes not available anymore
2023-05-31admin_notification didn't accept valid , separator
assigned (ollehar)
2023-05-31psr-4 classes are not found in plugin
assigned (ollehar)
2023-05-31Internal Server Error on submit when "Participants may print answers:" is set to ON
2023-05-31Found issues during Psalm analysis
2023-05-31Save pop-up bar obscures tool bars
2023-05-31unable to replace record during reimport of VV files
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-05-30User was not added to group created automatically
feedback (c_schmitz)
2023-05-30Users in group are not deleted
2023-05-30Global settings doesn't stay at same tab when save
2023-05-30In file upload question, file names are obtained incorrectly, if file name starts with double-byte characters.