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assigned (ollehar)
2023-09-23Error: Subquestion codes should be unique. Cannot save the subquestions even their codes are unique.
2023-09-23Sync CPD with a single source of truth
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-22{SURVEYURL} didn't work with plugin using cli event
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-22import of broken lsa file yields success message (but inactive "Go to survey" button)
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-22TypeError during demo survey "ls205_em_tailoring"
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-22No editor available when defining quota messages
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-22Admin user with full CPDB permissions can not access attribute section
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-22Can not delete or edit assessment rules
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-22Question Array(Text) codes must be unique (but they are)
resolved (DenisChenu)
2023-09-22question_template_attribute show only default value
2023-09-21SQLSTATE[54011]: Too many columns: 7 ERROR: target lists can have at most 1664 entries
2023-09-21SQLSTATE[54011]: Too many columns: 7 ERROR: target lists can have at most 1664 entries
2023-09-21SQLSTATE[54011]: Too many columns: 7 ERROR: target lists can have at most 1664 entries
2023-09-21Add XSD files to allowed files for plugin uploads
ready for code review (ollehar)
2023-09-21Not able to add theme option text input
ready for code review (c_schmitz)
2023-09-21Ranking Advanced: Visualization Types are not working
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-21User with "View/read Users" permission needs to have "User details" action available for all users, not just itself
resolved (mfavetti)
2023-09-21Array by column answer options are not processed by EM before display
assigned (ollehar)
2023-09-20Cannot edit or delete assassments
2023-09-20Email Address Internationalization
2023-09-20The formatting of the participants list has artifacts
2023-09-20The slider from below crawls up
2023-09-20Various PHP 8.1 deprecations in 5.6.x
2023-09-19Array by Column Has Incorrect Table Row/Column Ids
2023-09-19Non superadministrator cannot CRUD user permissions
2023-09-19Participant uploads fails if it contains resource with uppercase extension (LS3, LS5)
2023-09-19Question ordering not correct
in code review (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-19Importing Question with multiple languages can left grabage on the DB
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-18Quick translation tool does not save subquestions
2023-09-18Action Dropdown-menu is hidden under action tabs
2023-09-18After selecting Question from the Screen dropdown at extending Fruity23 theme, the theme get's invalidated
2023-09-18Survey Theme Options: image preview does not work
2023-09-18Theme Options with an on/off switch are not disabled when page loads
2023-09-18"Selectd user(s)..." button has no function
ready for code review (kfoster)
2023-09-18Editing a question deletes default answers
2023-09-18No way to add textarea with core config.xml
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-16Import of label set throws 1364 error: Field 'label_id' doesn't have a default value
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-15No way to update order of activated survey
ready for testing (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-14OAuth support for SMTP & IMAP
resolved (tibor.pacalat)
2023-09-14Missing SQL query errors in admin mail (SQL CODE THAT FAILED)
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-14Default ranking help text is missing helpm icon
ready for code review (p_teichmann)
2023-09-14Unable to add imagefile except brandlogofile and backgroundimagefile in option
2023-09-14File manager for Email attachments stops working after first upload
2023-09-14Quick action button ar stange in Survey list
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-14Cannot export LSS from survey where theme is set to one extended from 'bootswatch'
2023-09-14Field caption for Core attributes look like they are editable but they are not
2023-09-14Conditions Not displayed in correct order using Condition Designer
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-09-14Survey groups shows number of surveys
2023-09-14Typo in language description
2023-09-13ERRORS - LimeSurvey Community Edition Versão 6.2.6+230904