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2023-03-31The formatting of the participants list has artifacts
resolved (DenisChenu)
2023-03-31PluginSetting type date must be saved as a common datetime string
resolved (ollehar)
2023-03-31Calling set_participant_properties with an invalid token id throws an internal server error
ready for testing
2023-03-31Survey titles too short when I want to copy a survey
2023-03-31Question type: Pictures Multiple-Choice: No pictures in survey (pre)view
assigned (c_schmitz)
2023-03-31new user can not log on mantis
assigned (adamzammit)
2023-03-31QueXML formatting cannot be changed
assigned (ollehar)
2023-03-30Importing resources in IIS doesn't work.
2023-03-30improve email templates
2023-03-30Unable to add images via CKeditor
2023-03-30Again Error [SQL Server] IDENTITY_INSERT is set ON for table 'limesurvey_quota_languagesettings'
ready for testing (DenisChenu)
2023-03-30API Access to Question Type Array Dual Scale merge scales if answer code is not unique
resolved (ollehar)
2023-03-29Date Calendar Selection Question
ready for testing
2023-03-29Importing Question through Remote Control may fail if the imported question already exists
resolved (c_schmitz)
2023-03-29Allow GA4 tracking
2023-03-29response encryption security - suggestion for improvement
2023-03-29No way to set position when create question
assigned (DenisChenu)
2023-03-28Optional questions not working without "popup"
ready for testing (c_schmitz)
2023-03-28Importing Question through Remote Control doesn't set new title for all languages
in code review (DenisChenu)
2023-03-28Using checkbox question for yes/no loses data when data entry view (response edit)
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-28Missing 8.1 compatibility
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-28Missing 8.2 compatibility
assigned (ollehar)
2023-03-27Add edit-in-place in survey preview
2023-03-27Cannot use expression in End url description
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-27Upload files show error if not seen (using index)
2023-03-27Misplaced tooltip make harder to use button
resolved (DenisChenu)
2023-03-26SQL error when adding survey participants along with their custom attributes to CPDB
ready for testing
2023-03-26When surveys are copied without copying resources, links are not handled.
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-24Interface language parmater use exotic dropdown list.
ready for testing (c_schmitz)
2023-03-24Data loss if field in response table is missing
ready for testing
2023-03-24Uses left -value goes to negative
2023-03-24LSActiveRecord::getMaxId() doesn't get refreshed when using from SurveyDynamic with multiple surveys on the same HTTP request
2023-03-24not possible to filter answers
2023-03-23missing translation
2023-03-23When surveys are copied copying resources, some links are not handled.
2023-03-23Whe importing, translatelinks is used even though the option has not been checked
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-23Insert new box with overlapping position, makes the dashboard to show duplicate boxes
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-23Invalid HTML for list radio questions due to missing closing </ul> element
resolved (ollehar)
2023-03-22Encrypted token attributes are shown encrypted when piped into a question body
resolved (ollehar)
2023-03-22Survey list showing wrong icon for surveys
resolved (DenisChenu)
2023-03-22getSuperAdmin return simple user
2023-03-22Upload of admin themes broken
ready for testing (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-21Theme Options: Inherited value doesn't match any attribute option
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-21alias results in a 404 page after saving changes.
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2023-03-21Large survey with many questions with conditions very slow to save.
2023-03-21Big survey (lot of group and qquestion) really hard to edit
2023-03-21Semantic differential array subquestions gets shuffled only once per participant
assigned (DenisChenu)
2023-03-21Group list menu freez browser
resolved (ollehar)
2023-03-20Empty line at the end of csv export
2023-03-18Data entry didn't check relevance