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    PID StatusUpdated Summary
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-11-26Minimal template : remove awesome + table system (and maybe some another)
2019-08-14Passthrough field displays as undefined variable
assigned (LouisGac)
2019-02-26Multiple issues with template name and (uppet|lower)case
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-23Courriels de rappel en double
assigned (LouisGac)
2018-05-16Some adaptations on the results table
2019-12-06Missing configuration file for plugin Authdb
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-06Survey options for theme extends_bootswatch is not saved
2019-12-06Color is blue?
2019-12-06We should test for PHP 7.4 to ensure for compatibility
2019-12-06Missing CSS classes/IDs at admin interface
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-06Date stamp setting set to "No" after upgrade
assigned (c_schmitz)
2019-12-05enable video in spite of active xss filtering
assigned (c_schmitz)
2019-12-05Mantis delete whole data
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-05Question settings help icons could be more accessible.
assigned (markusfluer)
2019-12-05Unable to save survey theme options
2019-12-05Unable to translate theme options
   1562312019-12-05Cannot display 20/50/100 entries in the view saved but not submitted table
assigned (lime_release_bot)
2019-12-05"Batch deletion" broken in a number of ways
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-12-04Refresh page when you add a new question - tab moves to settings
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-12-04Refresh page when you access a question - tab moves to settings
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-12-04Refresh page when you access a survey page - tab moves to settings and does not stay on structure
resolved (p_teichmann)
2019-12-04Refresh page when you create a survey page - tab moves to settings and does not stay on structure
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-04Symbol is Undefined on IE11
2019-12-04checking data integrity modifies column names in result tables
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-04Participants do not get stored in the database from participant list
2019-12-04Survey and Question Theme need more information
assigned (pstelling)
2019-12-04Move Mask questions bellow Arrays (question selector)
testing (pstelling)
2019-12-04Managed to delete core attributes from CPDB
assigned (pstelling)
2019-12-04CPDB - cannot use the search boxes below associated to the additional attributes
2019-12-04review organisation of manual/Plugin_events
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-04Registry Duplicate
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Custom question attributes not available
2019-12-03RemoteControl cpd_importParticipants insert and/or update
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03No way to update assessment.twig
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Remove question button in question view does not work
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Automatically create Central Participant Database entry from response
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Issue when using the same token twice
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03wrong error messages
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Survey Array Filters between questions types
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Export of data incorrect when an Exclusive is in consistent in a Multiple Choice Question
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Change Password Button Disappears
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Cannot create new surveys
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Save by user/pass didn't work without ajax
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03HelloWorld admin module for LimeSurvey
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Using the "quick add" feature at LS 4 leads to answer codes "undefined00", "undefined01"
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03QuickAdd dialog lacking translation
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03simple statistic looks odd
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Quick add answer : copy/paste from LibreOffice Calc don't work anymore
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Survey permissions show empty drop down lists (None is shown)
assigned (cdorin)
2019-12-03Saving edited result from participant causes error