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assigned (c_schmitz)
2017-03-21Forum : page shows very few elements
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-21Extra menu item whenh logged
2017-03-21Activate a survey without questions with API
2017-03-20LimeSurvey installation package for Synology DiskStation can't import surveys
2017-03-20cache / asset manager control
2017-03-20data file should have all blank if question not shown
2017-03-15Dynamic variablenames e.g. {questioncodenumber{rand(1,3)}
assigned (LouisGac)
2017-03-14Comfort update notification message fails to save to SQL Server DB - user locked out
2017-03-14A global beforeMenuRender
2017-03-14PHPmailer : allow SMTP auth type update
2017-03-11PDF-Download of single question statistics is not working on every browser (file header issue)
assigned (c_schmitz)
2017-03-11Forum : review quote style message
assigned (c_schmitz)
2017-03-11img link in forum open in a box
assigned (ShnoulleT)
2017-03-10Quotas page missing pagination - only 10 quotas visible
closed (mfavetti)
2017-03-10Fatal error in admin response controller
closed (olle)
2017-03-10The central participant database does not export
closed (user14106)
2017-03-10New quota : autoload_url to Yes by default
closed (user14106)
2017-03-10new quota-grid crashes if no quotas
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-03-10Error with pluginhelper?sa=sidebody direct link
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-10Javascript issue in numeric control of EM
2017-03-09Template editor fails to correctly detect file types
assigned (LouisGac)
2017-03-08upgrading to 2.62.2 tries to touch files in templates folder, which are not writable
2017-03-08possibility to send response copy to responder by mail
assigned (c_schmitz)
2017-03-08Quotas with more that one question don't work with hidden questions
2017-03-08lsa file include upload/survey/XXXXdirectory
closed (user14106)
2017-03-08Modal language changed to last survey language if massive exporting htmls
feedback (LouisGac)
2017-03-08A way to extend template config ?
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-08RegEx validation for List with Comments comment box not working
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-08Regex Validation shows incorrect behaviour
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-03-08Email with invalid img src show not sent even if send
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-03-07Open base dir restriction disable export of xlsx
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-07Export results to MS-Excel not working
2017-03-07Token Import CSV with different modes (replace, append and partial replacement)
2017-03-07System Hangs During Email Sendout
closed (LouisGac)
2017-03-07Survey List Status Filter 'Active and running' does not list expiring surveys
2017-03-07Subquestion relevance equation not working for for x-scale : Array (Numbers)
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-07Edit answer options: New answer option UI error
closed (DenisChenu)
2017-03-07Bad header in download file in Response browsing
2017-03-07Survey/section titles appear cut off by the title bar on mobile phones
closed (LouisGac)
2017-03-07Reload a "all in one survey" : PHP notice
closed (LouisGac)
2017-03-07Error when ending survey that is not active
closed (LouisGac)
2017-03-07Server error!
closed (tammo)
2017-03-07GIT: text-center in some arrays, not in others
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-07non superadmin users can not import participiants
closed (mfavetti)
2017-03-07Unable to add more than drop-down field to an attribute at a time
closed (mfavetti)
2017-03-07get_question_properties ordering
closed (c_schmitz)
2017-03-07Download link of "file answer" referenced by user supplied file name
closed (LouisGac)
2017-03-07news_paper template has phantom buttons
closed (user14106)
2017-03-07Activation button for active but expired surveys reads "Activate this survey" (though it is activated) / Improve work-flow
closed (LouisGac)
2017-03-07Expiry date not referenced correctly at survey list overview / Running survey is listed as expired