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18343Bug reportsOtherpublic2022-09-23 17:49
Reporter2BITS_PL Assigned ToDenisChenu  
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Product Version3.28.x 
Summary18343: Problem with interpreting double slash in an URL (IIS)

Hello, in our internal testing, we noticed that the app was showing us CHttpException errors when there is a double slash in the URL.

This is the case if you run CKEditor while editing the notification template (inside the survey) as the question ID and group ID are NULL. So the URL in this case would be: "...gui//qid/"
As a result, the application returns to us the error: "Invalid group ID" in the \core\ Survey_Common_Action.php application (165)

if ((string) (int) $ params ['iGroupId']! == (string) $ params ['iGroupId']) {
throw a new CHttpException (403, gT ("Invalid group ID"));

The question is how to fix it?
The easiest solution for us is to cast types inside the htmledtior_helper.php file for the getPopupEditor () and getInlineEditor () functions. It will then insert zero in place of the blank values, which makes the URL work.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

After launching the project in IIS, when we call, for example, the URL:

It mainly occurs when CKEditor is running as an inline or popup

Expected result

It should display the page linked to.

Actual result

Returns CHttpException "Invalid group id"

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Bug heat6
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.28.24+220816
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionSQL Server 2019
Server OS (if known)Microsoft Server 2019
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Versionv7.4.15 NTS x64

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2022-09-12 14:02

manager   ~71674

In the following url


Isnt the GID missing actually?
Do you type the URL or you get by following some UI action?



2022-09-12 14:46

reporter   ~71677

Yes, in fact both GID and QID are missing. I have provided a URL to make testing easier. But their absence can also be checked in the demo version (, if we open the CKEditor (popup), the url shows that gid and qid do not have an id. In the case of IIS, this causes an error message (I haven't tested version 5.x in our environment, but I suppose the problem will be too).

In a moment I will prepare screenshots of our local environment for version 3.28 and a description of how to invoke them.



2022-09-12 15:05

developer   ~71678

Last edited: 2022-09-12 15:11

I can not reproduce

  1. gid is set
  2. even removing manually gid Question:/type/question-text/action/editquestion/sid/574436/gid//qid/10512/lang/en : no problem
  3. Checked with qid// to


We check !empty at line 163 …



2022-09-12 15:11

developer   ~71680

Last edited: 2022-09-12 15:13

Can not reproduce : are you sure your version is uptodate ?
(see code)

But right : js can be updated on email : …/admin/htmleditor_pop/sa/index/name/email_admin_notification_en/text/Basic admin notification email body:(en)/type/email_admin_notification_en/action/editemailtemplates/sid/574436/gid//qid//lang/en



2022-09-12 16:46

developer   ~71682

Oh need IIS + path format …

How do you configure IIS and PATH format ?
I have IIS with PHP setup, but have get format only : /index.php?r=admin/htmleditor_pop/sa/index/name/email_admin_notification_en/text/Basic admin notification email body:(en)/type/email_admin_notification_en/action/editemailtemplates/sid/754644/gid//qid//lang/en

Maybe it's something that can be fixed with configuration ?
It can be interesting to have it on manual

(and then : i can check on my dev IIS server).



2022-09-12 18:04

developer   ~71684

No : i mean by default on IIS : rewrite is not activated : url is set to path

All start by /index.php?r=
Seems you didn't have , but on my instance : i have it

Your url seems : /index.php/admin/htmleditor_pop
Mine /index.php?r=admin/htmleditor_pop

Maybe try to set url to get in config.php and check.
(i think it didn't work on IIS …)



2022-09-13 10:44

reporter   ~71700

I confirm that the problem is with the "path".
After changing the configuration to 'get' - it works.

But for us, this is not a solution as our top-down guidelines say that addresses must be user-friendly.



2022-09-13 12:01

developer   ~71702

OK : but need confirmation before.

Then IIS allow path with showScriptName = false or only with showScriptName = true ?



2022-09-14 09:43

developer   ~71707

Yep : i think we must NOT send empty value (or send 0 if we can really not doing differently)



2022-09-14 09:44

reporter   ~71708

He understands that when faced with the problem of the "path" it must be solved in a global context.
But the reported problem was only visible in CKEditor. And the fastest solution for us is to cast to integer for $gID and $qID in the getEditor method (application\helpers\admin\htmleditor_helper.php)



2022-09-14 09:45

developer   ~71709

PS: starting the web.config system on manual still a good idea :).

You know how to deny access to ^/upload/surveys/./fu_[a-z0-9]$ files ?
And maybe to ^/(application|docs|framework|locale|protected|tests|themes/\w+/views) ? too.




2022-09-22 18:44

developer   ~71897



2022-09-23 17:49

developer   ~71922

@2BITS_PL : can you test please ?

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