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Summary08239: Allow for user friendly survey URLS
DescriptionAt the moment surveys are published under a relatively complicated url eg. []/index.php/984639/lang-en.

These urls are hard to remember or to transmit to a potential participant (e.g. via telephone or a flyer)

I would like to see a "short-url" setting in the survey settings where one could set a string under which the survey is published.

For example, if the short survey-url is set to "greatsurvey", you could reach it via []/greatsurvey.


has duplicate 07834 closedDenisChenu Feature Request - Short tag for every survey 
related to 13836 new Possibility to alias survey ids 
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2013-10-07 09:31

developer   ~26567

Hi mfaver, you can have: for url (if you deactivate showScript in config).

But yes : a plugin to have "Little url" can be a good idea

remind the config problem : then
- index.php/lilurl : path + showScript
- /lilurl : path - showscript
- /index.php?r=lilurl (get+showscript : need testing)
- /?r=lilurl (get - showscript : need testing).



2013-10-07 10:43

reporter   ~26568

Thanks for the hint and your input!

There's another reason for being able to choose your own URL: If you have given the link to some participants ( and now you want to change the survey, the link will change.

With a user url ( you can change the underlying survey and your participants still find it.

+1 for a user selectable short url ;)


2013-10-07 10:44

developer   ~26569


Sometimes i use htaccess directly for this ;)


2013-10-07 12:35

reporter   ~26574

oh, ok, so you can just use a

redirect / /

and limesurvey is ok with it?
Cool! Again thanks for the hint :)


2013-10-07 12:38

developer   ~26575

Maybe we can do like that, but more like this:

redirect /mylilurl /index.php/survey/676767

Or that to in
redirect /survey

Think your metho is OK too :)


2013-10-07 13:22

reporter   ~26577

Hmmm...I'll leave this one open because it would be nice to have control over the url via LS interface.
But because of your solution it now has a very, very....very low priority :)
Thanks again,


2013-10-08 15:56

developer   ~26630

"+1 for a user selectable short url" - I agree.

I would also like to see the capability of assigning an "alias" for the survey.

I also currently use .htaccess redirects but it's just one more level of complexity.


2014-05-27 23:26

reporter   ~30026

This would be great to have as a feature. Of course, manually redirecting is okay too, but requires a system administrator to set up. Native support in LimeSurvey would be really handy.

Example survey "Opinion Survey 2014-1" with the alias "opinion":


or without an alias:


2014-05-27 23:41

reporter   ~30027



2014-06-23 13:02

developer   ~30207

Last edited: 2014-06-23 13:02

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@jonsen : not really duplicate, i think .

The other
/sid/12345/token/test1234/lang/en : /shoturl

This one:
/sid/12345/token/test1234/lang/en : /shoturl/token/test1234/lang/en



2014-06-24 10:41

partner   ~30221

+1 for short URLs!


2014-06-26 08:16

developer   ~30231

Think short url can be only for surveyid OR surveyid + lang.

Not for token and/or for newtest.


2018-05-16 12:49

developer   ~47627

well... the frontend url is analyzed by procedural code ( in controller/survey/index.php and in SurveyRuntimeHelper)
so it should not be that hard to do.


2018-08-31 17:05

developer   ~48926

I think it can be done currently with a beforeControllerAction event if beforeControllerAction happened before 404 …

Because by default /mysurvey send a 404 …

@LouisGac : i'm OK with you, not an easy task, but not needed in frontend helper if you use a redirect.


2018-09-03 09:49

developer   ~48932

I even once started looking at how to implement this


2019-02-28 11:23

reporter   ~50701

+1 for an option of short URLs in place of surveyid's, which probably would benefit a lot of users :)

Since I have only english as the language I have removed the language parameter manually in surveySummary_view.php and with having ShowScriptName disabled my survey urls only include the survey ID, which is already a lot better then the default. But short urls look better in emails and of course can be easier remembered when promoting verbally :)

I think though redirects would be better used for the original url (with sid) / previous changed short urls, so the survey remains reachable that way but the current short url remains visible in the browser address bar when visited.

btw. I think this is a duplicate of


2019-02-28 14:13

developer   ~50702

For plugin : beforeControllerAction : since controller/action are done like this
r=controller/action : get the controller : test if in little url DB, if yes : redirect.

Can be done in plugin.
Without rewrite mode : you need /index.php?r=litleurl


2019-09-16 11:18

reporter   ~53581

Plus one from me, providing surveys to schools and medical institutions so shorter in all cases is better. Many reasons, one being firewalls love breaking long urls in emails and not all users are aware of how to fix them.


2019-09-16 11:38

partner   ~53582

@c_schmitz/@f_funke, this is a good example of a feature which would benefit from a better feature tracker. Not only allowing users to vote would be helpful but also checking for duplicates (see relationships added to this ticket).


2020-03-15 13:37

reporter   ~56555

A simple fix for this would be:
If survey title is unique, create url from title instead of survey id.
Else, create url from id.

I guess users don't usually make surveys with same titles as they are ambiguous, so this fix will match many use cases.


2020-03-15 14:08

reporter   ~56556

2 years since last comment from assigned person LouisGac.
Any update on this? Shouldn't be unassigned if no one is working on this?


2020-03-16 21:43

partner   ~56583

I like the idea of using the survey title. It is very similar to how Wordpress creates SEO friendly page URLs.

@cdorin, is there a list of feature for future Limesurvey 4.x features? This would be worth adding.


2020-03-17 08:38

developer   ~56588

I suggest having a separate field. Mostly because for administration purposes the name often contains some technical info eg. date references, project numbers, client names etc that you might not want visible or what is simply irrelevant. It should be a unique url-friendly (no spaces etc) value that would use SID by default or some other defined value.


2020-03-17 09:00

developer   ~56589

I suggest to do it on an external way ...

Think beforeControlleraction can be used , **need** mod_rewrite or similar

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