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Summary07538: Get easy (or clean) URL for easy reference

When i make a survey, LimeSurvey uses its internal ID to reference this survey in the URL. The idea is change this URL by a more easy.

Example: A survey with employees that did MBA.

"normal URL"

"Clean/easy URL"

so, /mba is a alternative URL to /index.php?sid=37424.

Say to my user some thing like "Please, enter in '' and answer the survey!" is more easy (and mnemonic) that say a URL with text and numbers.

Additional Information

A possible solution: Look at Drupal project the alternatives URLs
In Drupal (, we make a node (story, page, blog's page, etc) and it gives a url like:

And i can change this URL automatically using a module or writing the final part of URL, like this:

Inside of Drupal, have a table where have the 'translation' between system's url and user's url.

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2012-02-04 14:08

developer   ~24396


Needed : a table with:
sid | url | langage | date

Why langage: because url are unique for each langage
Why date : beacuse if you modify the url : need a 302 Moved Temporarily redirection ( and don't have 404 error or duplicate content)

After :
need to validate if URL is unique

Maybe create automatic translation between title and url ?

Lot of work :).



2019-03-14 11:08

developer   ~50974

Well, this is an old feature request. But actually, this would be really great. Would it still be a lot of work to implement it for LS4?



2019-03-14 11:19

developer   ~50977

Must review if beforeControllerAction can check 404 or not.
If yes : 2 solution by plugin : easy one : do a redirect to /surveyid, maybe most complicated : load the survey id without update http link

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