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18612Bug reportsImport/Exportpublic2023-03-26 15:20
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Product Version5.4.x 
Summary18612: When surveys are copied without copying resources, links are not handled.

When copying a survey WITH copying resources, links are translated by translateLinks().
When copying a survey WITHOUT copying attachments, links are not handled at all.

Then, they end up pointing to an old survey and usually without being noticeable.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a survey with a file embedded on the welcome page
  • Copy the survey without copying attachments.


  • After copying, a warning shall be shown saying there are links pointing to other surveys.
  • Old file shouldn't be shown on the welcome page


  • No warning is shown.
  • Old file is being shown
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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.4.15+221212
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionmariadb 10.5.16
Server OS (if known)Linux Gentoo
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.4.33


related to 18700 confirmed Whe importing, translatelinks is used even though the option has not been checked 
related to 18701 confirmed When surveys are copied copying resources, some links are not handled. 

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2023-01-31 20:23

manager   ~73623

I think we could reuse the same mechanism that translateLinks uses for informing if there are links to the source surveys.



2023-02-09 13:45

administrator   ~73775

I agree.



2023-03-23 20:37

manager   ~74255

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