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17321Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2021-06-16 14:46
ReporterMazi Assigned Togabrieljenik  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version4.5.x 
Summary17321: Array question are not split up on mobile devices when using vanilla theme
DescriptionArray questions are split up into several single choice question on smaller mobile devices. This works fine for the fruity theme at LS 4.x but not when using the vanilla theme.
Custom templates which inherit from vanilla show the same buggy behavior which makes it impossible to run surveys on mobile devices.
Steps To ReproduceCreate an array question.
Assign the vanilla theme.
Run the survey on a mobile device.
-> Question is not split up.
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Bug heat8
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.6.2
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-VersionMySQL
Server OS (if known)
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.3


related to 08426 new Feature requests Unable to update an existing template by upload without update survey settings 
related to 14605 acknowledged Bug reports Adding an option or a css file on an existing template didn't update survey 
related to 12037 new Feature requests Better separation in feature in template-default package 




2021-05-22 14:30

developer   ~64514

On 4.6.3 with firefox : mobile view : seems to work.

I check on a real phone browser (after update ùmy online test)


2021-05-22 14:39

partner   ~64515

@DenisChenu, I checked with Chrome using mobile simulation. Test link:


2021-05-22 18:18

developer   ~64516

Same with firefox on your link


2021-05-22 18:25

developer   ~64517

But not on :
It's an update issue : reset vanilla theme : its'OK now.

Explanation :

3.X css :
master CSS :

Then : when you update from 3.X to 4.X : if you don't reset config : css/noTablesOnMobile.css is not loaded.

I attach to related issue now way to update onky , need to reset whole theme options on all survey to add one option or one css is a big big issue for all theme devlopper (and the reason why i'm at skelvanilla 9.X version)

It's one of the reason why i must remove css/noTablesOnMobile.css from 4.X version for sklelvanilla : it broke my system …


2021-05-25 10:53

administrator   ~64523

So, not a bug...?


2021-05-25 11:38

developer   ~64524

Still an issue : when update form 3.X to 4.X : all table are broken until reset **whole** theme option on **all** surveys …


2021-05-25 11:42

administrator   ~64525

How do you reset theme options, even? oO


2021-05-25 11:43

administrator   ~64526

Also, I'm not sure why there are so many related issues...?


2021-05-25 11:50

developer   ~64527

You'r right : still related but there are a lack of "update without reset" option.


2021-05-25 12:25

partner   ~64529

I can confirm that resetting the vanilla theme and the custom theme fixed the problem.

Still, there needs to be a solution to prevent such manual edits when doing an update!


2021-05-25 12:28

developer   ~64530

> Still, there needs to be a solution to prevent such manual edits when doing an update!

And :

1. Set a specific logo fort one survey ( or one hundred, or one thousand)
2. Update to 4.X
3. Need to reset theme
4. All specific logo disappear …


2021-05-25 12:32

administrator   ~64531

I asked Gabriel to have a look at it this week.


2021-05-27 01:22

manager   ~64583

Hi All!

Just to be clear and making sure we are on the same page, what do you call "resetting the theme"?


2021-05-27 08:14

developer   ~64585



2021-05-27 16:16

manager   ~64599

We couldn't reproduce the issue, although obviosuly you can :)
OK, may I ask you how you had your files_css option for one of your extended themes?

As to solve this, as you did, resetting vanilla would be OK, as it would pickup the definition from the manifest, which after the upgrade has the noTables css. Question would be, why did you had to reset the extended theme as well?

On upgrade db version 428, a new css is added to the vanilla and bootswatch theme: noTablesOnMobile.css.
That seems not to have run in your environment.
This I understand is the key to the problem.
image.png (109,288 bytes)


2021-05-27 16:36

partner   ~64601

files_css at config.xml looks like this:

Obviously, the old Ajax files can be removed.

We resetted our own theme just in case. I wasn't sure if only resetting vanilla does the trick.

I think in this case the customer updated from 2.73 to 4.x manually.


2021-05-27 16:45

developer   ~64602

I didn't test :
on 3.X extend vanilla
reset extended vanilla : in my opinion this extended is out of date ?


2021-05-27 17:06

manager   ~64603

> I think in this case the customer updated from 2.73 to 4.x manually.

Manually? What do you mean? The upgrade script didn't run?


2021-05-27 18:06

partner   ~64605

I am pretty sure the update script ran. Manually = Copy-over the 4.x files to the old installation, that should trigger the updater and force DB updates as well.


2021-05-27 18:49

manager   ~64607

Very very strange...
And this happened on one installation ?
Or is it reproducible?

Dennis, you reproduced it? Sorry, not quite sure by what I read.


2021-05-28 09:01

partner   ~64612

So far the customer updated one of their 3-4 systems, but more are about to follow. Maybe we can arrange a group chat with the customer when doing the upate so you can follow what is done and what the effect is. Will that help?


2021-05-28 14:35

manager   ~64636

Hi Mazi,

I think the best is to take a snapshot of the DB after upgrade, and before hitting reset.
That will tell if the upgrade script 428 ran as expected.



2021-05-28 14:41

developer   ~64637

> Dennis, you reproduced it? Sorry, not quite sure by what I read.

No : i test on my working for a lot of time 4.X only.

And after check on cdemo where it's broken :)

Else : we are sure at 100% upgarde process happen else : DB is broken and all survey is broken.


2021-05-28 15:43

manager   ~64650

OK, so, let's stick to the plan we aid with Mazi.
Right after another upgrade, take a snapshot and then see if the error happens again.


2021-05-30 18:30

partner   ~64659

@gabrieljenik, a short update after I had a chat with the customer: This system was NOT updated but set up from scratch. Then they imported an old template and created a child theme.


2021-05-31 14:22

manager   ~64668

OK, although the situation is unfortunate, I don't see much we can do here. Right?


2021-06-16 14:46

manager   ~64926

Waiting for updates. Nothing be done yet.

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