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12037Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2021-05-22 18:32
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Summary12037: Better separation in feature in template-default package
DescriptionI think template-default package can be separate in 2 other package (at minimum)
- awesome-checkbox + no-more-table
- boostrap-dialog
- em event

Then template manager can choose more easily their options
Additional InformationThere are some interrogation
- awesome-checkbox + no-more-table :
It's hard to have
awesome-checkbox and no-more-table in 2 separate plugins because there are really linked.
1. awesome-checkbox (without no-more-table)
2. no-more-table without awesome-checkbox
3. awesome-checkbox + no-more-table

1. and 2. need to be in core or can be external ?

if we have 3 packages : awesome-no-table + boostrap-dialog + em-event : did we use only on template-default with depends on this 3 package or did we add each 3 packages in config.xml
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