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15340Feature requestsImport/Exportpublic2023-07-28 11:11
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Summary15340: Show a warning in export if max_input_vars OR allow «export ALL»

When there are a lot of columns in export part, we can not export ,

There are 2 potential solution

  1. Show a warning if number of columns is upper than max_input_vars - X (X to be replaced by all other inputs)
  2. Add a 'export whole' columns
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related to 15339 new Bug reports Installer must check max_input_vars value and send a warning 
child of 15327 closedDenisChenu Bug reports Data export stops after exactly 980 columns 

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2019-09-29 13:45

reporter   ~53739

Good idea, "export whole" could fix the problem for those with no access to php.ini!



2019-10-01 15:03

partner   ~53799

That should be part of the installer check and site health screen (which would be the same as in the installer section, but available in LimeSurvey all the time).



2019-10-01 15:09

developer   ~53800

@jelo :

  1. installer check : there are another issue about this; In my opinion, it's more a bug
  2. site health screen : we can report it when site health screen is ready
  3. There still have more feature request to do :
    1. Manage answer/labels
    2. in survey (weh value submitted in survey get out of max variables)

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