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15339Bug reportsInstallationpublic2020-09-02 11:58
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
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Product Version3.17.x 
Summary15339: Installer must check max_input_vars value and send a warning

A lot of potential issue with max_input_vars
Then i think we must check it and send a warning when it was below 3000 ?

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.18.0
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related to 15340 new Feature requests Show a warning in export if max_input_vars OR allow «export ALL» 
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2019-09-30 09:25

updater   ~53740

@DenisChenu, that setting is famous for causing weird issues with larger surveys. Since the default value is just 1000 we always raise it to 10000 just in case (what can it hurt?). So I think a limit of 3000 is fine but 5000 or even 10000 would be better if there are no serious side effects,



2019-09-30 17:41

developer   ~53788

@Mazi : i think we must always test if "Last input posted" are sent to server.
Some survey system can live with 1000 without any issue …

But send a error if last POST value is not set when

  1. Export
  2. Manage answer/labels
  3. Survey (send by email here)

must be done too :)



2019-10-01 13:21

administrator   ~53797

This issue can be closed if there already is a feature request, no?



2019-10-01 14:46

developer   ~53798

@ollehar : no, not same feature. Can be in feature request, but the other one if when export



2020-09-01 11:39

updater   ~59671

@cdorin: Adding that check should be pretty simple. Can we add that really useful feature to LS 3.x and 4.x?



2020-09-01 11:51

administrator   ~59672

Bug fixing is still priority.



2020-09-02 11:58

partner   ~59681

All these check should not be done in the installer alone. All these checks should be avaiable from the installation itself. It helps detecting change in the hosting environment after installation and the code is getting tested not only a fraction of users which install LimeSurvey. The code is tested all the time when available in the LimeSurey application.

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