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11988Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2019-05-15 10:41
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Summary11988: Allow order of answers and sub question in 'the way admin user want'
Description1. There are already some workaround an tparner solution for this
2. I have already some fork where order of answer/sub-question is take by token attribute
3. Another user want something different here
4. There are a plugin to move specific answers at end :

The i thinbk we need a global way, not 5 attributes again.
Additional InformationWe already have: order alphabetic, order random

The way to fix have a specific order can be : order by list (code separated by comma for example).
The code goes to EM (then allow, for example : same order than a ranking question type)
The code can be -oth- : then we can put other input where we need is fixed

I just don't see how to fix 'randome with fixed part', but maybe: list like tis (if there are 5 answers + other)

list : ',,,-oth-,end'.
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2016-12-07 16:18

partner   ~42456

Bring the advanced options into the sub-questions GUI.
Like the sub-question relevance field.

The attached screenshot shows an example of approached by a different web based survey-tool.

To exclude a sub-question from the random order you can click the red pin.
To active as default answer you can click a checkbox in front of a sub-question.
To add a other field behind the sub-question answer text you can add a predefined field from a drop-downfield.
The sub-question relevance is here behind the eye icon behind every sub-question.

The sub-question can be grouped and relevance and randomize/static can be applied to the subgroup of sub-questions as well.

The current technical debt of the codebase might prevent going in that direction. But the ticket seems to propose a bigger change to get rid of technical debt.


2016-12-07 17:24

developer   ~42461

And : for order by TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE for example ?
Or order like ranking ?
etc ...


2016-12-07 20:39

partner   ~42466

One day LS GmbH will start from scratch with a stripped down version of LS since complexity and technical debt got unbearable.

You started this ticket to discuss code change. I provided a small perspective from the GUI side.

Personally I would favor a Listobject for items/subquestions, which can be manipulated via EM. (Current EM codebase is the blackhole. Who will touch it?)

The dynamic and static lists would be able to contain order as well.

SortByLabel ()
SortByValue ()
SortByTokenAttribute ()
SortReverse ()

Order by TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE is this feature request?


2016-12-08 08:50

developer   ~42467

Good catch for 07498 :)

About SortBy function, i'm sure we have a Feature Request about 'arrtay management by EM' :)

Here, it's more a SortBy([1,2,6,-oth-,3]) for example .

But : the system must do
- A request on answers/subquestioon : same for all respondent
- Reorder the request after.


2019-05-15 10:41

developer   ~51941

Maybe better by plugins , this fix

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