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Summary11688: List building - static lists - dynamic lists

Instead of applying array filters, the checked items of a question could be copied into a list.
Static lists would be defined during the survey design.
Dynamic lists would be created during a interview.
Beside of just containing e.g the chosen items of a question, you could copy, select, mix, sort these lists and copy the results into a new dynamic list.
These lists can be applied to questions.

Additional Information

To get an impression of such scripting with dynamic lists take a look at this manual excerpt.

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2016-09-20 19:27

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For such system we can actually use a short text and update it to a dropdown when it's shown (beforeRenderQuestion).

See for exemple (using label sets)



2017-02-28 17:12

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2018-04-24 08:31

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I support this feature request very much.



2018-05-16 12:59

developer   ~47633

dominik: please check if you can create a question theme from the workaround.

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