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13427Bug reports[All Projects] Survey designpublic2018-03-09 18:59
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Summary13427: Get order from previous question - Array (Numbers) - not working?
DescriptionGet order from previous question seems not to be working in LS 3.4.3 (not sure if it was working before).

I created two questions, Number1 and Number2

Number1: Multiple choice (randomized)
Number2: Array Numbers (get order from previous question: Number1)

The subquestion codes are similar in both questions. Therefore, the subquestions of the two questions should be displayed in the same order, but this does not happen. Please see below also the .lsg file.

Hope I do not do something wrong :) . If so, please let me know how this option is supposed to work.
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)LimeSurvey 3.4.3
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related to 11988 new Feature requests Allow order of answers and sub question in 'the way admin user want' 




2018-02-27 16:42


Selection_022.png (30,217 bytes)
Selection_022.png (30,217 bytes)
limesurvey_group_17.lsg (9,918 bytes)


2018-02-28 12:18

administrator   ~46825

Googling I found this similar bug report from 6 years ago:


2018-02-28 13:54

administrator   ~46830

Not sure about this one. Didn't get it to work on 2.06 either, nor 2.73. Maybe we can setup all versions of LS on your system later, Dorin?


2018-03-07 15:30

administrator   ~46944

Did you have 2.06 and 2.73 setup on your machine, Dorin?


2018-03-07 17:18

updater   ~46945

Nop. Another IRC user, @Deusdeorum, helped me test whether this functionality exists/works in LS 3, LS2.73 and LS 2.06. It did not work for him either. Maybe it was working in the early versions of LS (maybe LS2.00?)


2018-03-08 15:00

administrator   ~46949

OK, if it didn't even work at 2.06, then it's more like a feature request. Hm.


2018-03-09 10:15

developer   ~46954

Ye, I couldn't get it to work in none of the above versions. Maybe it worked before 2.06, don't know.


2018-03-09 12:45

administrator   ~46959

@c_schmitz, maybe you could leave some comment or feedback here?


2018-03-09 13:09

administrator   ~46961

Well, if it didn't work since ever and nobody noticed it I don't see alot of priority right now to fix it.


2018-03-09 18:59

developer   ~46994

A plugin system : order question by plugin : i think i already have this feature request, because in my case i have user who want order of subquestion (and question too …) by token. It's an example 11988

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