15107: [Other] single choice question: display option "random order" empty (p_teichmann)
15120: [Other] option to import question group is only available in "list question groups" not when using "add question group" (p_teichmann)
15095: [Survey design] Share Panel / QRCode additional language label (p_teichmann)
3 issues View Issues
15115: [Other] multiple save confirmations (markusfluer)
15134: [Survey design] Quick add : add 2 times the same (markusfluer)
14851: [Survey design] Page not getting refreshed when the question type is changed (markusfluer)
15089: [Other] File management - cannot upload images (markusfluer)
15108: [Survey design] Insert media in question does not work (markusfluer)
15122: [Other] checkboxes unchecked when going "next" and "back" again (DenisChenu)
15044: [Import/Export] Can't import a exported lss or copy an existing survey (DenisChenu)
7 issues View Issues
14850: [Survey design] Always hide this question attribute not working
14960: [Survey design] Group relevance : not imported, not shown in survey_logic_file and not saved (markusfluer)
14814: [Survey design] No save button on default value (markusfluer)
14849: [Survey design] Question type not displayed in question overview (markusfluer)
14891: [Survey design] Multiple numeric throw error when editing (markusfluer)
15018: [MenuSystem] Reset home page settings causes crash (markusfluer)
15015: [Ergonomy] [Minor] Question summary didn't show Text error (markusfluer)
15046: [Survey design] Delete group button : nothing happen (markusfluer)
15016: [MenuSystem] List surveys from the menu or the main page causes error (markusfluer)
15048: [Survey design] Broken HTML in questionexplorer (markusfluer)
14820: [Survey design] Survey creation not possible (tammo)
15054: [Survey design] Multiple numerical question - cannot be stored (markusfluer)
15055: [Survey design] Ranking question type cannot be saved/stored (markusfluer)
13684: [Conditions] If the exclusive option is selected, the excluded options default to "missing" instead of "no" (p_teichmann)
15045: [Plugins] Unable to activate AuditLog plugin (DenisChenu)
14730: [Survey design] help-block not alert for attribute help (markusfluer)
14731: [Survey design] Question design preview don't use Survey template (markusfluer)
15041: [Survey design] Unable to open Settings tab on admin menu after saving question (markusfluer)
14870: [Survey design] Survey panel integration not displayed (markusfluer)
14822: [Survey design] Survey text : unable to edit (js broken) debug at 0 (cdorin)
20 issues View Issues
15032: [Survey design] Changing question type does not work with the simple question type selector (markusfluer)
14923: [Survey design] Need column headers for answer options (markusfluer)
15027: [Other] Global option "Overwrite files with the same name" won't save (markusfluer)
15031: [Survey design] Can edit question even when survey is activated (markusfluer)
14871: [Survey design] Delete question button not working (markusfluer)
14953: [Survey design] "Create question" button leads to create question group form (markusfluer)
14846: [Survey design] Cannot upload Images (markusfluer)
14761: [Survey taking] Class 'RenderListRadio' not found (markusfluer)
14741: [Survey design] Unable to edit survey texts (markusfluer)
14810: [Survey design] Left menu disappears after sorting question list (markusfluer)
14811: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Side-menu is off screen at participant list view (markusfluer)
14807: [Survey design] Data policy description is "null", should be empty string? (markusfluer)
14806: [Survey design] No save button in question organizer (markusfluer)
14805: [Survey design] Save buttons are to the left, should be to the right (markusfluer)
14804: [Survey design] JS exception when clicking "Save" in question editor (markusfluer)
14920: [Import/Export] Export responses does not work for survey without token table (ollehar)
14698: [Expression Manager] Expression manager must not treat user entered value (DenisChenu)
14958: [Expression Manager] Javascript loop with equation (DenisChenu)
18 issues View Issues
14981: [Other] Global Survey Settings: Added warning that changes affect all surveys (dominikvitt)
14978: [Other] some global survey settings not inherited correctly to new survey (dominikvitt)
14756: [Survey design] Double encoding for question attribute labels (dominikvitt)
14749: [Survey design] Unable to move questions (dominikvitt)
12603: [Security] Setting emailsmtppassword is saved as clear text (dominikvitt)
14874: [Installation] This DB send a 504 when upgrade … (DenisChenu)
14918: [Installation] Unable to install with pgsql (DenisChenu)
14873: [Survey design] Delete question group button always greyed out (dominikvitt)
13799: [Survey design] Can't import survey with different base language than English (c_schmitz)
13631: [Installation] alterColumn does not work with type "pk" in postgres (c_schmitz)
13626: [ComfortUpdate] Unable to update (Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry) (c_schmitz)
14854: [Survey design] Class 'DataSetListDropdown' not found (markusfluer)
14869: [MenuSystem] List questions button not working (markusfluer)
14872: [Survey design] Export question button not working (markusfluer)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2019-04-02
14921: [Survey taking] Ranking question on mobile devices (problem with dragging/scrolling) (markusfluer)
14443: [_ Unknown] "Go to survey" menu icon not working in collapsed menu mode (markusfluer)
14988: [Expression Manager] Preview question group not working + relevance equations (DenisChenu)
14604: [Survey design] Survey settings menu disappear (p_teichmann)
14964: [Other] Thème par défaut qui se réinitialise lors de la sauvegarde des paramètres généraux de LS (DenisChenu)
15069: [Installation] setting admin password with CLI database installation fails (DenisChenu)
15060: [Survey design] Other option with number only erases decimal comma - with NO warning (DenisChenu)
15005: [Central participant database] Viewing Central Participant database results in error when using Postgres (p_teichmann)
14975: [User/User groups] Limesurvey users with limited rights get "undefined" error message when trying to upload a file at the survey theme options (dominikvitt)
15011: [Other] Regular expression - issue - LimeSurvey "removes" 0 (dominikvitt)
14198: [Expression Manager] max function broken : diff in JS and PHP, diff with previous behaviour (DenisChenu)
14690: [_ Unknown] Deleting answer options in matrix question type (p_teichmann)
14993: [Statistics] Bug on saving / exporting Statistics (dominikvitt)
14998: [Survey taking] Usage of self.NAOK insique all question part are broken (DenisChenu)
15001: [Import/Export] Values Labels for single-answer questions (c_schmitz)
14187: [Survey design] In IE, for an Array question the radio buttons disappear when resizing the page to the point the answers start to stack. (markusfluer)
14337: [Expression Manager] Broken numeric interpretation of answer codes (DenisChenu)
14881: [Other issues] 'show pop-ups' 'Off'-setting not working anymore (dominikvitt)
14898: [Import/Export] Prevent SID of -1 during import (DenisChenu)
14928: [Central participant database] No CPDB attribute list refresh after adding new attribute (p_teichmann)
14936: [Survey design] Preview group : relevance on question broken (DenisChenu)
14949: [Import/Export] Token based placeholders are not replaced when creating queXML PDF (dominikvitt)
14951: [Survey taking] Loss of data when loading a non finished survey (dominikvitt)
14954: [Statistics] Charts in Statistics are not showing completely (dominikvitt)
14967: [Expression Manager] Validation code uneditable (DenisChenu)
14969: [_ Unknown] missing no-answer-item class for 5 point choice array (DenisChenu)
14987: [Expression Manager] Preview question not working (DenisChenu)
15003: [Other] Panel integration not displayed in French (DenisChenu)
15004: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Attribute fields on registration form have incorrect ID (DenisChenu)
14708: [Security] Upload files question type does not actually check file type (DenisChenu)
13942: [Import/Export] R syntax file export appends 'unknown type' line to the end of the syntax file (c_schmitz)
14456: [Response browsing] Regression: Feature for selecting which data columsn to show was removed after Limesurvey 2.6 LTS (p_teichmann)
14528: [Central participant database] Participants import from cpdb / access rights (p_teichmann)
14941: [Theme editor] Variations choosed in Global are not set in preview (dominikvitt)
14938: [Other] Check data integrity : die with renaming a non existing table (DenisChenu)
14939: [Other] Check data integrity with a lot of broken question : SQL error (MSSQL) (DenisChenu)
14900: [Data Entry (non public)] numerical array with checkboxes loose all data (dominikvitt)
       14962: [Survey design] Checkbox radio Y scale don't shown in little screen (DenisChenu)
14819: [_ Unknown] Incorrect behavior with Question of type R (Classement) (DenisChenu)
13602: [Survey design] Text display question + Timer (dominikvitt)
14017: [User/User groups] CPDB - view permission - user (p_teichmann)
14776: [_ Unknown] Hidden Questions Not Being Asked (dominikvitt)
13516: [Survey design] Cannot access localized (i18n) values for a custom question attribute (dominikvitt)
13904: [Survey design] Japanese characters get replaced with '?' (c_schmitz)
14060: [Central participant database] Deleting a participant and associated surveys and all associated responses from CPDB not working (p_teichmann)
14148: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Quota out aren shown as completed in token list (dominikvitt)
14179: [Other] List questions panel - group-edit questions - Delete - text issue (c_schmitz)
14201: [Other] Small text issue - reorder questions/groups panel (c_schmitz)
14255: [Theme editor] Current global theme option didn't update preview (dominikvitt)
14459: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token field not displayed when checking for duplicates (import csv survey participants) (DenisChenu)
14468: [Other] Viewing "Surveys in this group" displays all surveys regardless of Survey Group (dominikvitt)
14513: [Central participant database] Permissions on shared participants (CPDB) (p_teichmann)
14514: [Central participant database] Purpose of permission "update" - CPDB (p_teichmann)
14517: [Central participant database] CPDB - delete shared participants (p_teichmann)
13608: [Central participant database] Permission to create participants in the central participants database (p_teichmann)
13739: [Survey taking] Relevance equation broken for array by column (dominikvitt)
13936: [Theme editor] Bootswatch inherit everyting to no: deactivate container (DenisChenu)
14516: [Central participant database] Delete from the central panel and associated surveys - CPDB (p_teichmann)
14559: [Theme editor] Theme editor load parent theme.css (dominikvitt)
14598: [Ergonomy] Bad order shown in List question (DenisChenu)
14660: [MenuSystem] Unable to choose icon on Boxes (ollehar)
14667: [Survey design] No timer message displayed for boilerplate question (dominikvitt)
14788: [Survey taking] resume later + ajax mode : JS issue (p_teichmann)
14855: [Survey taking] Allowed invalid completed survey + full index send false error about did not save (DenisChenu)
14858: [Survey taking] Upload status is not visible enough (DenisChenu)
14862: [Translation] Export to LSS on Portuguese (Portugal) language (DenisChenu)
14875: [Installation] No error is shown at debug=0 if DB is broken (DenisChenu)
14895: [Installation] Upgrading problem from 2* to 3.17.3 (dominikvitt)
14899: [_ Unknown] Incorrect behavior with Question of type R (Classement) (DenisChenu)
14934: [Theme editor] Survey theme options reset to default (dominikvitt)
14815: [_ Unknown] exporting tab-separated removes mandatory property of questions (dominikvitt)
13793: [RemoteControl] Error on RPC: add_response method with "Anonymized responses" Survey (ollehar)
13950: [Survey taking] SQL Error when saving a response or getting a session token via API (DenisChenu)
13974: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Batch-edit emails not working properly (p_teichmann)
14700: [Survey taking] DbHttpSession brok (mariadb) with data too long (DenisChenu)
14038: [Survey design] General survey settings : Administrator and Admin email: cannot be clear and saved blank (c_schmitz)
14809: [Survey design] Caret is over the text in group list (dominikvitt)
14737: [Security] XSS with file upload (DenisChenu)
14137: [RemoteControl] Yii framework bug when using remote control then inserting Session into MS SQL database (DenisChenu)
14256: [Other] .gitignore does not properly ignore /tmp directory (c_schmitz)
13829: [Survey design] Save new question results in blank page and shows errors (c_schmitz)
13822: [Import/Export] Importing a question with subquestions, promotes subquestions to same level as parent (c_schmitz)
14833: [Survey design] Default values in List (radio) question does not work (dominikvitt)
14652: [Other] Quota system is buggy if you allow users to edit (dominikvitt)
14670: [Security] Remote Code Execution in Limesurvey <= 3.16.x via Deserialization Attack in "tcpdf" (DenisChenu)
14728: [Security] Persistent XSS for question groups (DenisChenu)
14763: [Accessibility] Slider didn't have label (DenisChenu)
14765: [Security] Persistent XSS for Menu Entries (p_teichmann)
14775: [Accessibility] Unable to use slider without js (DenisChenu)
14753: [Security] No control on attachments email files (DenisChenu)
14768: [Survey taking] Survey fails when default answer is set (dominikvitt)
14785: [Import/Export] Group Name and Description do not display on Export to Printable Survey (p_teichmann)
14793: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Sorting of participant (query) groups wrong (c_schmitz)
14799: [Survey design] Setting default answer in a single-option question doesn't work (receiving error message when taking the survey) (dominikvitt)
12993: [Other] PHP-function create_function() has been deprecated (DenisChenu)
14649: [Survey design] CDbException when a "default answer" option is not compatible with a question type (DenisChenu)
14716: [Conditions] Participant attribute tab shwon in condition editor for anonymized survey (DenisChenu)
14713: [Security] Persistent XSS in user group management (DenisChenu)
14699: [Translation] Start popups add , between string (DenisChenu)
14692: [Survey design] CDbException when testing survey (DenisChenu)
14688: [Translation] No translation for «Presentation & navigation settings» (dominikvitt)
14686: [Other] Unable to see Survey list (debug>0) (DenisChenu)
14682: [Survey design] When deactivation survey with debug 1 : receive a CDbException (DenisChenu)
14625: [Statistics] Summary Table (Frequencies) for 5-Point Choice is Confusing (+ Feature Request) (dominikvitt)
14609: [Import/Export] [SECURITY] Prevent SID of 0 during import (ollehar)
14439: [Theme editor] More button and action than available according Permission in theme (dominikvitt)
14679: [Security] Theme admin can delete any directory (DenisChenu)
14635: [Security] XSS Attack Vector - export_helper.php (DenisChenu)
14634: [Security] XSS Attack Vector - KCFinder (DenisChenu)
109 issues View Issues
Released 2019-01-01
15091: [Other] Regenerating question codes not working (p_teichmann)
15024: [Import/Export] viewquexml internal server error (p_teichmann)
13001: [Expression Manager] Expression Manager evaluates answers to free text questions enclosed by "{" and "}" (DenisChenu)
14047: [Survey design] Equation didn't update previous text (DenisChenu)
14821: [Survey design] JS console error : DataTable is undefined (debug at 2) (p_teichmann)
14729: [ComfortUpdate] Unable to upgrade (dominikvitt)
14395: [Other] presentation options: inherit value displayed incorrectly (dominikvitt)
14385: [_ Unknown] PHP warning on data entry page in debug mode (DenisChenu)
14745: [Survey taking] Use of undefined constant SODIUM_LIBRARY_VERSION (dominikvitt)
14747: [Other] Don't set encryptionkey in a git managed file (dominikvitt)
14796: [Response browsing] Unable to browse response (dominikvitt)
14797: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to send email to valid address (dominikvitt)
14798: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Someone register in a Survey with token (+encrypt) : no way to check DB (dominikvitt)
14812: [Survey design] Exception when adding answer to quota (dominikvitt)
14823: [Installation] Unable to install (dominikvitt)
14840: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to assign empty email address using token batch edit (dominikvitt)
14185: [Theme editor] Need a clean way to hide custom question theme attributes (dominikvitt)
10529: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to send email via office365 except with hard system (DenisChenu)
12243: [RemoteControl] beforeTokenEmail didn't happen for remote control (DenisChenu)
14194: [Survey taking] Datepicker not working with user template (DenisChenu)
14755: [Survey design] Experimental editor is empty (markusfluer)
13628: [Import/Export] Unable to import responses from archive (TonisOrmisson)
22 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-08
14272: [Expression Manager] Multiple text with comment and subquestion «comment» validation and logic file is broken (cdorin)
14495: [_ Unknown] Fix for duplicate fieldname not working (DenisChenu)
14465: [Expression Manager] EM relevance not being recalculated after conditions changed (Full survey included) (DenisChenu)
13337: [Import/Export] fail on csv token import (c_schmitz)
12992: [Other] PHP-function each() has been deprecated (dominikvitt)
13572: [Assessments] Empty assessement still shown (DenisChenu)
13630: [Expression Manager] EM send Notice about Undefined offset (DenisChenu)
13728: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Changing survey type while running can cause in PHP error message (undefied index: gid)
14249: [Import/Export] Tab-separated export of surveys is broken (dominikvitt)
14171: [Theme editor] Survey owner can't upload logo (DenisChenu)
14180: [Theme editor] Multiple logo filename with same url in dropdown (DenisChenu)
14191: [Survey design] Broken question view if sum of width !=12 (DenisChenu)
14192: [Ergonomy] Mass action on Survey listing didn't work on second page (dominikvitt)
14209: [Survey design] Long answer options not line-breaked and ends invisible for array questions split up to pieces (dominikvitt)
14227: [Survey taking] Some token with existing reponse can send PHP Warning about seed (DenisChenu)
14233: [Survey design] Unable to show help in advanced question settings (DenisChenu)
14240: [Survey participants (Tokens)] When deleting token attributes the drop down is missing the attribute names (dominikvitt)
14243: [Central participant database] filter in CPDB l=grid disable button action (dominikvitt)
14251: [Central participant database] When deleting a token : CPDB keep link with survey (DenisChenu)
14270: [Assessments] value, valueNAOK etc … broken with GET params (DenisChenu)
14271: [Expression Manager] Some words used by LS can be used as question/subquestion/answer codes (DenisChenu)
14276: [Expression Manager] Validation for multiple numeric input is missing details about "equals sum value" (DenisChenu)
14277: [Survey taking] When using an existing user name at the "Save and resume later" feature, there is also a wrong warning about a wrong captcha (dominikvitt)
14278: [Survey taking] When resuming a survey there is a wrong warning about disabled JavaScript and a checkbox for "Please confirm you want..." shows (dominikvitt)
14280: [Print View] Print answers overview shows broken table format and missing details (dominikvitt)
14282: [Theme editor] Language of Survey is set to default in token form (DenisChenu)
14288: [Expression Manager] TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_INT: No output in email-template AND no Error in validate expression (DenisChenu)
14290: [Other] Some form can not be submitted if csrfTokenName is updated (DenisChenu)
14294: [Survey taking] Multi-numeric labels not translated (dominikvitt)
14303: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Cannot send mail reminder to a single participant (dominikvitt)
14314: [User/User groups] Superadmin user rights not stored properly (DenisChenu)
14316: [Other] Unable to delete old survey or token table (DenisChenu)
14317: [Survey design] CDbException when try to set a title with more than 200 caracters (DenisChenu)
14323: [Conditions] Error - resetting conditions (DenisChenu)
14313: [Other] Strange text displayed in drop-down bow on participants screen (dominikvitt)
14326: [Other] After activating a survey - back to survey home button not working (dominikvitt)
14334: [Survey participants (Tokens)] When importing a csv file to the participants table, the UI indicates that double Token values could be allowed (DenisChenu)
14186: [Theme editor] Path to preview image broken when creating a custom question theme (DenisChenu)
14273: [Assessments] {ASSESSMENT_CURRENT_TOTAL}] usage broken (DenisChenu)
14309: [Installation] Upgrade to 3.15 SLQ Error (dominikvitt)
14312: [User/User groups] Import participant CSV is not possible with surveys update right (dominikvitt)
14315: [Expression Manager] Expressions with array number/checkbox are not reloading properly (DenisChenu)
14330: [Theme editor] Renaming a template with inheritance (children) will break surveys using the inherited template (lemeur)
14346: [Import/Export] Import vv : unable to update only token and/or date (DenisChenu)
14348: [Other] Themes storage always show 0.0M (DenisChenu)
14351: [Theme editor] favicon are not loaded (DenisChenu)
14352: [Survey taking] Multiple HTML open in printanswers view (DenisChenu)
14362: [Theme editor] Template can throw error with invalid image (DenisChenu)
14363: [Theme editor] In theme option : current template is the default one (DenisChenu)
14376: [Security] XSS in version 3.15.5 - Survey Resource zip upload (DenisChenu)
14389: [Theme editor] never same order in Theme list (DenisChenu)
14398: [Theme editor] Unable to set a different standardthemerootdir than default one (DenisChenu)
14400: [Expression Manager] Unable to use "self" 'self' "that" or 'that' fixed string in Expression (DenisChenu)
14406: [Survey taking] 'Ranking' Question with Computed Answers Is Allocating Insufficient Row Height (DenisChenu)
14410: [Ergonomy] Ranking : no alert when try to put more than answer (dominikvitt)
14411: [Survey design] Ranking choice height is to big than needed in case of filter (DenisChenu)
14415: [Theme editor] Unale to use SAVEDID or some other reponse related var in submit.twig (DenisChenu)
14417: [Statistics] PHP warning on response statistics page when "Show graphs" option is turned on (dominikvitt)
14425: [Survey taking] Ranking still hang without same height (DenisChenu)
14426: [Import/Export] Error exporting PDF with graphs (dominikvitt)
14431: [Survey design] Error 500 when deleting a question (DenisChenu)
14441: [Survey design] Survey general settings on the summary page shows Survey owner, not values of survey administrator (DenisChenu)
14451: [Expression Manager] Expression Manager validation fails (though input is correct) and clears all fields, survey can not be submitted (DenisChenu)
14472: [Import/Export] Central participants not exporting (DenisChenu)
14476: [Central participant database] token_id' doesn't have a default value- Not possible to add central participants to survey (DenisChenu)
14480: [Theme editor] No information shown after alert withot js, no way to have this managed by theme (DenisChenu)
14488: [_ Unknown] SQL exception when creating a subquestion (DenisChenu)
14490: [_ Unknown] PHP error with Question L on statistic page (DenisChenu)
14492: [Survey design] Setting Q? as Mandatory Does not set (dominikvitt)
14498: [Print View] Participant view for statistics goes unformatted (dominikvitt)
14499: [_ Unknown] Confirmation email don't properly set the "To" attribute (dominikvitt)
14524: [Survey taking] bFixNumAuto not taken in account (DenisChenu)
14533: [Survey taking] Error in console when enter . or , (DenisChenu)
14534: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to add head/html/body in Email HTML editor (DenisChenu)
14538: [Survey taking] Valid number with radix as "," shown as invalid (DenisChenu)
14232: [Statistics] Missing logo file when exporting statistics to PDF (Mazi)
14427: [Survey design] On an Active survey, Option 'Other' switched to Off when update question (DenisChenu)
14453: [Response browsing] Deletion of responses broken in 3.15.6+190108 (DenisChenu)
14487: [Survey taking] While UPDATING ti V 3.15.X End-URL doesn't work correctly (DenisChenu)
14518: [Survey taking] Upload modals/iframes: growing height after repeated delete actions (dominikvitt)
14519: [Survey taking] Letters do not get automatically deleted any longer in only numbers fields (dominikvitt)
       14540: [Survey taking] Hard to enter some value (decimal values with 0) (DenisChenu)
14521: [Print View] print answers HTML view not displaying "other" for list question (dominikvitt)
14522: [Print View] print answers HTML view not translating/getting the proper text for multiple choice with comment (dominikvitt)
14527: [Import/Export] Error in import : This is not a valid LimeSurvey survey structure XML file (dominikvitt)
14543: [Response browsing] Response Table - ID search box is too small & does not display the text (dominikvitt)
14545: [MenuSystem] Unable to reset menu entries with MSSQL (DenisChenu)
14546: [MenuSystem] Theme option menu are not show to user with Surveysettings update right (DenisChenu)
14547: [_ Unknown] PHP error with Question L on statistic page with simple mode (dominikvitt)
14548: [_ Unknown] PHP error with Question L with public statistic (dominikvitt)
14554: [Survey design] Javascript error when try to use Questions list option (DenisChenu)
13992: [Installation] Error when installing LimeSurvey, converting nvarchar to datetime (c_schmitz)
14062: [Survey taking] No languages list when clicking the hamburger icon in Token page (dominikvitt)
14101: [Survey design] Missing CSS-class "row" in li-tag inside answer-container of multiple-short-text-questions and multiple-numeric-questions (DenisChenu)
14135: [Statistics] Auswertung der Umfrage generiert einen Abfragefehler (dominikvitt)
14162: [Conditions] Functionality of Drag and Drop in ranking questions breaks in dependance of relevance equations (DenisChenu)
14182: [Survey design] Database error when trying to define a quota (dominikvitt)
14204: [Survey taking] Panel Integrations and lastpage set to -1
14212: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Deleting or editing details of a to be attached file at token emails is not doable (dominikvitt)
14216: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Users without rights to delete tokens can still delete them (DenisChenu)
14226: [Other] End Url display issues (DenisChenu)
11787: [Survey design] filtered question column alignment 2nd (DenisChenu)
12103: [Response browsing] Single response overview shows CSS and JS embedded at question text (DenisChenu)
12489: [Statistics] Wrong information on pie chart when I move the mouse over the chart (in stat simple and advanced stat mode) (dominikvitt)
14168: [Plugins] Removed plugins throw error in plugin manager (DenisChenu)
14221: [Security] No XSS control when delete a token (DenisChenu)
14222: [Response browsing] When deleting a single response : all page is reloaded and current filter lost (DenisChenu)
14258: [Other] Path to preview image broken when creating a custom admin theme (dominikvitt)
14332: [Survey design] Bootstrap buttons, relevance equation and piping/jumping (DenisChenu)
14372: [Survey taking] Ranking issue with image (DenisChenu)
14374: [Survey design] Unable to disable samechoiceheight and samelistheight (DenisChenu)
14489: [Response browsing] Some question are borken in response browsing (DenisChenu)
14503: [Survey design] Save button in "Copy survey" panel does not do anything (markusfluer)
13982: [Survey design] Uploading survey resources (via kcfinder) does not work with CRedisCache (DenisChenu)
14097: [Translation] "Upload files" button: Translatable msgid wrong (for all languages) (c_schmitz)
14450: [Import/Export] Top Buttons at responses and statistics didn't work (export, quick stat, …) (DenisChenu)
14455: [Expression Manager] {SURVEYRESOURCESURL} show as error in question on survey logic file (DenisChenu)
14394: [Central participant database] CHttpException message when exporting participants (DenisChenu)
13859: [Survey taking] Question full index loose color when try submit (DenisChenu)
14361: [Survey taking] Using valueNAOK at conditions works fine at group preview but is broken at survey runtime (DenisChenu)
14211: [Accessibility] Language changer dropdown autoupdated : kaybord navigation issue (DenisChenu)
14205: [Accessibility] Unable to save, clearall (and maybe load) without javascript (DenisChenu)
13150: [Theme editor] Wrong text message? Survey theme editor (ollehar)
10162: [Survey taking] new visit on a survey with token deletes last entry (dominikvitt)
14066: [Import/Export] Reset button under Selection creates broken link (DenisChenu)
14106: [Survey design] Button "Add new question to group" does not work (dominikvitt)
14124: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Changing invitation/reminder dates for a certain tokens changes the date format at the database (dominikvitt)
14196: [Survey taking] Unable to use dynamic mindate and maxdate (DenisChenu)
13745: [Survey design] Owner of survey can not update Template settings for his survey (dominikvitt)
14146: [Statistics] Graphs in pdf not correctly displayed (dominikvitt)
14142: [Print View] Integer values in pdf report in multiple numerical input (DenisChenu)
14133: [Import/Export] lss with long group name broke when import (DenisChenu)
13928: [Survey taking] script (and tag) are not filtered or encoded if question is in same group (DenisChenu)
133 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-08
13302: [Survey taking] Slider "Slider starts at the middle position" and "Slider initial value" settings not working (DenisChenu)
13593: [Survey design] Slider reset not working (DenisChenu)
14628: [Print View] Array numbers question type doesn't include proper subquestion and answer details at "print answers" overview (dominikvitt)
14435: [Survey design] Survey logic view -> Open printable view is showing not the correct language version (dominikvitt)
14502: [Documentation] Template : need separation and need more twig information (DenisChenu)
14553: [Survey design] The countdown does not work most of the time (dominikvitt)
14563: [Survey design] Save question before attributes get loaded remove all attributes (DenisChenu)
14572: [Data Entry (non public)] Impossible to manually edit an answer when one the the fields contains a quote (' or ") (DenisChenu)
14575: [_ Unknown] Deleting a parent Survey Group orphans child Survey Groups, causing Survey Groups List page to crash (dominikvitt)
14595: [_ Unknown] PHP Crash when trying to preview an empty group (dominikvitt)
14596: [_ Unknown] CApcCache enabled gives error 500 when checking data integrity. (DenisChenu)
14599: [_ Unknown] Evaluation crash if no group exists (dominikvitt)
14618: [Survey taking] slider resets when moving backwards with a starting value (DenisChenu)
14645: [Data Entry (non public)] Unable to update some participants options when using batch-edit menu (dominikvitt)
14098: [Other] Sub-question vs subquestions (c_schmitz)
12082: [Survey taking] SSL and map question type with leaflet (DenisChenu)
14016: [Survey taking] Multiple numerical input resets back to initial value when slider is set zero (DenisChenu)
14081: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Save button on the "Add participants" window not working. (markusfluer)
14416: [MenuSystem] Sort LDAP participant names alphabetically in the survey creation form (markusfluer)
14714: [Expression Manager] Condition based on TOKEN ATTRIBUTE still not working also with LS 3.16.1+ (DenisChenu)
14150: [Installation] Wrong Survey menu id entry (c_schmitz)
14122: [Translation] Missing translation in question types labels (c_schmitz)
22 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-08
13987: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Bug after try adding multiple attributes (dominikvitt)
13746: [Survey design] Survey Menu are shown even if no Permission (markusfluer)
13903: [_ Unknown] Get parameters do not work with tokenized survey (dominikvitt)
13994: [Survey taking] Question validation equation along with "Hide tip" (dominikvitt)
13998: [Survey design] Survey breadcrumb bar disappears when adding/deleting participant table (dominikvitt)
14029: [Survey design] Breadcrumb shows "Add a new question", also when editing a saved question (dominikvitt)
14048: [Expression Manager] Valid Expression Manager placeholders are wrongly marked as invalid variables at survey logic file (DenisChenu)
14058: [Import/Export] vvimport failing because of missing default values on newer MariaDB databases (markusfluer)
14100: [Import/Export] Export to excel crashes when run from advanced statistics (markusfluer)
13817: [Conditions] Add scenario - display issues (markusfluer)
13967: [Theme editor] Installed Themes overview (dominikvitt)
13975: [Assessments] Error if group is not selected - Assessments (dominikvitt)
13990: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Empty error message about date if date completed not choose (dominikvitt)
13993: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Batch-edit participants is missing the language field (dominikvitt)
13999: [Survey design] Incorrect translation in Logic File (dominikvitt)
14019: [Survey taking] The API call "get_uploaded_files" is not returning all uploaded files (dominikvitt)
14030: [Import/Export] Group relevance equations are lost when exporting a survey in tab-separated text format (dominikvitt)
14042: [Survey design] Inappropriate display of "Survey Groups" (dominikvitt)
14052: [Import/Export] Cant export to XLS (dominikvitt)
14054: [Other] Lil design issue with set expiry date (markusfluer)
14072: [Print View] Integer values in pdf report (dominikvitt)
14080: [Survey taking] moving backwards clears answer (Date/Time question) (DenisChenu)
14094: [Response browsing] Token modal not opening while having filters in responses view (dominikvitt)
14105: [Central participant database] Property "AdminController.uid" is not defined. (dominikvitt)
14114: [Theme editor] no background color (dominikvitt)
14125: [Installation] DB user with insufficient right can show white page when installing (DenisChenu)
14127: [Survey taking] Slider with only right part broken (markusfluer)
12605: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Redirect bug when creating dummy participant with mandatory attribute (dominikvitt)
13747: [Import/Export] CSV Export of Survey Responses no longer valid CSV (Limesurvey v3.9) (dominikvitt)
14020: [Survey design] Subquestions GIDs not updated when moving between groups (dominikvitt)
14025: [Other] When using custom theme the "Exit and clear all" link does not disappear at the last (survey completed) step (dominikvitt)
14050: [Import/Export] Unable to import all db if stardate added (dominikvitt)
14112: [Survey taking] list radio theme bootstrap (dominikvitt)
13888: [_ Unknown] unable to run db migration if using CRedisCache (DenisChenu)
13552: [Other] Beginner tour not available without superadmin permission (markusfluer)
14033: [_ Unknown] Re-ordering groups when a group is open using Structure drag & drop fails (markusfluer)
14082: [LimeSurvey Website] Mantis: Product version is on 3.13.X. - 3.14. is still missing. Confusing for users. (markusfluer)
13983: [Statistics] PDF-Button (markusfluer)
13283: [Survey design] Survey Groups tile should be mandatory (dominikvitt)
13588: [Survey design] User reported problem with Postgres and question reorder (markusfluer)
13931: [Installation] Installer enters an infinite redirect loop if the 'tmp' directory is not writable. (ollehar)
13941: [Statistics] graphs do not show in simple or complex statistics (markusfluer)
13947: [Survey design] Add New Question to Groups Disappeared (3.14.1) (markusfluer)
13958: [Installation] Error updating the database schema from verson 353 to 355 (markusfluer)
13962: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token description cannot be changed (markusfluer)
14000: [Other] "Export this response" button in view response page is broken (dominikvitt)
13973: [Assessments] Non-anonymous survey - {FIRSTNAME} in assessments (dominikvitt)
14008: [Other] Prepopulate question with answer from URL parameter not working (dominikvitt)
13976: [Survey taking] bootstrapbuttons not counted in answer logic (dominikvitt)
13683: [Survey design] Incorrect order shown in UI for questions and question groups (markusfluer)
13756: [Theme editor] Improved twig code to show DIV.privacy box depending on settings (markusfluer)
51 issues View Issues
Released 2018-06-28
13800: [Survey taking] Did not save on Survey Participation (c_schmitz)
13845: [Import/Export] Can't export and then import tab-separated text survey file (dominikvitt)
13939: [Survey design] Add New Question to Groups Disappeared (3.14.1) (markusfluer)
13674: [Other] Create survey menus - triying to position them at the bottom / top
13672: [Other] Cannot create survey menu entries
13673: [Other] Survey menu - some buttons are not working
13802: [Ergonomy] Unable to see Survey policy without javascript activated (markusfluer)
13804: [Ergonomy] Error about Data security policy shown when change language + clear all (markusfluer)
13830: [Survey taking] Language changer broken in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
13833: [Assessments] Owner of survey are not able to edit assesments (no button) (DenisChenu)
13840: [Authentication] Login with local user gives a php7.2 warning (markusfluer)
13842: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13843: [Survey design] icon at the right side, should be in front of label (markusfluer)
13846: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13345: [Survey design] showpopups in config.php seems to have no effect anymore (dominikvitt)
13677: [Survey design] Sorting of groups and questions are wrong (with fix) (markusfluer)
13693: [Translation] strange translation quote (markusfluer)
13702: [Plugins] beforeCloseHtml event removed (DenisChenu)
13744: [_ Unknown] unable to run db migration via command line (and fix) (DenisChenu)
13773: [Survey design] Cannot style slider handle when not touched anymore (markusfluer)
13795: [Theme editor] Custom logo is not saved (markusfluer)
13803: [Ergonomy] Deprecated confirm box since 3.0 alpha (markusfluer)
13805: [Translation] Multi-line Text Messages Do Not Exist in Translation. (markusfluer)
13831: [Import/Export] Export of survey-structure (*.lss - Files) is not possible in LS 3.13.0 (markusfluer)
13838: [Conditions] Delete popups missing (markusfluer)
13841: [Conditions] tootips not working after performing an action in the conditions designer (markusfluer)
13858: [Import/Export] Unable to export TSV with debug, and unable to import TSV just exported (ollehar)
13870: [Survey design] Apple devices do not support ranking question (markusfluer)
13877: [Theme editor] Unable to update answers twig part in Survey theme (DenisChenu)
13878: [User/User groups] Send email to user group - display issue (markusfluer)
13894: [Expression Manager] relevant equation in subquestion don't function (DenisChenu)
13897: [Other] Unable to see Notifications (markusfluer)
13898: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to update token (markusfluer)
13899: [Survey design] Unable to use button to save Question (markusfluer)
13900: [Survey design] Unable to update Manadtory switch widget on Question edit (markusfluer)
13901: [Survey taking] Prefilling single choice prefill other and comment (DenisChenu)
13907: [Survey design] Can't delete question in latest master (markusfluer)
13910: [Theme editor] Unable to use saveall button (markusfluer)
13911: [Survey taking] Multi submit action done (markusfluer)
13916: [Response browsing] Display issue questions list (markusfluer)
13917: [Response browsing] Delete button from questions list not working (markusfluer)
13918: [Survey design] No create participant button when activate (markusfluer)
13922: [Survey design] Quotas with return and change option crash the survey (markusfluer)
13923: [ComfortUpdate] unable to log in into Admin Backend. Error "Undefined variable: security_update_available" (markusfluer)
13926: [Survey participants (Tokens)] "Generate Tokens" - Submit Button not shown (markusfluer)
13935: [Survey participants (Tokens)] 'Double click' to Register (markusfluer)
13912: [Other] Create menus - not working (markusfluer)
13839: [Conditions] Small text correction (c_schmitz)
13734: [_ Unknown] image upload is not possible - You don't have permissions to browse server. (LouisGac)
13828: [_ Unknown] Internal Server Error when clicking on 'Theme Options' in Survey Admin Area (dominikvitt)
50 issues View Issues
Released 2018-06-20
13685: [Other] Create a new survey - Save and Save and close -> same behavour (markusfluer)
13811: [Survey design] reordering questions by drag-and-drop (markusfluer)
13813: [Survey design] Question advanced settings not updated when update question type (dominikvitt)
13814: [Survey design] opening Question->Check logic will change admin interface language to question language (dominikvitt)
13646: [LimeSurvey Website] Error after Database Query MSSQL (c_schmitz)
12640: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to update lang when registering (before fill mandatory values) (dominikvitt)
13548: [Conditions] Import survey process fails sometimes with data conditions (dominikvitt)
13784: [Import/Export] Wrong language label for Other option when exporting with queXML PDF export (dominikvitt)
13790: [Survey taking] End-URL redfirect is not working (markusfluer)
13798: [Survey design] Ajaxmode : default save/reload/clearall button unfonctional (DenisChenu)
13801: [Ergonomy] Unable to change language without javascript (DenisChenu)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2018-06-13
13778: [Import/Export] Exporting data to the most recent version of R leads to incorrect data (dominikvitt)
13725: [Survey taking] Bad behaviour of help with Expression Manager and em_validation_q_tip (DenisChenu)
13776: [Security] Survey admin can see all survey groups (dominikvitt)
13783: [RemoteControl] [json-API] token in add_response causes errors and does not work in update_response (dominikvitt)
12757: [Survey taking] When using only time inputs the date/time questions throws an em error (dominikvitt)
13774: [Survey taking] Date drop down always throws error using date format dd.mm.yyyy (dominikvitt)
13780: [Survey taking] Ranked items are re-set when using "previous" button (dominikvitt)
13762: [Other] copy question with subquestions (dominikvitt)
13741: [Translation] Bahasa Malaysia no longer in language selection. (c_schmitz)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2018-06-11
12435: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Wrong exports (dominikvitt)
13714: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token email does not fill in adminemail and adminname (dominikvitt)
13715: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Email sender is not automatically filled in (dominikvitt)
13759: [Survey design] No admin name and admin email is set at Survey creation (DenisChenu)
13748: [Survey taking] PHP Warning in register form (markusfluer)
13743: [Theme editor] PHP notice when viewing question view in theme editor (dominikvitt)
13742: [Response browsing] Answer options in dual matrix question swipes out in mobile screen mode (DenisChenu)
13718: [Import/Export] Reload page after import lss show error (dominikvitt)
13688: [_ Unknown] privacy policy are hidden on the startpage of a survey, when the first action is a mouseover over the Button WEITER (markusfluer)
13606: [Theme editor] Unable to reset manually asset (file or firectory) (LouisGac)
       13497: [Theme editor] Editor sreen loads without css when creating/opdating custom css (LouisGac)
13553: [Survey design] Default value not copied when copy question (dominikvitt)
13466: [Other] Exit and clear in bilingual Survey - restarts in wrong language (dominikvitt)
12907: [Survey taking] Resume later and load unfinished survey does not work in Ajax mode (markusfluer)
12898: [Survey design] Repeat Headers not working in array dual scale with dropdown layout (dominikvitt)
12741: [Conditions] Setting Condition where Constant = 0 treated as "no answer" (DenisChenu)
12032: [Other] Homepage boxes - external links opened twice when clicking icon (dominikvitt)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2018-06-08
13753: [Survey taking] 500 error in surveys listing (markusfluer)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2018-05-21
13598: [Survey design] Missing filter when selecting parent survey group (dominikvitt)
12097: [Survey design] Relevance equation is shown for X axis in array number : it don't work (dominikvitt)
12215: [RemoteControl] Activate a survey without questions with API (dominikvitt)
12227: [Import/Export] "Error: Failed to insert data" and corrupted quotas when i've tried to import old (v2.5.xx) surveys (dominikvitt)
12406: [Data Entry (non public)] Group filter selection gets lost after deleting a question from the question list (dominikvitt)
13514: [Translation] Don't translate Theme name (dominikvitt)
13704: [Survey design] Question preview image (markusfluer)
13705: [Print View] End message is not printed (dominikvitt)
13710: [Survey design] Media File in Question Group description is not displayed when taking survey if there is no proper text in description (markusfluer)
13712: [Expression Manager] Exclusive option does not exclude others (markusfluer)
13720: [Other] an icon is missing (dominikvitt)
13731: [Import/Export] SPSS export does not recognise line breaks in open comments (DenisChenu)
13736: [Survey taking] No javascript : bad date not saved but error not shown (DenisChenu)
12868: [ComfortUpdate] Updating to 3.0xx (LouisGac)
12209: [Statistics] Standard Deviation and Arithmetic Mean doesn't in the expert mode (value is 0) (markusfluer)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2018-04-20
13407: [Plugins] plugin events seems not to work (ollehar)
12721: [Survey taking] Date shown in error is not date entered by user (dominikvitt)
13633: [Survey taking] Wrong data validation on dropdown boxes (dominikvitt)
13700: [Authentication] Attempt to change LS issued password, results in 'Internal Server Error' message "Implicit conversion from data type char to bin (c_schmitz)
11608: [User/User groups] In User Control panel, # rows chooser doesn't affect listing (markusfluer)
12755: [Survey design] Status 403 Denied on saving survey (markusfluer)
12709: [Survey design] Can not create or edit a survey (markusfluer)
13114: [Installation] After update from 2.72.6 to 3.0.1 design templates can't loades any more (markusfluer)
13132: [Translation] Twig messages not picked up by traslation po file generators (LouisGac)
13590: [_ Unknown] Check data integrity shows "errorneous question group order" for all surveys (ollehar)
13607: [Survey design] Multiple_choice_with_comments - bug (dominikvitt)
13609: [Print View] {QUEXMLPDF} Placeholder in template for Save to PDF triggers error if shown on welcome page
13634: [User/User groups] Internal Server Error CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL command: SQLSTATE [42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 (DenisChenu)
13638: [Central participant database] Panel with user surveys doesn't load (markusfluer)
13651: [Survey design] Array text always shown as error in checkintergrity (DenisChenu)
13690: [Assessments] Missing translations update/add survey group (dominikvitt)
13691: [Central participant database] Missing translation central databse (dominikvitt)
13695: [Survey taking] Error: CSS: width: only 0 can be a unit. You must put a unit after your number. (dominikvitt)
13645: [Translation] Error message Google Translate API (dominikvitt)
13689: [Assessments] Missing translation (dominikvitt)
12161: [_ Unknown] upgrading to 2.62.2 tries to touch files in templates folder, which are not writable (LouisGac)
12723: [User/User groups] Saving global user permissions deselects "Use internal database authentication" (LouisGac)
13696: [Survey taking] Error: Duplicate attributes accesskey / data-confirmedby. (DenisChenu)
13680: [Theme editor] Question screen = AdminController cannot find the requested view "/survey/questions/answer/listradio/columns/column_header". (dominikvitt)
13615: [Survey taking] The month and year is not saved when advancing and returning in a survey (dominikvitt)
13521: [Survey design] Access question and survey variables/data from within custom question theme Twig files (dominikvitt)
13515: [Survey design] Cannot have a null default value when creating custom attributes in a custom question theme (dominikvitt)
13664: [Central participant database] internal server error sql (ollehar)
13599: [Other] Table user_in_groups not cleaned (LouisGac)
13665: [Statistics] Cannot create statistics! (ollehar)
30 issues View Issues
Released 2018-04-01
13587: [Plugins] Calendar with min and max date always show error message (DenisChenu)
13201: [Survey design] Integration Panel and Answer (markusfluer)
13542: [Survey taking] Question index (head) show diable even if work (DenisChenu)
13544: [Theme editor] Unable to use flatEllipsizeText function in (some) twig file (DenisChenu)
13579: [Plugins] The first time that it shows the plugin of the calendar appears in English and no in the language of the survey. (DenisChenu)
13604: [Plugins] beforeSurveyDelete didn't happen when delete a survey (DenisChenu)
13578: [Theme editor] Unable to use "Copy to local template and save changes" (markusfluer)
13520: [Theme editor] Unable to import template (TonisOrmisson)
12670: [Import/Export] Cannot export a survey in .html (LouisGac)
13078: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Add participants - Survey participants table (LouisGac)
12891: [Response browsing] Select multiple survey responses - no action working (markusfluer)
12596: [Other] Question type selector option is not working (LouisGac)
12687: [Survey design] Quick tranlation function not working (LouisGac)
13586: [Survey design] bootstrap-alert-box-modal - close button is not translated (c_schmitz)
13560: [Security] Stored XSS in Boxes (markusfluer)
12365: [Conditions] Using relevance equation on multiple choice sub-questions removes "Other" selection (markusfluer)
13554: [RemoteControl] list_surveys only returns surveys belonging to user
13562: [Security] CSRF in box deletion (markusfluer)
13569: [Assessments] Final assesments are shown even if no assessemnt is set (DenisChenu)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2018-03-12
13517: [Survey design] Question adv settings are not updated after update of question type (DenisChenu)
13565: [Survey taking] Punctuation points should go into the translation and not into the php code (ollehar1)
13395: [Import/Export] queXML PDF export missing comments on "Multiple choice with comments" (c_schmitz)
13475: [Import/Export] cant export to SPSS (DenisChenu)
13488: [Accessibility] Not able to save without javascript (DenisChenu)
13493: [Survey taking] When template didn't exist : a lot of bug (DenisChenu)
13495: [Print View] Character äöü and ß shown as ? at QueXML-Export (adamzammit)
13500: [Theme editor] Upload file in theme options is weird (markusfluer)
13504: [Other] Crash after "Check integrity" (ollehar)
13510: [Theme editor] beforeQuestionRender didn't include Class (ollehar1)
13524: [Expression Manager] EM Error on Validation on hidden question (debug=2) (DenisChenu)
13527: [Theme editor] Except at first page : survey text expression usage is broken (DenisChenu)
       13525: [Expression Manager] Title are not updated by Expression Manager (DenisChenu)
13541: [_ Unknown] Error executing admin/checkintegrity (ollehar)
13494: [Survey taking] Problem when activating force_xmlsettings_for_survey_rendering (markusfluer)
13303: [Survey taking] Vanilla theme loads css multiple times. (markusfluer)
13332: [Import/Export] Problem with the size of the text boxes for the ranges (markusfluer)
13383: [Survey design] A lot of white space in footer (markusfluer)
13438: [Survey design] Lot of white space in footer (markusfluer)
13468: [Survey design] lot of empty space in footer (markusfluer)
13486: [Survey design] Language dropdown must be at first page when create survey (markusfluer)
13476: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to send individual remind and invite mails (markusfluer)
13483: [Survey taking] Unable to enter 0.000000001 for numeric value (c_schmitz)
13372: [Survey design] behavior of reset in mail templates (markusfluer)
13469: [Installation] In LimeSurvey version 3.5.0+180309 'Check Data integrity' throws Internal server error.( SQLSTATE[42S02]) on fresh install. (ollehar)
13467: [Translation] Untranslated last element in bread crumbs (markusfluer)
13464: [RemoteControl] Invalid SQL in "mail_registered_participants" RemoteControl API method (ollehar)
13247: [Translation] missing translation in beginner tour (markusfluer)
12715: [Survey design] Behavior change for numericalmultiple Slider default value when 0 or null Upgraded PHP version (markusfluer)
13473: [Survey taking] Serious issue: use of exclusive option hangs browser page (markusfluer)
13422: [Survey design] Dropdown menu in portuguese internal server error (markusfluer)
13375: [Print View] brackets [ ] in printer friendly exports (markusfluer)
32 issues View Issues
Released 2018-02-19
13322: [Other] DateTime picker opens partially or not at all (markusfluer)
13204: [Survey design] Even with good settings : browse ressources show "You don't have Permission to browse this server" (markusfluer)
13357: [Survey design] "Surveys in this group" is not filtering surveys (LouisGac)
13390: [Other] Adding subquestions - HTML editor (ollehar)
13397: [Other] Rendering issue? Questions not displayed (ollehar)
13406: [Survey taking] Survey crashes in AJAX-Mode (markusfluer)
13371: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13419: [Survey design] Re-ordering questions and groups using Structure drag & drop fails (markusfluer)
13434: [Label sets] Label sets not working (markusfluer)
13436: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13439: [Translation] Typo in german translation (c_schmitz)
13440: [Survey design] Quota, Postgress cant add (markusfluer)
13443: [Survey taking] Logic error by using an Eclusive Option in a multiple choice question (markusfluer)
13444: [Survey taking] Exclusive Option in Multiple Choice question makes not exclusive options invisible instead of non selectable (markusfluer)
13445: [Import/Export] Out of Bound (c_schmitz)
13446: [Plugins] Unable to see "simple plugin" (markusfluer)
13450: [_ Unknown] DateTimePicker interface design problem (markusfluer)
13453: [Other] sprintf with missing argument (c_schmitz)
13461: [Survey taking] Unable to start survey (markusfluer)
13426: [Other] No message displayed when I saved the new settings (ollehar)
13429: [Statistics] Multiple choice with comments not show comment in statistics .xls (only one comment) (ollehar)
13433: [Translation] Base string "List meny entries" incorrect (ollehar)
13425: [Other] Cannot add subquestions and answer options (ollehar)
13424: [Survey taking] JavaScript is displayed in email notifications (ollehar)
13396: [Theme editor] Some files/folders not included in imported survey themes (ollehar)
13367: [Theme editor] Theme list in theme editor should only list installed themes (LouisGac)
13356: [Survey taking] crash at optin + optout (ollehar)
13310: [Survey design] Cannot delete surveys in Survey list when debug == 1 (ollehar)
13246: [Response browsing] Survey responses, some functions doesnt work. (ollehar)
13394: [Import/Export] Excel-Export is broken (.xls file is not to open) (ollehar)
13338: [Statistics] DejaVuSans.ttf missing from install (ollehar)
13358: [Survey design] Usage of .question in end message broken (markusfluer)
13384: [Statistics] Massive deleting responses not possible after modifying table filters in response table (markusfluer)
13389: [Survey design] Cannot add JavaScript file to custom admin theme (ollehar)
13400: [Translation] missing translation (ollehar)
13402: [Import/Export] Export result not work (markusfluer)
13405: [_ Unknown] Failure of limiting the Ranking questions answers through drag and drop (ollehar)
13409: [Security] Cookie to prevent repeated participation not working in version 3+ (ollehar)
13410: [Label sets] Label sets not loaded when adding answer (ollehar)
13415: [Survey design] Column names in Ranking QT need to be switched (ollehar)
13416: [Statistics] XLS export file corrupt (ollehar)
13420: [Response browsing] Wrong file downloaded from "View Response ID" page (ollehar)
13262: [ComfortUpdate] unkown_destination_build_5 when trying to update LTS from Version 2.6.4-lts Build 170202 2.6.6-lts (171111) (LouisGac)
13339: [Other] ipaddr field always records 'invalid' (c_schmitz)
13135: [Survey taking] Doesn't redirect to end URL: "Cross-Origin Request Blocked:" (ollehar)
13218: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Sending Invitations or Reminders - Emails sent using "There are more emails pending" are corrupt (c_schmitz)
13254: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
12786: [User/User groups] Correcting bug 12051 reactivated bug#11287 (c_schmitz)
13388: [Response browsing] qtip-content help text outside of window (markusfluer)
13385: [Import/Export] Public PDF export show all question even if unrelevant (markusfluer)
13382: [Other] inconsistent use of icons for adding/new (markusfluer)
13373: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13370: [Survey taking] When submitting an invalid token an error is displayed twice. (c_schmitz)
13331: [LimeSurvey Website] Problem when printing the questions at the end of the survey (markusfluer)
13320: [Survey design] Endmessage is not shown in preview (ollehar)
13160: [Survey taking] Relevance based on array-dual-scale broken (ollehar)
13392: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Token with useleft at 0 or less can take the survey (ollehar)
13377: [Survey design] button too small for label in edit menu entries (markusfluer)
13365: [Theme editor] custom.css never gets loaded (markusfluer)
13360: [Survey taking] Print answers does not work / gives an error (markusfluer)
13355: [Survey design] Saving German survey title shows JSON output (markusfluer)
13353: [Authentication] Unable to update uset (mssql related) (DenisChenu)
13346: [Survey design] go back and delete answers function (ollehar)
13335: [Theme editor] refresh button at global level reset to "inherit" (markusfluer)
13330: [Ergonomy] Admin GUI are not responsive (markusfluer)
13311: [Other] Survey logic view with massive empty space till the footer (markusfluer)
13308: [Survey design] Old alert popup at delete group (markusfluer)
13291: [Survey taking] Next button not working under Edge. (markusfluer)
13369: [Translation] missing translations (markusfluer)
13379: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13378: [Translation] missing translation (markusfluer)
13248: [Translation] missing translations (markusfluer)
13234: [Survey design] Focus in text fields when pressing return (markusfluer)
13057: [Central participant database] CPDB - the owner field/column (c_schmitz)
13325: [Other] {ADMINEMAIL} not working as recipient in admin notification emails (ollehar)
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Released 2018-02-09
13317: [Expression Manager] Equationquestion reference not directly updated in piped text. (DenisChenu)
13326: [Expression Manager] Is not longer possible to using placeholders in group titles (ollehar)
13376: [Import/Export] A lot of white space in footer (markusfluer)
13318: [Survey design] Each time you change question type, a new question mark is added to the HTML (markusfluer)
13323: [Survey design] After completing survey, exit page is not, instead "print your answer" ist displayed. Error: Question.parent is not defined (markusfluer)
12445: [Survey taking] Slider "Slider initial value" not recorded in data (c_schmitz)
13188: [Survey design] Date/Time question type - icon missing (ollehar)
13284: [Translation] Breadcrumb group detail not using Admin language (ollehar)
13334: [_ Unknown] PDOException after update to 3.3.0 (mssql) (ollehar)
13349: [Theme editor] Theme editor jumps back to admin home page after every save of changes to theme files (ollehar)
11973: [Installation] Admin Login Fails on new installation Postgresql Databse Backend (c_schmitz)
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Released 2018-02-06
13297: [Survey participants (Tokens)] {TOKEN} field doesn't seem to be accessible in end of survey message (LouisGac)
13307: [Survey taking] Captcha does not work for registration (ollehar)
13315: [Data Entry (non public)] Multiple choise with comments (ollehar)
13324: [Authentication] Limesurvey crash after activating webserver authentication plugin (DenisChenu)
13319: [Installation] Build number not correctly set in LimeSurvey 3.2.1 resulting in a crash. (c_schmitz)
13306: [Survey design] console.ls.error() doesn't log (markusfluer)
13301: [Survey taking] Sliders given different widths within the same question (markusfluer)
13141: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Filters or rows per page won't work on default page (ollehar)
13309: [Survey taking] Sliders logging to console when not in debug mode. (markusfluer)
13265: [User/User groups] Survey menu assigned to specific user shows up for all users (ollehar)
13272: [Survey taking] Captcha does not show Continue button (markusfluer)
13279: [Accessibility] Reference to 'LimeSurvey' in user message breaks Template principle (c_schmitz)
13206: [Survey design] Unable to update Advanced question setting after activation (markusfluer)
13185: [Other] Rendering issue when adding new questions (Preview) (markusfluer)
13275: [Import/Export] Export Survey as .lsa doesn't work - _timings not existing (markusfluer)
13286: [Survey design] Simple selector don't have optgroup (markusfluer)
13280: [Survey taking] Variables don't work in END_URL (markusfluer)
13269: [Other] Tutorial - Create a sample question and question group (markusfluer)
13292: [Security] Google analytics script included even if GA is not set (DenisChenu)
13285: [Theme editor] Can't view/edit Question screen of any template (ollehar)
13295: [Survey taking] Captcha message change request (ollehar)
13236: [Expression Manager] Import LSS files from previous versions (markusfluer)
13290: [Survey design] Admin user with only read perm see "Update default" (ollehar)
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Released 2018-01-24
12500: [Theme editor] 404 must use template (DenisChenu)
12502: [Plugins] event beforeQuestionRender removed ? (LouisGac)
13104: [Response browsing] A lot of white space below answer list (LouisGac)
13245: [_ Unknown] Error Message when a survey "Use CAPTCHA for survey access" is ON (markusfluer)
13180: [Survey taking] Variables don't work in END_URL (markusfluer)
13232: [Theme editor] Unable to load custom css and js (LouisGac)
12826: [_ Unknown] Upgrade third-party library Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer (c_schmitz)
13182: [Security] Filter HTML for XSS affects variables in end message (LouisGac)
13249: [Survey design] Cannot reorder questions and/or groups (markusfluer)
13244: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Deleting Survey participant - Confirmation "yes" does not close dialog box (markusfluer)
13112: [Theme editor] Changes to custom .css do not seem to have any effect (LouisGac)
13243: [Import/Export] Import of deactivated survey tables design mashed together (markusfluer)
13258: [User/User groups] Class 'Users' not found when changing menu entry permissions (ollehar)
13255: [_ Unknown] Problem expiration date after Comfort-Update (ollehar)
13241: [Installation] When upgrading from 2.67.3+170728 to 3.0.5+180118 an error occured (c_schmitz)
13235: [Survey design] Copy Array Question Type Results in Internal Server Error (c_schmitz)
13219: [Survey design] Stars / Slider don't work anymore in 1-5 Single Choice Question since 3.0.5 (markusfluer)
13010: [_ Unknown] MySQL 8 reserved word used as table alias in query (ollehar)
12990: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Queries on large participants table uses 100% CPU and causes LS to become non responsive (c_schmitz)
12815: [_ Unknown] Error after multiple question deleting (markusfluer)
12451: [Import/Export] Problem when One user export to pdf (c_schmitz)
13239: [Theme editor] Extended fruity variations cannot be changed in survey, only in admin theme editor (LouisGac)
13237: [Import/Export] Problem with opening Excel export (c_schmitz)
13205: [Survey design] Panel integration : no settings (c_schmitz)
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