15330: [_ Unknown] Frontend renders wrong selected question theme. (p_teichmann)
15112: [Other] array (texts) not working at all (lime_release_bot)
15372: [Other] Collapse button in Structure - wrong test (ollehar)
15378: [Statistics] Color randomization in expert statistics (issue) (p_teichmann)
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Released 2019-10-01
15389: [Print View] Line breaks at question text get lots at "print answers" overview (dominikvitt)
15147: [Import/Export] Some survey send notice about array to string conversion (dominikvitt)
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15368: [Survey taking] Filtered ranking didn't appear if in same page than the filter (DenisChenu)
14628: [Print View] Array numbers question type doesn't include proper subquestion and answer details at "print answers" overview (dominikvitt)
15369: [Survey taking] Ranking with filter didn't save all value (DenisChenu)
15030: [Other] Css and font issue, Arabic is not displayed properly. (dominikvitt)
15162: [Other] Images in the answer options of an array are shown on the very left when switch to Arabic on small screens (dominikvitt)
15350: [Response browsing] Unable to delete saved reponse (DenisChenu)
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15125: [Other] grid questions always Zebra-striped (dominikvitt)
15124: [Other] theme option "sticky header" not working (dominikvitt)
14750: [Survey design] Question attribute bad reloading when update question type (markusfluer)
14852: [Survey design] New group added as first group (markusfluer)
14853: [Survey design] New question always added to 1st group (markusfluer)
14892: [Survey design] No singleselect (or buttons) for attributes (markusfluer)
15075: [Survey design] Creating a new survey fails when the code editor is open (markusfluer)
15088: [Other] No media can be uploaded inside a survey (markusfluer)
15116: [Other] text editor: selecting image from server does not work (markusfluer)
15118: [Other] slider scale and star rating: display options not available (p_teichmann)
15119: [Other] map question: not implemented (p_teichmann)
15121: [Other] question group relevance not saved (markusfluer)
15165: [_ Unknown] new question groups always as first question group (markusfluer)
15167: [_ Unknown] structure not updated automatically after adding a new question (markusfluer)
15213: [Other] Fresh install from .tar.gz does not allow for editing email templates (markusfluer)
15225: [Survey taking] Array text question type : line is empty (DenisChenu)
15230: [Security] Call to a lot of «social network» on ADMIN part (markusfluer)
15252: [Other] Land on structure tab (JHoeck)
15251: [Other] File manager broken (markusfluer)
15306: [Survey design] Can't upload file in "Create survey" view (markusfluer)
15367: [RC4] Can't edit admin user (dominikvitt)
15342: [Survey design] Field "language" missing in table "limesurvey_groups" (dominikvitt)
15366: [Data Entry (non public)] ParseError in dataentry/sa/editdata/subaction/edit (dominikvitt)
15371: [Other] Save button does not get closed once you change the personal info of an admin user (dominikvitt)
15400: [Installation] RC4 cannot be installed (locally) (dominikvitt)
15083: [Other] Copy/move files - new file management panel (markusfluer)
15084: [Other] Delete button not working - file management panel (markusfluer)
15085: [Other] File management panel - delete button not working (markusfluer)
15087: [Other] CKEditor 5 - LsExpressions (markusfluer)
15090: [Other] Use the same question order from LS3 in LS4 (p_teichmann)
15095: [Survey design] Share Panel / QRCode additional language label (p_teichmann)
15104: [Other] "no answer" always visible (p_teichmann)
15106: [Other] single choice question: display option "display columns" not available -> no horizontal scales (p_teichmann)
15107: [Other] single choice question: display option "random order" empty (p_teichmann)
15110: [Other] (short free) text: options "maximum number of characters" and "numbers only" not implemented (p_teichmann)
15113: [Other] in question overview mode: values in dropdowns not visible (markusfluer)
15117: [Other] semantic differential not working (p_teichmann)
15120: [Other] option to import question group is only available in "list question groups" not when using "add question group" (p_teichmann)
15163: [_ Unknown] survey crashes if "save IP address" == "yes" and "show welcome screen" == "off" (p_teichmann)
15164: [_ Unknown] multiple save confirmations when adding question (markusfluer)
15166: [_ Unknown] new question always added to top question group (markusfluer)
15168: [_ Unknown] wrong icon for import new survey (markusfluer)
15217: [Other] Top bar not displayed when creating, previewing, or editing questions (markusfluer)
15226: [Survey design] Question type array text didn't have Tool bar (markusfluer)
15231: [Survey design] Preview question group linkis preview survey link (markusfluer)
15235: [Survey design] Undefined variable: respstatsread (markusfluer)
15244: [Survey design] No Save button when create group (lime_release_bot)
15250: [Other] Replace "Create" with "Save" when creating a new survey (ollehar)
15254: [Other] Cannot change group from question panel (markusfluer)
15270: [_ Unknown] issue one base lang hide language bar in create question view (JHoeck)
15295: [Other] Multiple numerical input was fixed (p_teichmann)
15296: [Other] Ranking not working (p_teichmann)
15302: [Survey design] Save buttons missing (markusfluer)
15249: [Other] If only the base language is used, no language top bar should be displayed (JHoeck)
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14834: [Survey design] Lack of save Question 1st load (markusfluer)
15134: [Survey design] Quick add : add 2 times the same (markusfluer)
14851: [Survey design] Page not getting refreshed when the question type is changed (markusfluer)
15122: [Other] checkboxes unchecked when going "next" and "back" again (DenisChenu)
15044: [Import/Export] Can't import a exported lss or copy an existing survey (DenisChenu)
14560: [Survey design] Mandatory soft must be related to Question not Page (dominikvitt)
15158: [ComfortUpdate] Upgrade fails on postgres due to deliberate NULL in the primary key 'id' (dominikvitt)
15253: [Other] No error pop up when creating a survey with empty title (dominikvitt)
15089: [Other] File management - cannot upload images (markusfluer)
15108: [Survey design] Insert media in question does not work (markusfluer)
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15032: [Survey design] Changing question type does not work with the simple question type selector (markusfluer)
14923: [Survey design] Need column headers for answer options (markusfluer)
15027: [Other] Global option "Overwrite files with the same name" won't save (markusfluer)
15031: [Survey design] Can edit question even when survey is activated (markusfluer)
14871: [Survey design] Delete question button not working (markusfluer)
14953: [Survey design] "Create question" button leads to create question group form (markusfluer)
14846: [Survey design] Cannot upload Images (markusfluer)
14761: [Survey taking] Class 'RenderListRadio' not found (markusfluer)
14741: [Survey design] Unable to edit survey texts (markusfluer)
14810: [Survey design] Left menu disappears after sorting question list (markusfluer)
14811: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Side-menu is off screen at participant list view (markusfluer)
14807: [Survey design] Data policy description is "null", should be empty string? (markusfluer)
14806: [Survey design] No save button in question organizer (markusfluer)
14805: [Survey design] Save buttons are to the left, should be to the right (markusfluer)
14804: [Survey design] JS exception when clicking "Save" in question editor (markusfluer)
14920: [Import/Export] Export responses does not work for survey without token table (ollehar)
14698: [Expression Manager] Expression manager must not treat user entered value (DenisChenu)
14958: [Expression Manager] Javascript loop with equation (DenisChenu)
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14981: [Other] Global Survey Settings: Added warning that changes affect all surveys (dominikvitt)
14978: [Other] some global survey settings not inherited correctly to new survey (dominikvitt)
14756: [Survey design] Double encoding for question attribute labels (dominikvitt)
14749: [Survey design] Unable to move questions (dominikvitt)
12603: [Security] Setting emailsmtppassword is saved as clear text (dominikvitt)
14874: [Installation] This DB send a 504 when upgrade … (DenisChenu)
14918: [Installation] Unable to install with pgsql (DenisChenu)
14873: [Survey design] Delete question group button always greyed out (dominikvitt)
13799: [Survey design] Can't import survey with different base language than English (c_schmitz)
13631: [Installation] alterColumn does not work with type "pk" in postgres (c_schmitz)
13626: [ComfortUpdate] Unable to update (Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry) (c_schmitz)
14854: [Survey design] Class 'DataSetListDropdown' not found (markusfluer)
14869: [Menu system] List questions button not working (markusfluer)
14872: [Survey design] Export question button not working (markusfluer)
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Released 2019-01-01
13001: [Expression Manager] Expression Manager evaluates answers to free text questions enclosed by "{" and "}" (DenisChenu)
15024: [Import/Export] viewquexml internal server error (p_teichmann)
15091: [Other] Regenerating question codes not working (p_teichmann)
14047: [Survey design] Equation didn't update previous text (DenisChenu)
14821: [Survey design] JS console error : DataTable is undefined (debug at 2) (p_teichmann)
14729: [ComfortUpdate] Unable to upgrade (dominikvitt)
14395: [Other] presentation options: inherit value displayed incorrectly (dominikvitt)
14385: [_ Unknown] PHP warning on data entry page in debug mode (DenisChenu)
14745: [Survey taking] Use of undefined constant SODIUM_LIBRARY_VERSION (dominikvitt)
14747: [Other] Don't set encryptionkey in a git managed file (dominikvitt)
14796: [Response browsing] Unable to browse response (dominikvitt)
14797: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to send email to valid address (dominikvitt)
14798: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Someone register in a Survey with token (+encrypt) : no way to check DB (dominikvitt)
14812: [Survey design] Exception when adding answer to quota (dominikvitt)
14823: [Installation] Unable to install (dominikvitt)
14840: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to assign empty email address using token batch edit (dominikvitt)
14185: [Theme editor] Need a clean way to hide custom question theme attributes (dominikvitt)
10529: [Survey participants (Tokens)] Unable to send email via office365 except with hard system (DenisChenu)
12243: [RemoteControl] beforeTokenEmail didn't happen for remote control (DenisChenu)
14194: [Survey taking] Datepicker not working with user template (DenisChenu)
14755: [Survey design] Experimental editor is empty (markusfluer)
13628: [Import/Export] Unable to import responses from archive (TonisOrmisson)
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