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Summary11432: Allow plugin to add (or update) REPLACEMENT

Seems there are a lot of feature wher user want 'this' in replacement,: replacing or updating.
examples :

Some are cloase because we add it in core. I think have a solution in EM or in globals helper for this can be really great

Additional Information

Global helpers : must add an event at end of replacement_helper : somethging here :

But with this solution : we can add (for example : i know there are a feature request for this).
(i don't think we can add

or something likle this : QuestionCode.medium / QuestionCode.count

But : add an system like this in EM can break a lot of things ....

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2016-08-10 10:52

developer   ~40223

One more again :

This is from survey part : then can be in global replacement.



2016-09-28 08:04

developer   ~40996

See : one more again



2016-10-02 19:27

developer   ~41055

Again one :



2016-10-11 23:27

developer   ~41240

See for a reason why i don't like new {REPLACEMENT} system.

In X month : we don't know what is it, where it's uses, how it's used.
A plugin have own clear documentation



2017-07-04 17:41

developer   ~44047

Another solution : i EM

I think it's great if we can extend 'replacement' part : replace or add new KEYWORD
(i attach related bug some minute after)

But we try to remove event , then it's seems the best way is just to add :

  1. A public function setKnowVar($var as string, $value=null as string|null)
  2. Add it in LimesurveyApi

This fix partially, but after : we can have

  1. Add a var in EM
  2. Another system for another purpose (or same)

Still the issue with existing knowVars
If $var didn't exist : create it in readWrite->N mode (
If $var exist and is a "fixed var" : update code

if $var exist and is a dynamic var ( answer in fact) allow updating the actual value ? In DB + in $_SESSION ?



2019-09-07 13:30

developer   ~53524

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