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08859Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2014-04-04 10:26
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Summary08859: Using .question syntax auto-adds additional text

When trying to display the subquestion text of a question using questioncode_subquestioncode.question this doesn't work for Array Texts/Numbers/Dual scale.

For Array Texts/Numbers one has to use:

For Array Dual Scale one has to use:
questioncode_subquestioncode_scaleID.question (with scaleID being 0 or 1).

When using the above syntax, Limesurvey automatically adds the answer code or scale number, examples:
VW Passat[Scale 1]

Steps To Reproduce

Import the attached survey, run it and check the array text/numbers/dual scale placeholders at the overview on page 2.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)140226
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Database & DB-VersionMySQL 5
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related to 08858 resolvedDenisChenu Feature requests Extend EM so we can get the question text of multiple choice and array questions via questioncode.question 




2014-03-14 14:48




2014-03-14 14:49


placeholders.png (1,924 bytes)   
placeholders.png (1,924 bytes)   


2014-03-19 11:20

administrator   ~29391

After some consideration I think this is not a bug but a missing feature as detailed by mfaber.



2014-03-24 16:51

partner   ~29523

Carsten, at this report I am not complaining about the weird syntax to be used to reference the texts (that is reported at issue 08858) but about the auto-added texts.
Using that syntax is absolutely fine with me but the auto-added texts are annoying and make a working solution unusable.



2014-03-24 17:40

administrator   ~29524

The texts are there for a reason. If removed other people will complain that they were removed as they mark a certain column/row combination



2014-03-24 18:27

partner   ~29526

Well, that argument always counts but I can see no reasons for auto-adding these texts when using placeholders as described above:
"For Array Texts/Numbers one has to use:

For Array Dual Scale one has to use:
questioncode_subquestioncode_scaleID.question (with scaleID being 0 or 1)."

-> At the first example the result reads "Research[Manager]" though the text being displayed is independent from the column ("Manager").

-> At the second example it adds the scale number: "VW Passat[Scale 1]" and again this makes no sense since the text is the same for both scales.

From my point of view this is a wrong results of placeholder usage and hopefully someone can at least have a look at the code details to determine whether this can be fixed more or less easily.



2014-03-25 07:29

administrator   ~29528

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What you are looking for is


which is currently not available for EM.



2014-04-04 10:26

administrator   ~29662

2.05+ Build 140404 released.

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