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08147Feature requestsStatisticspublic2017-03-20 12:22
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Summary08147: data file should have all blank if question not shown
DescriptionI have checked and found that if a multi question is not shown to respondent then we are getting all Zero for that question in SPSS data file.Ideally we should get all blanks in this case.Following are screen shots.
Additional InformationFuture request.
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related to 10942 new save "" (Empty String) if relevance is set to "disabled" 

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2017-03-20 12:22

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If topic is still relevant, here's the fast way to solve it for LS 2.06+ and earlier: modify 1 line in /application/helpers/export_helper.php row
from [code type="php"]} else[/code] to [code type="php"]} elseif(isset($row[$fieldno]))[/code]

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