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10942Feature requestsExpression Managerpublic2016-04-14 19:41
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Summary10942: save "" (Empty String) if relevance is set to "disabled"
DescriptionNot-relevant (i.e. a question is skipped or options are filtered) always stores NULL in the database. Options are shown but not selected store an empty (blank) string in the database. This is great except for multiple choice question with exclusive option.

When we have multiple choice question with exclusive option, if user choose exclusive option (i.e. "None of the above"), then all other options store as NULL in the database. I believe it should be BLANK instead of NULL because those options are shown up. Is it a bug or expected behaviour?

Currently, we cannot tell the difference between "option is been filtered" or "it's been disabled by exclusive option" when looking at the data.
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related to 08147 new data file should have all blank if question not shown 

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2016-04-14 18:47

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08417 is about SPSS. I believe SPSS can only have answered or not answered. Only 2 status. Also, if question is not shown, it should be NULL in the database which is correct right now.

This ticket is different. I'm talking about the choice options should save as "" (blank) if it's disabled by exclusive option (i.e Multiple Choice question type).

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