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Product Version3.22.25 
Summary16488: Reviewing updateQuestionOrder usage

On v4 we have noticed that sometimes question_order number is set following the survey_id.
That was due to a wrong usage of question::updateQuestionOrder() mehod and its parameters.

As the codebase for that seems similar on v3, review there if it used correctly and possible impacts

Additional Information

See application/controllers/admin/database.php::756

                    // if the group has changed then fix the sortorder of old and new group
                    Question::model()->updateQuestionOrder($oldgid, $iSurveyID);
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.22.25
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related to 16454 resolved Sometimes, question_order is assigned from survey_id 




2020-07-10 20:47

partner   ~58904

The method Question ::updateQuestionOrder() receives 3 args: gid, language, startPosition.
The database controller calls this method wrongly three times directly, passing the survey ID as second parameter (where it was supposed to be language), so those invocations have no effect, as the questions query returns no items.

At last, when moving questions in between groups (to a lower group), the database controller calls the function shiftOrderQuestions (which in turn calls updateQuestionOrder). That seems to be OK and seems to be the only point where it's required.

Should we remove those bad invocations?

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