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15180Bug reportsData Entry (non public)public2020-02-12 22:17
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Product Version3.17.x 
Summary15180: Numerical input disappearing after entering in numerical input fields

Reported from one of our users: When entering numbers in the numerical input fields where the numbers appear to the far right (never happens with the fields aligned to the left), the numbers disappear instantaneously. Sometimes the same number must be typed in 4-5 times before it will "stick" for lack of a better word. I've tried multiple browsers and computers. This has been occurring for about 5 months. It's random, but when it happens, it happens a lot. Is this a known issue? Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Steps To Reproduce

The issue occurs randomly. I thought about making a video of it, but I can't predict when it will occur. I just created two test survey responses but was unable to recreate the problem.

Additional Information

Database hosted by LimeSurvey.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)3.17.10
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
BrowserSafari, Chrome, Firefox
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related to 14777 assignededdylackmann Vanishing values on "Numerical input" 




2019-08-23 18:53

developer   ~53231

In theme option : i think you can disable the javascript

Fix automatically numeric value

Test with No and only for expression



2019-08-24 17:45

reporter   ~53232

In Theme options, I don't see anything referring to javascript or numeric value.



2019-08-24 19:20

developer   ~53233

Then : test with vanilla



2019-09-18 19:20

reporter   ~53645

I'm using a customized theme option that removed the "exit and clear survey" button from my surveys because users were mistakenly clicking on it. So I'm unable to change my theme option. The issue occurs for multiple users, including me. We've tried the following which haven't resolved the issue: logging out, logging back in; restarting browser and computer; clearing all browsing data including cookies and cache; using multiple browsers and computers, ensuring browser is up-to-date; using incognito window.



2019-09-19 07:36

developer   ~53647

So I'm unable to change my theme option.

? Why ? Extended Theme options are the same than base theme option.

And maybe this was fixed in the new theme. If you «just» need to remove exit and clear survey : it's easy to do it again …



2019-11-03 17:33

manager   ~54359

Can't really reproduce it. Could you please send us the survey within which you observe this behaviour? i tried with multiple numerical and numerical input.



2019-11-11 00:57

reporter   ~54494

Yes, it has been observed in the following two surveys, in the numerical input fields. For example, in the first question group (Part 1 - Initial OB Visit) - Age, Education, Zip Code Weight, Height, and Gravidity fields. (I observed this last Wednesday in the Sample survey below).
Survey ID 812725 Title: 0001 - Sample Birth Center Survey
Survey ID 30530 Title: 305 - AABC PDR 3.0



2020-02-12 15:00

reporter   ~55916

I also have had this error several times.
I attached a screen video and a standard multiple numerical input question (tested now on limesurvey v4.0, but also reproducible on limesurvey v3.xx. Standard fruity theme or bootswatch theme, tested on firefox & chromium).
Some hints, but no way to reproduce it certainly:

  • occurs only? on multiple numerical input
  • it happens especially when testing surveys by entering random numbers very quickly.
  • I could only reproduce it when moving by tab key from one input field to another, not by clicking with the mouse to activate it.
  • Only happened if the input field was empty.
  • In the video I was holding the key down so you can see that the input field is cleared repeatedly - when entering number by number, normally the field gets deleted only once or twice, afterwards the input is accepted. It does never happen field after field, but after several fields it might happen again.
  • bug does not occur "Fix automatically numeric value" is set to "No"
    I tried to debug, but I didn't get far with my little knowledge. If I can help, please post.


2020-02-12 16:23

reporter   ~55925

Additional info: seems to be the same bug as

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