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14777Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2020-02-12 22:17
Reporterckle Assigned Toeddylackmann  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.17.x 
Summary14777: Vanishing values on "Numerical input"

Sometimes the input value on "Numerical input" vanishes if you press and hold a number a little bit longer.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new survey
    1. Optional: "Create example question group and question"
    2. Template: vanilla or fruity
  2. Add two questions (or check "Create example question group and question" and "Add new question")
    1. Type of first question is not relevant
    2. Type of second question: "Numerical input"
  3. Preview survey
    1. Navigate via tab to the second question
    2. Press and hold for example "1" a little bit longer
    3. Sometimes the input value vanishes
Tagsexpression manager, question, questions
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.17.1+190408
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-VersionMicrosoft SQL Server 2017 14.0.3006.16
Server OS (if known)Windows NT 10.0 build 14393 (Windows Server 2016)
Webserver software & version (if known)Microsoft IIS 10.0
PHP Version7.0.21


related to 15180 acknowledged Numerical input disappearing after entering in numerical input fields 




2019-04-16 18:39

manager   ~51491

I was able to reproduce it on the PRO instance.

You need to press one key for a couple of seconds to replicate it.

Multiple Numerical Input question type is also affected by this.

I don't consider it to be a major bug issue, but it should be solved in the near future.

@ckle, thanks for reporting it!



2019-04-16 18:40




2019-04-16 18:50

developer   ~51495

Confirm too … maybe related to theme : can happen with vanilla, don't find the way to reproduce with skelvanilla

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