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14984Bug reportsOtherpublic2020-02-25 09:05
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Product Version4.0.0-beta 
Summary14984: Admin backend: Color of selected options is confusing

The color of switches in the admin backend is really confusing. Grey means active, which might be clear when there are at least three options, but whenever there are only two options (e.g., on/off) it looks as if the other option was activated. It would be good to use lime-green as in the homepage settings.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)4.0.0-beta github 190614
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related to 15913 confirmedgabrieljenik Survey details overview at LS4 shows text with misleading color 




2019-06-16 16:34


Colors_for_switches_190616.png (32,279 bytes)   
Colors_for_switches_190616.png (32,279 bytes)   


2019-06-17 08:00

developer   ~52423

About color : there are big issue with usage of text-success and text-info with a lot of admin or Fruity template …



2019-06-17 08:34

developer   ~52424

Yes, you're right. If I recall right, for example some warnings are in red, some in green. Do you already have a list of points that could be changed?



2019-06-17 08:48

developer   ~52425

No sorry :)

I must check , come back here when it‘s done



2019-06-17 09:49

developer   ~52426

Same issue in 3.X :

  1. text-primary and text-info and text-success are near same
  2. difficult to tell if bg-primary is success or not
  3. btn-primary and btn-info and btn-success are near same
  4. Success row show bigger (issue in statitictics.css)

Some other issue

See for view sample



2019-06-17 09:50

developer   ~52427

Why success of Bay of many is blue ?



2019-07-12 11:08

administrator   ~52860

In home page settings, those are switches. In the global settings those are buttongroups.
I would back your proposal to use a dark shade of the main color as a background for the selected option.
This has to be talked about in the team, though.

The LimeSurvey color scheme is based on a monocolored scheme, meaning success and primary are the same colours, and Info being a gradient of that color.
This was so since LS2.5. It is also repeated in the fruity themes based on the backend colors.
We won't change this in LS4.



2019-07-12 11:23

developer   ~52861

Last edited: 2019-07-12 11:25

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meaning success and primary are the same colours

But why remove a colour of Bootsrap ? Succes and primary didn't have same meaning …

Ok, but still : no difference between success/primary or danger/primary make it very complex to use …

See for sample
bootswatch Journal : primary red, danger orange
bootswatch Cosmo : primary blue, info purple
bootswatch United : primary orange, danger darker red

And still :

  1. table Success row show bigger (issue in statitictics.css)
  2. Why success of Bay of many is blue ?


2019-07-12 11:39

administrator   ~52862

Because :
The LimeSurvey color scheme is based on a monocolored scheme, meaning success and primary are the same colours, and Info being a gradient of that color.
Also this is the scope of a new ticket.



2019-08-05 11:49

developer   ~53093

So there won't be no selected options in green due to an unchangable color scheme?



2019-08-05 16:13

administrator   ~53109

No, but I recommend we talk about this in a meeting.
I have no strong feelings or arguments about this, so i'd put it up for the developer/contributer vote.



2019-10-30 19:56

partner   ~54286

To be honest, I would even call this a regression. At LS 3 we have green/red colors for on/off which is pretty intuitive. At LS 4 this is now missing which will confuse users.
Please make sure LS 3 and LS 4 interface colors do not differ.



2019-10-30 20:23

developer   ~54287

I was just testing question types in RC6 and found green for "no" and red for "yes" quite confusing. Furthermore, it is sometimes stil unclear when an option is selected and when not. See screenshot below.

grafik.png (13,528 bytes)   
grafik.png (13,528 bytes)   


2019-10-30 21:53

developer   ~54288

Anout slider , think best is to allow color by option.

Sometimes : Yes is OK, but another time Yes is danger :)



2019-10-30 23:17

partner   ~54292

I have set this ticket to "block" because I really think we should not release a first alpha version before such things are fixed.



2019-11-01 09:32

developer   ~54305

@DenisChenu: You're perfectly right. One solution to this could be to change the wording of certain options so that yes/no or red/green is more consistent. Negative formulations should be avoided as cognitive processing is much harder. This should be considered when designing UI elements.

For example, I still find the option "hide tip" quite confusing and I am sure that "show tip" is much easier to understand. I guess that the button label reflects the way this option is programmed (with a hide == true and not with show == false).



2019-11-01 09:35

partner   ~54306

@f_funke: I second those thoughts. The new release is nearly ready but that would be the perfect option to adjust things like this. So please bribe the development team with some beers to put some more effort into adjusting this.



2020-02-25 09:05

partner   ~56195

@cdorin, I just created this ticket ( which is a child of the given ticket here.
Since this is considered a regression and the colors are really misleading, please add this ticket to the next sprint.

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